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  • What are the career scope of mechanical engineering in Germany?

    Confused about the career options of Mechanical Engineering in Germany? Searching for detailed information about the career scope specifically in power plant and automobile fields? Here, on this page find responses and advice from experts.

    Majority of young engineering students eyeing for foreign studies and to get a job there. There are plenty of options like Germany, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. When we talk about mechanical engineering, how is Germany for career scope? What is the job scope in power plant and automobile field?
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  • If we look around the job prospects of Mechanical Engineers in Germany, prospects are excellent in different areas.
    While talking about the Automobile Sectors making different brands such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen etc these variants are immensely popular among the customers because of their sturdy designs. safety, high torque ability and the ease of picking up speeds in a shortest possible time, though the cost of these brands seem to be prohibitive.
    Such superiority has been achieved due to constant upgradation of technology with a substantial engagement of workforce.
    In terms of perks, the starting salary is around 60 k Euro per year and with an exposure of around seven to eight years in the similar profession, salary earned may be as high as 120 k Euro per year.
    Germany is the pioneer in carrying out R&D activities and with your excellent marks in your master level in Mechanical - engineering could offer you a better absorption in this field, provided you qualify the GRE test. Though the familiarity of Germany would multiply your chances of absorption, even your acquaintance with English would not hinder you in gaining employment.
    In the power - sector, they need efficient technocrates to pin point the defects connected with turbines, boilers, defects arising out of the different shafts, they would recruit the best minds.
    There are around 6,0000 industries offering jobs of abundant engineers and hence it would be worthwhile to try a job in Germany.
    However, you need to have cleared the GRE score, Masters in Mechanical - engineering and have sound knowledge in Germany.

  • There is a lot of scope for mechanical engineers in Germany. It is a good place to seek a job and also for career advancement. It is because mechanical engineering is the topmost industry that plays an important role in the economy of Germany. Thus, every year various companies employ a larger number of employees in the industrial sector.

    Demand is very large. Thus, they employ mechanical engineers having degrees from German Universities and also a large number of foreign students. Mechanical engineers have lots of demand in power plants and in industries which deal with manufacturing of automobiles.

    Some of the top mechanical companies of Germany are-
    1) BMW- It manufactures automobiles, aircraft, and motorcycles.
    2) Daimler- Deals in manufacturing premium cars.
    3) Siemens- Manufactures railway vehicles and is known for power generation.
    4) Bopparder Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft
    5) Bosch- It supplies automotive components.

    Also, it is important to learn the German language especially if applying for a job in non-industrial section. Also, if the company is of medium scale. If the company is very reputed and big, one can survive without knowing the German language.

  • Mechanical Engineering is an ever green subject. World over there are very good chances for Mechanical Engineers. Germany is also in the top of the list which provides good jobs for freshers and the career will be good as you put up some good service.
    Germany's mechanical industry is very big and there are many chances for the mechanical engineers there. Students who completed their engineering from Germany may be given preference but also the people qualified from other countries will also get good chances there. The mechanical engineering industry is the second biggest industry in this country and almost 10,00,000 people are working in this industry. The chances of getting a job in cities like Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart are very high. The starting salary per month will be around 5500 euros and it will go up as you go up in the cader.
    There are many big companies like BMW, Audi, Daimler, Bosch etc. You can visit the websites of these companies to get full information and even you can upload your CV through the website. This will help you to get some understanding of the company also.
    The Germany governments have relaxed some rules for the other countries to get work permits there. You have to score good marks in GRE. You can manage there with your English but it will be good if you can do some diploma course in the German language. You better try to finish the German Level B1 test so that you will have a good advantage to get a good job in major companies.

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  • Germany is a good choice for searching a job by the mechanical engineers. It is having a thrust for mechanical and plant engineering industries and these are very important part of its economy. Germany is a big centre for Research and Development also in the various industries. It is estimated that there are about 9.7 lakh employees working in these industries comprising of more than 6000 companies. In terms of salaries also the mechanical engineer enjoys very good position in Germany. Some of the cities like Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart have more jobs for the mechanical engineering stream people.

    Indian students having a degree in mechanical engineering are having a good career prospects and opportunities and can try to explore the German industries for a job. Germany is also liberal to provide the work permit to the foreign students. The best approach is to apply for jobs in Germany is to apply against the vacancies advertised in the sites of the companies. Many big companies like Daimler, Siemens, General Electric, BMW and Bosch advertise in their sites for vacant positions in their companies.

    A candidate who has a valid mechanical engineering degree and an employment contract of minimum Euro 47600 per annum with a German company can apply for a permit card called Blue Card which permits the highly skilled foreign workers for working in Germany. The work permit can be renewed time to time and after 33 months one can apply for permanent residency.

    It is suggested to complete the German level B1 test before applying to a German company for a job. The second level B2 test can be subsequently completed.

    There is a set procedure and well defined process for applying for the jobs and one should follow the instructions and application forms properly and cautiously.

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  • The German economy is one of few economies moving with a positive sign. Mechanical Engineering in Germany is always the best choice since the country is completely filled with a higher level of automobile, aeronautical and energy companies. Also, especially the car industry in Germany where we have mechanical engineers a great scope for work.
    Mechanical engineers can earn around EUR 4500 per month and this can be more depends on the experience, skill, close location with big companies etc. As per a survey, the minimum salary of a Mechanical Engineer is around EUR 1785 and the maximum salary is EUR6706 in 2019. If one has more than 15 years experience he can expect a salary of EUR 5000 per month.
    In the power plant, the career opportunities in Germany is not so good.


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  • In Germany, lots of career opportunities are there for mechanical engineers. As World's top automobiles companies are there which have high demands of Mechanical engineers. Germany holds 2nd highest place of having mechanical engineers in entire Europe.
    If anyone got his Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Germany, it is the best part. But due to high demand, mechanical engineers from other countries are also getting employed. Maximum Jobs for mechanical engineers are available in cities like Munich, Berlin, Mannheim, Plochingen, Celle, Leer, Ludwigshafen, Rothenburg, Salzbergen, Hamburg and Stuttgart. To apply a job in Germany, you can check websites of big companies regularly. Some of the large automobile manufacturing companies are Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz), Siemens, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagan, Audi, and Bosch etc.
    Mechanical engineers with 2-3 years of experience can earn approximately EUR 60,000 annually i.e. EUR 5000 per month. Get some knowledge of German language it will help you to adapt yourself in that environment. Selection process is slightly difficult so you will have to think and planning well in advance.

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