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  • What should one opt after 12 PCM ?

    Wondering what to study after standard 12 science? Looking out for advice regarding the best options offering good future scope? On this page you can scroll through the responses from experts Andre decide which is the best option.

    My brother is going to appear in 12th 2020 examinations and he is going to attempt for JEE examination(January'20) as well. He has interest in Physics and Mathematics(and a bit of art), he says Chemistry is not his cup of tea. So I wanted to ask what are the career options with these two subjects which are best according to current era and has better scope in future.?

    P.S. : We belong to a moderate family so courses with high expenses is what we cannot afford.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • He can pursue BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Physics or BSc in 'Engineering Physics' courses in the future. These Degree would help him further for sure if he is not interested in Chemistry related course.

    If he is interested to go with the Maths then he can opt BSc Maths as well as an another option. Again this degree also needed some Science syllabus like a Physics or Chemistry etc.

    One of these Degree would also help him to become a professional R&D (research and development career) in Science, Technology or Engineering etc. Here JEE appearance too will help him.

    All in all, BSc Physics or Maths combination would help his career in a relevant post in the future other than a basic degree requirement for a different post, in case.

    I believe one of these Degree course expenses can be affordable by moderate family.

  • Students who have interest in Physics and Mathematics have many educational lines to choose for carving out a career. Some of the prominent ones are -

    1. B.Sc. in Computer Science - This is one of the most sought out course for those who have inclination towards computer related career. One can go for M.Sc. after this or some diploma or certificate course in any of the emerging computer science careers like data science, networking, digital marketing, web hosting, software testing and analysis etc.

    2. Engineering courses - One can try for Joint Engineering Examination for getting admission to some good engineering college and select some interesting stream like Mechanical, Computer Science, Aeronautical, Nano Technologies etc.

    3. Architecture - The growth in real state and construction sector has created a good demand and people are going in this line also. One has to qualify in national level exam to get admission in some good institution for pursuing B. Arch.

    4. Merchant Navy - For entering this field one has to qualify in the All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test (AIMNET) and join the 4 years merchant navy course. There are some initial difficulties in this line for getting a good job but after a few years the remunerations are very high in the shipping industry whether you are in technical side or in navigation.

    5. B.Sc. - A simple B.Sc. in the subject of interest sometimes leads to a very good career line as there are many good subjects where there are good scopes for subsequent M.Sc. and the PhD creating opportunities to get the job in the industries or lectureship in colleges and institutions. Some of these subjects are physics, maths, astronomy, forensic Science, geology, statistics, nautical science, clothing and textile, communication, environmental science, fashion designing etc.

    6. Defence Services - This is also a good career option and one has to qualify in national level entrance test of Combined Defence Services. This requires an inclination towards these services as well as having a robust physique.

    In addition to above there are options of going for arts and humanities, management and other such streams. Only thing is one has to ascertain the individual interest and liking for that particular line.

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  • A person who completed his 12th class with PCM is having many options for proceeding for higher studies.

    1. Graduation Course: One advantage with PCM is the students can select any degree he wanted that is B.Sc or B.A or B.Com, as per his choice and as per the interest. But many persons may opt for B.Sc. They will think of BA or B.Com if one is not able to get the seat in B.Sc.

    2. Teacher Training Course: People who are interested in teaching and want to settle in life early can opt for a teacher training course after intermediate also. Once you complete this training course you will be eligible for becoming a teacher in primary and secondary schools.

    3. B.Pharma: MPC students can also opt for B.Pharma course after completing their intermediate. B. Pharma is 4 years course after intermediate.

    4. B.E/B.Tech: A person can opt for this course after completing the Intermediate/ 12th class. They have to write the entrance test and based on the rank the selection of college will be there. These courses can be studied in IITs, NITs, Universities, government colleges, Deemed Universities, Private colleges. Any subject of your choice can opt. But it depends on the rank you have obtained in your entrance test. Majority of the students who complete their intermediate with PCM will opt for these courses only as the employment potential is high. You can gof for BE/B Tech Computer sciences also. The student can opt for B.Arch also. People can opt for merchant navy course also.

    5. Defence Services: After 12th class, the students interested in these services have to attend the Combined Defence services national level test. People who are qualified will be absorbed.

    6. Integrated PG courses: BITS, Pilani and some other universities offer integrated PG courses after 12th class. The student will come out of the university with a PG certificate after studying for 5 years. There are very good applied courses in this mode.

    7. There are many other special courses like Fashion technology etc in which the person can do diploma courses and they will have good employment potential

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  • Since your brother is interested in physics and mathematics, engineering is one good option in front of him. Also, if good marks are scored in 12th board and entrance exam, getting into a good engineering college is not going to cost a lot. Only those who take management seats need to pay huge fees. He can choose various courses in engineering such as mechanical, information technology, aeronautical, civil, automobile, industrial, electrical and mining.

    - Bachelor of Computer Applications is a 3-year course and is one of the most sought after course. It is as popular as any other B.Sc course. It is as good as completing CS engineering course. One has to study computer, programming, software and languages.

    - Or simply go for B. SC in mathematics or B.SC in physics.

    - Go for aviation courses to become a pilot where one needs to study electrical math and geography. It is one of the well-paid jobs.

  • There are many options for the candidate from PCM stream in 12th.
    1. He can do regular graduation like B.Sc. in physics and then M.Sc. with the same specialization. Please note, in this case, he may need to study a bit of chemistry or elementary chemistry. After B.Sc and M.Sc., a career in companies is quite difficult and it is advised to pursue CSIR-NET exam and then Ph.D. This will lead him to a scientific career.

    2. Another option is to go for BCA or Bachelor of Computer application, but it requires a deep interest in computers. After BCA, MCA can be done and once you are post graduate with good scores from a reputed institute, he will get a good job in any of the IT companies.

    3. If he has an interest in Mathematics, he can go for B.Sc. in Mathematics and can prepare for banking exams. Nowadays, the banking sector is doing quite good and even have job security.

    4. Engineering is again an option. If he will good preparation and secure a good rank in competitive exams, he will get top rank institute and then he does not need to pay heavy fee and will get a job through campus placements.

    5. Lastly, teaching is an option. B. Ed and M.Ed. can be done. To be a professor or lecturer, Ph.D. is advised.


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  • These both subjects Mathematics and Physics are required for Engineering specially Core branches like Civil and Mechanical. See what is his inclination towards. He can go to IIT and later pursue MS from foreign university. With good semester score most colleges offer scholarships so money problem are connected to your study. It is not easy also to get good college with affordable fees. So better get good scores in 12th and different entrance exams.
    Rather than pre-plan attempt all exam which he likes and if selected then choose to do or not.

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  • As you have a subject combination of physics chemistry and mathematics. You have an option to study graduate with a general science or engineering college admission. If you want to higher study want to work in the academic field then a General science study will be good for you. If you have a passion to become an engineer and want to work in the technical field then engineering is a good choice for you. If you have a good score in the competitive exam for medical entrance then you can choose this career to become a good doctor.

    Every subject is good but you have to understand what is good for you. You will get nothing without hard work and cannot achieve success without passion. If you want to love travel and tourism management you can also choose them. If you like to code for hours in computer you can choose a bachelor's degree in computer application.

    If you need a job immediately there are some short term courses for skilled development. Nowadays diploma engineers have huge demand you can choose to complete your diploma.

  • Hi, If your brother is interested in Physics and Maths , Please find below instititions name which are very famous and highly recognised in India and outside India. They are recruiting students based on JEE entrance rank list.

    1)Indian Institute of Space science and Technology (I.I.S.T) Thiruvananthapuram. They are offering course Electronics and Communication (Aviation) engineering, Engineering Physics + Master of Science/Technology dual degree programs. Admission through J.E.E Advanced rank list. Duration is four years.

    2) Indian Institute of Science Education and Research(ISER), Thiruvananthapuram(Kerala), Berhampur(Odisha), Bhopal(M.P), Kolkata(Bengal), Mohali(Punjab), Pune(Maharashtra) and Tirupati(A.P). They are offering courses like BSMS dual Degree in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth and Environmental Science with five years duration and Four-year B.S in Economics, Engineering Sciences). Admission through J.E.E Advanced. Also, they accept K.V.P.Y and ISER aptitude test.

    3)Indian Naval Academy, Kannur, Kerala offers 10+2 B. Tech Cadet entry scheme in branches like Applied Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Electronics and communication. They are selecting candidates for an interview with Service selection Board through J.E.E main B.E/B Tech paper.

    You can try to get the admission in these Institutes.


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