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  • Vision problem in both the eyes after RK surgery

    Facing an issue with vision after eye surgery? Searching for detailed information about how to resolve the issue and if there is need to carry out further eye surgery? Find advice from our ISC experts here for your concerns.

    I have done RK surgery from Dr Hardia hospital, Indore in 1995. After few years my distance vision has become worsened. Now my distance vision in right eye is +3.25, cyl 1.50/160 degree & left eye vision +2.5, cyl 1.50/40 degree, near vision right eye +1.75 & left eye +1.75. I am doing job on computer. Daily I work 8 to 9 hrs on computer. Please suggest me with this vision can i continue my job on computer? Any possibility of further eye surgery? However my local eye doctor said there is no possibility of surgery. What will I do? Please advise. My age is 49 yrs.
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  • RK stands for Radial Keratotomy surgery. It is not practised today. It was done to correct nearsightedness or myopia. However, this surgery comes with lots of complications. One of its complications is patients face farsightedness or hyperopia as seen in your case. Many develop cataracts.

    Vision can be corrected by a number of ways. Treatment is decided by considering various factors. Age of patient and absence or presence of cataract are important factors.

    Some of the procedures that can be carried out are-
    - Cataract surgery,
    - Epi-LASIK,
    - LASIK- Corrects refractive errors,
    - Photorefractive keratectomy- It also corrects refractive errors,
    - RLE- Refractive Lens Exchange,
    - Clear lens extraction,
    - Visian ICL surgery

    RLE which stands for Refractive Lens Exchange is well known to correct serious hyperopia. It prevents the cornea from weakening further. Your doctor might have not recommended surgery in your case as the surgical procedures are challenging. When the surgery is challenging, recovery after the operation takes too much time. Consult different reputable eye doctors to come out with a better solution.

    Meanwhile, if you can limit working on the computer, it will be good for your eyes. Spending too much time in front of computer screen exerts too much strain on eyes and further deteriorates vision. You can use progressive lenses. Ask your doctor about them. These lenses can correct near, distant and intermediate eyesight at the same time. Intermediate is necessary for working on computers.

  • Radial keratotomy is not reversible. It can't be modified easily and requires a lot of procedures, The outcome after the surgery may not be as desired and predicting the outcome is also difficult. Many people have complications after surgery. Many private insurance agencies will never cover this surgery under their schemes. So these days many people are not opting for it.
    So in your case also the surgery has not given the correct result. Now you can think of contact lenses or glasses. You should consult a good Eye hospital and talk to the doctor there. He will come out with the best suggestion. These days fixing contact lenses is very easy and there is no problem.
    Using correct lenses and reducing the computer work to the minimum level is required.

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  • In your query it is not specifically mentioned as why you went for RK (Radial Keratotomy). I assume that it was to correct for some myopia condition in your eyes where a person has a problem in seeing far located things but at the same time he can see well the near objects. So myopia is a condition which is not creating hindrance for near reading. However for driving etc one has to wear specs having minus power lenses to correct the myopia eye site. Anyway you went for this surgery but sometimes the corneal correction done by these methods is not perfect and instead of making the eyes lens normal it could bring the condition of hypermetropia where again you have to wear plus power lenses to correct it as in hypermetropia (in this case the induced hypermetropia) the eyes fail to see clearly the near objects.

    I do not think that at this juncture any remedial measure is advisable because it is not a good thing to correct the eyeball curvature or size with laser time to time. It is only when it is very necessary that people go for such specialised surgeries.

    You can think of some other lifestyle methods to tackle this situation. After every 1-2 hours use of computer, you must take a break for 15 minutes to half an hour as that is not only beneficial for your eyes but also for the back which gets stressed due to continuous sitting. Early morning walk is always considered god for eyes. There are many small exercises for eyes which tone up them and maintain their strength and you can take guidance of some expert therapist for this.

    Please note that after RK surgery many patient face regression and hazy conditions in the eyes and there are no sure success methods to correct these post RK conditions with another set of surgeries. Some eye surgeons claim that transepithelial PRK is the remedial measure in such erratic refractive conditions but I think it will be better to confirm it from secondary sources before taking any decision in the matter. Some surgeons prefer to go for LASIK rather then other post RK measures. Eye is an important and delicate part of our body so we must consider all pros and cons before going for a post RK surgery.

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  • First let me correct you on one thing. - (minus) point is for distant vision and + (plus) point is for short (near) distances.

    Your case for distant could be -3.25, cyl 1.50/160 degree & left eye vision -2.5, cyl 1.50/40 degree instead.

    I suggest you to go with a laser eye surgery (LASIK) operation and this is the best one at the moment all in all. You can first try for one eye and later (after few months or a year) try it for the next. You can consult with the eye specialists before conclude.

    The general eye exercise and green leaves food intakes also help for eye power but it takes time to cure for sure. You can continue your job in computer. Working in front of compute by many is normal these days.

    Also, there is 'Nutrition' brand food available in local (across many cities in India) that needs to be taken as per their direction for around three to six months at least which really helps for physical fitness including eye power, diabetes, heart patient (cardiac issue), thyroid and on.

    Over salty item consumption, excessive hot water taken and observing bright objection for a long time without diverting the vision / direction can create eye issues for sure. These can be avoided.

  • Radial Keratotomy surgery has not achieved success for its inherent defect where the surgeon would remove some portion of cornea in order to correct the vision. Despite such a treatment, it has not offered any benificial effect and sometimes, one may suffer from hyper myopia as a result of such an operation.
    Unfortunately, even the wearing of contact lenses does not yield satisfying result because of constant detoriation of the vision. You cannot go in for LASIK - surgery either.
    However, a few home remedy would be benificial in your case. You may try the following tips.
    1) You may take a break from your computer - system for at least ten minutes after your involvement for an hour. This would offer relaxation to your eye - nerve.
    2) Use Gooseberry tablets of 500 GM each made up of any Ayurvedic - repute. Because of its high antioxidants such as Chromium, Magnesium, Calcium and abundant presence of Vitamin - C, it has lot of benifits such as enhancing metabolism, healthy blood circulation and restoration of healthy vision.
    3) Whenever, you wake up in the morning use your own saliva applying the same on your eyes and keep it for ten minutes and then rinse it finally through stream of water.
    4) Make a powder containing Almond and Funnel in equal amount and grind the same in mixy and take roughly one table spoon of the same in the hot milk in the night prior to going bed. You may continue it regularly for six months. If you get some result, stick to this concoction giving a break for 15 days prior to initiation of the same.
    5) If Triphala powder soaked around 5 gm with water in the night and rinsing the eyes with this water( after filtering) would strengthen your nerves connected to eyes and this will help you considerably in alleviating your present issue.

  • Radial keratotomy (RK) is a refractive surgical procedure to correct myopia and astigmatism very popular in the '80s and '90s. and as per your query, you have done RK in the year 1995. Radial keratotomy (RK) makes many openings continuing from the pupil to the edge of the cornea in a radial pattern. Later, it was slowly withdrawn as more flexible and new surgeries such as photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK) and Laser corneoplastique were introduced. The main problem of RK patients was the development of cataracts as they age and to carry out cataract surgery on a patient after RK is challenging to the doctor.

    Earlier it was said that it is difficult to have a correction made to a patient wit RK done but with the advance in science and ophthalmology. Excellent vision in the eyes is possible using refraction-based and laser corneoplastique.
    i) LASIK is a much-sorted approach but it may cause more problems than it solves, and could further destabilize the cornea.
    ii) Laser corneoplastique is similar to conceptual photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) surgery but an advanced form of surface laser surgery that involves manual epithelium removal helps the cornea heal and decreases surface unevenness.
    Laser corneoplastique is a safe, effective and predictable technique to correct refractive errors in post-RK eyes. It decreases fluctuations, improves anterior corneal smoothness and shape, which, in turn, makes the RK cuts (no matter the number) less relevant visually.

    Some of the safety measures that you need to take care of your eyes are:
    1. Take small and regular breaks from the computer. Take a break in every 1 or 2 hours.
    2. Follow some eye exercise as it will strengthen the eye muscles, like :
    - Sit in a straight position, look to a distant object and focus at it for 15-20 seconds and then close your eyes.
    - Rub your palm together and place it on your eyes. It relaxes the eye muscles.
    - Roll your eye, up-down, left-right and even in a circle.
    - Place your finger in front of your eye, focus on that finger, bring the finger close to your forehead center. Do this for 5 to 10 times.
    3. Drink plenty of water.
    4. Slash cold water on your eye as it helps relax the tired eye muscles.
    5. Try to get up early and have a bare-foot walk on the grass before sunrise. The dewdrops on the grass helps to relax the eye and also gives a soothing effect to your eyes.

    Lastly, visit good eye hospitals/ ophthalmologists and have a second opinion. You will be able to get better solutions and select the best.

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