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  • Artificial Intelligence or Devops

    Confused about the future of artificial intelligence and Devops? Wondering which one is better and the reasons behind this? Find advice from experts on this page decide how to work on the technology of the future.

    I am currently working as a Senior Technical Architect in HCL Technologies Ltd. and I want to learn new things which are most popular. I have heard about Devops and Artificial Intelligence. Can someone help me in understanding which is better and why? Also, I want to understand what is the technology of the future.
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  • DevOps practice is already there and going to stay for quite some time. Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technique and seems to be a technology of future and may simply assimilate DevOps in its fold. Of course it is early to predict that. There is a lot of future scope in both of these.

    Let us now try to understand what DevOps is. It is basically a set of practices adopted by the software engineers by combining the software development with IT operation so that a quality software can be periodically delivered for better process control making it more automatic. By adopting DevOps we do not wait for a software to become obsolete and search for its current replacement but the developer (software engineer) continuously improves the coding in order to meet the demand of the IT operations. So DevOps provide a better technical communication between the software development and information technology operations. DevOps helps in faster deployment of the application and in this respect there is a faster cycle of coding at the creation stage and releasing, configuring and monitoring it at the operation stage. The DevOps implementation requires a working culture of experimentation and learning coupled with adaptivity. If you are interested to learn DevOps then you should be able to acquire so many skills and proficiencies in managing a system under DevOps surveillance.

    On the other hand Artificial Intelligence is copying, mimicking and simulating of human intelligence and dexterity by a computerised system and associated mechanical machines. These systems requires high memory and speed for storing the learnings of human level and various options of reasoning using all the possible combinations and based on them the system will enable itself to correct it and again learn in the process. It is understood that seeing the versatility of the human brain and capabilities it is not possible to simulate such AI systems which are comparable to humans but even if a fraction of that achieved that is called as AI in todays parlance. This area is really very fascinating and has a lot of scope as future possibilities are endless and every future machine will require some AI in it to make things working automatically. Please note that today AI is in its primitive form and more the science and technology advances more strongly it will grow. People having good knowledge of machine language/ algorithms and computer softwares and having interest in automation can definitely choose AI for studies and learning as well as making a career in it.

    Depending upon your present proficiencies and knowledge you can decide to take up one out of the above for enhancing your learning.

    Knowledge is power.

  • DevOps enables technology developer to bring down the bottlenecks. DevOps is a method in which an IT organisation works.
    AI will have its focus more on computer science and mathematics. They also focus on algorithm design.
    Both the fields require a good Knowledge in IT Systems. Coding will be done more in AI. Technology development is more in DevOps.
    AI is a fast emerging field and chances for a better progress in that field. But everything depends on the interest of the individual and his liking for the job. So you can choose any one of the two based on your liking and both have fair chances for career growth.

    always confident

  • Artificial intelligence-
    Certain tasks or works require human intelligence. Computers till now were not able to perform such tasks such as making a decision, recognizing speech, translating one language into another or visual perception. Artificial intelligence has made all these possible. It is the science or a branch of computer science which makes computer to operate such tasks. This engineering has enabled in building intelligent computers with human intelligence.

    If you study artificial intelligence course, you will have plenty of career opportunities in public as well as the private sector. You can get employed in the following roles-
    - Programming games,
    - Software engineer,
    - Robotic and computer scientist,

    The name itself suggests that it is a combined study of development and operations. There is no one in the software industry who has not heard about it. Such is its popularity. It brings together the operation team and software development team so that they can work in coordination.

    If you study DevOps you can qualify for the following roles-
    - Software tester,
    - DevOps architect,
    - Release Manager,
    - Security engineer

    Which one is better?
    - In artificial intelligence, you need to study more about computer science, algorithm and mathematics. DevOps is more about conceptual thinking. However, both of them require a deep knowledge of computers.

    - DevOps face problems which revolve around data. On the other hands, artificial intelligence is all data related and thus can solve the issues of DevOps in many ways.

    - Choose the career as per your interest. Look at the subjects which interest you. A career in AI as well as in DevOps is bright. However, AI is leading in the race when compared to DevOps.

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