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  • HTML Code to insert numbers or bullets in articles or resources

    Facing issues in learning HTML coding? Want to know the code for inserting numbers or bullets in online articles or resources? Check out this page where experts from ISC have provided inputs to your query.

    I would like to know the HTML code for inserting various numbering/bullet format. We use the number/bullets in MS word but using it in articles is difficult, hence would like our members to provide simple HTML tags to insert the same in our articles. Do provide some of the common tags/numbering style used like:
    1. a, b, c, d, etc.
    2. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
    3. i, ii, iii, iv, etc.
    4. dots
    5. dash
    6. tick
    7. square
    8. arrow, etc.
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  • There are two types of lists- Ordered list and unordered list.
    1. For an ordered list the HTML coding should be as below:-
    < OL >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < /OL >

    This coding will appear as below in the text-
    1 Text
    2 Text
    3 Text
    4 Text

    2. For the Unordered list, use the code as mentioned below:-
    < UL >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < LI > Text < /LI >
    < /UL >
    It will appear as-
    • Text
    • Text
    • Text
    • Text
    • Text
    In case of an unordering list, you can simply use the < LI > Text < /LI >code without < UL > < /UL > codes, and it will also give the same unordered list.

    Please note that 'UL' stands for an unordered list and 'OL' stands for an ordered list.
    Note: Do not leave spaces between the code and the text while coding. I have put space to show HTML tags here only.

    You can referer the link for more details-


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  • 1. You can refer the Help topics. In that, you will find HTML in the table and you click on that. The page will open and it will give all the required details. Initially, we will have some confusion. But after using for some time we will get good understanding.

    2. This site will give you more details about HTML coding and many details about the same. You can refer to this also for better understanding.

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  • In HTML, lists are created in two ways. One is unordered list and other is ordered list. If we want to create an unordered list then we will get only a bulleted list and there will not be any 1, 2, 3 ... or a, b, c ... there. When we want to create ordered list then we will use the syntax in a different way to create them and get an ordered list. Now we will see how to do it.

    As I am writing in an input answer box here so if I use '<' or '>' then it may do some unintended HTML action which I do not want to happen right now for the obvious reasons! So I will be taking liberty to use '{' in place of '<' and '}' in place of '>'. You can replace them accordingly when you write them inside your content for making lists.

    1. Unordered list :
    The general syntax of code for unordered list is -

    {ul style="list-style-type:disc;"}

    The will give an output with bulleted list. If you want to change bullet to circle bullet or square bullet or no bullet then change the word disc in the first line of the code to circle or square or none.

    2. Ordered list:
    The general syntax of code for ordered list is -

    {ol type="1"}

    This will give ordered list with 1, 2, 3 ... If you want order in the form like A, B, C ... or a, b, c ... or I, II, III ... or i, ii, iii ... then replace 1 in the first line of the HTML code with A or a or I or i.

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  • <ul style="list-style-type:square;">
    <li>Text abc</li>
    <li>Text def</li>
    <li>Text ghi</li>
    <li>Text jkl</li></ul>

    The result will be as follow with the 'square' type bullets;

    • Text abc

    • Text def

    • Text ghi

    • Text jkl

    You can replace the 'square' word on the above first line (without other letter missing) to 'circle' or 'dots' to change the bullets' pattern.

    This is UL (unordered list) code. You can use OL (ordered list) as well for number. You just need to replace from UL to OL characters only.

    For arrow symbol, use as below;

    & rarr;Text abc
    & rarr;Text def
    & rarr;Text ghi

    Don't give space after & key. And give space after ; key.


    → Text abc
    → Text def
    → Text ghi

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