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  • Any chances of infection for toddler

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    I was cleaning the bathroom with one tablespoon of dettol in half liter of water the drain was water stagnant and I cleaned some hair from the drain and went to fetch something to unclog the drain. There was stagnant water of about 5 litres with 5 table spoon dettol added in it. The contact time of hair from the drain and dettol added water was few seconds. Will the germs / pathogens be killed during the contact time. My toddler came and threw some toy in the water containing hair removed from drain and water splashed on his face clothes and mouth and he slept in the same clothes is there any chance of any infection. I request any doctor to answer my question at the earliest.
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  • No, It will not cause any infection. As a precautionary action, you may clean the body of your toddler with Dettol mixed in the lukewarm water.
    In such cases, the amount of exposure to dirty water or infected water is quite low to cause any infection.
    The situation may vary depending upon the age of the toddler, his or her immunity, whether he or she is taking breastfeed, etc.


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  • Did you not clean immediately? Why did you not change the clothes immediately? If such a thing happens we should see that he will have the both immediately with lukewarm water by adding a little Dettol in that. We should change the dress immediately. You might have done this.
    My son when he was about 3 years once fallen into the sewage line. He was covered completely with the waste in the line. Immediately we took him out and gave him a head bath and had the new clothes. I consulted my family doctor and took my son to him. He said there was no problem and no medicine was also given.
    Basing on my above expereince and the way you have explained the incident I feel there will not be any problem. Still, if you have any doubt just you can show him to a paediatrician.

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  • The situation you have mentioned is not very serious. Most of the children sometimes become mischievous and rather they enjoy such situations.
    Whenever, such a situation occurs, take out his dirty dresses and allow him to have thorough rinsing of his body with warm water having the fairly tolerable temperature with the addition of one cap of concentrated Detol in the water. His body should be thoroughly washed with the same water and then apply a little amount of olive oil throughout his body. After a couple of minutes, take a clean towel to remove the excess water lying on his body with a clean towel.
    Detol is an antiseptic agent having the germicidal effect to save any one from the infection.
    You could have added two large spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar as well to make the bucket of water antiseptic.

  • First and foremost the Dettol which has been mixed in the water will definitely reduce the pathogens from it though it will not be able to kill all the germs so quickly especially in such flat floor and unhygienic bathroom conditions. Now a small amount of water is splashed on to the child and wherever clothes are there they will take this on them and only a few drops might have reached to the skin of the child especially on face or hands. Anything splashed on head will first encounter the hairs and then only may penetrate up to the skin.

    So, prima facie it looks another case of ignorable incidents and there is no danger of the child getting any infection out of it. The main thing which is responsible for getting infection or not getting infection is the immune system of the child which is an individual characteristics and measurement of good health and also depends on the family history and hereditary. If the immune system is low then the child will get all types of infections and ailments just by breathing the air which contains dust, pollen grains and a large number of pathogens including all sort of germs. It is our immune system that protects us from these external attack. Have you ever thought of the children who reside in slums and are always exposed to the unhygienic and unhealthy atmosphere but many of them are more healthier than the children living in luxurious houses where a lot of cleanliness is observed. This is where the importance of individual resistance to fight with external germs and bacteria lies.

    Most of the pathogens thrive in wet and humid environment and in any house if we want to get their number minimised we have to keep the things in dry and clean condition. Stagnant water and dampness is the favourable place for these microbes to thrive and multiply quickly.

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  • These are a common thing in every family where there are small children and its not a cause to worry. The thing that you mentioned points a finger on you as you didn't change the wet and dirty cloth and let the child sleep on the same clothes. A wet cloth can make a child uncomfortable, get rashes and even fever, cough and cold.

    Every child will do such things and its not a big thing of concern unless they have some allergy to dirt, dust or certain liquid or lotions. Some of the measures that you can take are:
    1. Change the wet cloth on your baby and always try to keep your child dry when he/she sleep.
    2. Never leave your child in the toilet or balcony unattended.
    3. Give your child a lukewarm bath and apply fugal free powder or any baby powder.
    4. Always clean the cloth of your child in Dettol or any antiseptic lotion.
    5. Check for rash, cough, cold or fever symptoms.
    6. Do not allow your child to play in dirty water as they can get infected easily.
    7. Do supply lukewarm water to your child in order to clean the dirt that is drunk by your kid.
    8. Do consult a child specialist if you find any abnormality.

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  • First of all, you should have given a warm bath to your toddler immediately after the incident or at least changed clothes after cleaning the toddler properly. Never allow your baby to sleep in dirty clothes.

    Keep an eye on your baby. See if there are any signs of infection. Toddlers often suffer from ear infections. Respiratory infection is also quite common. In case if your toddler is showing signs such as nasal discharge, elevated body temperature, discharge from ear make sure to consult a doctor immediately.

    It is not the sink water that can cause an ear infection. It will be a common cold or sinonasal infection that can lead to an ear infection. Thus, read the early symptoms. In case the kid shows any such symptoms, consult the doctor at the earliest to prevent worsening of symptoms.

    Also, make sure to keep your toddler clean all the time. Clothes and play area should be clean and germs free.

  • Since the water is already contaminated and splashed on the face of the toddler, it is better to give a complete bath from head to toe with Dettol added to the warm water. Dettol has all the ingredients to keep the toddler from germs free and also from the bad effects of bad water sprinkling. If by chance the toddler would have taken inside some drops due to spilling. give him the gripe water or even Castrol oil to clean the stomach and that would do the nice and perfect cleaning and also gets rid of worms if any already present in the little stomach. Always never allow children when you are working seriously.

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  • Growing children are more immune and resistant to infections and diseases generally. Especially when normal food intake and normal situations they are well immune to minor infections.
    In this case as the stagnant water is of one's own home and even then almost made sterile by the disinfectant Dettol in sufficient quantity. So there is very minimal chance of any infection at all.

    However in future when you suspect any contamination by the child, immediately remove the clothes,wash and clean the affected part by clean water, dry it and apply some good children's powder. Do not panic yourself nor make the child panic. Take them as normal routine acts.
    It is always better that children suffer from small ailments and bruises etc .at the early stages itself as they will develop good immunity. In the modern days where we make the homes over sterile, children do not develop sufficient immunity.

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