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  • How can I make my career in IT field after BSc in Maths.

    Interested in opting for MCA after BSc Maths? Wondering whether it would be possible without any programming knowledge? find tips , advice and guidance from experts on this page for your queries.

    I am in final year of B.Sc. in Maths. Now I want to do MCA after it. So is this a good option?
    I haven't learnt about programming or something. So will this platform help me to make a good career? And from where should I start for this?I hope you will give me some good guidance on it.
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  • Yes, you can do MCA after completing B.Sc. in maths. There are lots for private as well as govt. Institution available offering MCA. After MCA you can get a job of software developer, software consultant, hardware engineer and system developer etc. In MNCs.
    Also get some knowledge of programming. You can also learn it online at Udemy, and so on.
    Several other options are there after completion of B. Sc. Maths like
    1. if you have special interest in Mathematics you can opt for M.Sc Maths after that you can do B.Ed and get a job as a teacher in school or do Ph.D. and appointed as an assistant professor.
    2. You can go for M BA, after MBA also you can get a good job in MNCs.
    3. Besides, MCA there is another option to make career in IT I.e. M.Sc IT.
    4. You can also do Chartered Accountant course from a reputed institute. It is also a very high paying job.
    5. You can also prepare for banking exam, SSC exams and civil exams.

  • Career opportunities after MCA which is also known as Master of Computer Applications are huge, especially in the IT sector. Whether it is private or government sector, demand for MCA candidates is increasing every day. You can join consultancy firms or choose to work in top IT companies. You can even work in banks and desktop publishing. You can even teach at college or university.

    You can apply for below-mentioned profiles-
    - Software engineer,
    - Software programmer,
    - Software developer,
    - Software publisher,
    - Software consultant,
    - Project manager,
    - Hardware engineer,
    - Database administrator,
    - Computer system analyst etc

    You can pursue MCA in spite of not having programming knowledge. There is no hard and fast rule that you should know about programming. Also, it is not true that you are going to face any difficulty without prior knowledge. However, if you want to have some prior knowledge, go for some online certification courses.

    When you enroll in MCA, you will learn programming fundamentals, different programming languages such as .NET, javascript, IT domains etc.

  • After B.Sc Mathematics you can go for MCA. This is a good course and after completing MCA you will get a good job in software field. MCA course is for 2 years. If you get a seat in a good college you will have a better option. Many companies will come and conduct campus interviews and getting a job in campus interview is the best option these days. So try to get a seat in a good institution in MCA.
    B.Sc maths is a good course and you have multiple options for your further studies and career growth. While doing MCA if you try for some certificate courses through online or in the evening institutes, that will add up to your candidature and getting a good job will become more easy.
    If not MCA, you have many other choices like M.Sc Maths, B.Ed, MBA or M .Sc Computers. Even with your B.Sc qualification, you can try for Bank jobs and other UPSC or SSC jobs.
    Take a decision as per your choice and all the best to you.

    always confident

  • You are in final year of B.Sc. You have mentioned that so far you do not have knowledge of computer science and you want to pursue your career in computer line after doing MCA. Being a Maths student I think it makes sense to go for Masters in computer applications. Maths background is definitely helpful in this line. One thing which I can suggest at this juncture is if you have such a desire to go for MCA then start reading the basics of computers and computer applications right now in your spare time. Computer software is a very interesting subject and there are immense possibilities of making a career in IT line. Start learning some computer software languages which are in vogue today. Python and JavaScript are the popular ones but some new languages are also emerging and by the time you do your MCA, they will be well established in the industry and you can see their basic framework. These languages are C#, PHP, Go, Swift, Rust etc.

    Please see what is the level of interest you hold in the commuter application line. It is a big field and today we are entering in an area of specialisation and IT field has many such specialised areas to choose from. After doing your MCA you might have to acquire some special diploma or certificate courses which will align you for applying in specific industries.

    After MCA you will have opportunity to try to enter in the areas of software analysis, software development, digital marketing, software testing, system management, database management, artificial intelligence, hardware maintenance, web designing and hosting, media and animation and many more similar areas.

    IT is a futuristic line. Everything in future is going to be in automated forms driven by artificial intelligence. Robust and versatile softwares will be the key to operate the machines and utility gadgets. Every where there will be a need of computer persons and sky is the only limit for the people who perform well in their computer related work and acquire latest knowledge in the related areas. IT field requires a continuous up gradation of ones knowledge and skills and one has to be prepared for a long and sustained hard work to stay on the top in this competitive arena. Today customer wants a composite solution and continuous up gradation of the same by the vendor and in the computer area that is much in prominence and techniques like DevOps are being followed by the versatile and skilled IT engineers.

    So if you have a good ambition and aspiration then convert it to reality by doing the appropriate hard work in your MCA and acquire as much as latest knowledge in the field as possible. It is one area where fast technological innovations are being made and one has to cope up and track them meticulously in ones career to remain in the top layer of the working IT professionals.

    Knowledge is power.

  • BSc Maths and MCA combination are good. You can get selected from the campus interview or attend the interview in any small or medium or large IT industry in the future to get the job. MCA will help you to learn and understand the various aspect of IT including coding etc.

    These days, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) career is in demand as long as you can crack the interview with the basic logic on this. You can then learn in-depth ML and AI from the industry itself. There are internship where you can join and grow together. NLP would help you on this.

    There are top industries those are looking for reasonable experienced ML / AI executives where you can share your education / work performances too. Initially it will be little like learning curve on embedding stuff, once it is done, you can get wide opportunities across. AI and ML is the future in IT firm, time to enter in it, so, try it.

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