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  • Want to start new jeera(cumin) trading business

    Are you wanting to start a cumin trading business? Interested in knowing the correct rates of cumin in Rajasthan? On this page find responses from ISC experts to your query.

    I also want to start a small cumin trading business in Noida(U.P). Can anyone suggest me what is the price of cumin these days as I have been getting very different rates from the markets mentioned above( Unjha, Rajasthan)? Some are saying it is 175 per kg and some are saying it is 165 per kg. Your help is needful.
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  • It is good you want to start a business. Don't worry about the rate difference. There may be a difference in the quality of the product. Again when you start the business you should see that your rate is in comparison with the rate of nearby shops and you try to maintain the quality well. That will give you an edge to you and people start preferring buying the material from you. Again when you are thinking of price you should have margin of profit. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. In Hyderabad also the rated are varying between the amounts you have mentioned. But the quality of Rs.175/- variety is appearing better.

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  • What I would suggest you to do is detailed market research with regard to the price by various distributors and retailers and the ultimate price for the end-user. Compare the prices with that of what your supplier is offering to you and existing prices in the market and determine what best you could offer so that you can attract the maximum share in the market and this is possible only when you frame best pricing strategy since Indian market highly price sensitive market. I would request you to personally go to the markets or send someone who can connect with other traders which would help you to ultimately decide on the right price.

  • Our country is the largest producer of cumin which is mainly grown in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. As we are producing more than our consumption we are also exporting this commodity to outside countries. Because of our large consumption it makes sense to go for trading in this commodity.

    If you want to start your business in cumin trading then you will have to find its prices from the online commodity market like MCX or sites like agriwatch, indiamart etc. They keep a tab of the cumin price as people trade it online also. Presently the wholesale price of cumin is hovering between Rs 13000 to 17000 per 100 kg at the place of origin depending upon the quality. You have to add the other costs to it for getting it in Noida. There are some apps which can be used for finding the commodity prices online and you can consider using one of them as per your liking. These are Commodity Beat, Moneycontrol, IIFL Markets, Reliance Commodities Trading App etc.

    Generally cumin will be categorised by the nomenclature of the originating collection place from where it is being traded. The price will also be differing significantly like that. For example the recent prices of Rajkot cumin is ranging Rs 13600 to 15000 per 100 kg while Patan cumin is trading in the range Rs 12100 to 14700. Further the machine cut cumin will be slightly costlier. There are many other varieties generally linked to the name of their original place of collection.

    If you want to trade in this particular item then you have to buy it from the source states where it is produced and contact the suppliers there for sending it to you to Noida. After getting it you have to see at what rate the retail shopkeepers are selling it in Noida area and at what rates they are getting it from the whole sellers. You have also to provide this item to these shopkeepers at the same rate or may be slightly competitive price. As you are a newcomer in this area in Noida region you will have to do some marketing efforts so that many of the shopkeepers buy it from you rather then the existing whole sellers in Noida area.

    You have to work out the costing of your business project by finding all the associated costs and then find out the margin which you will be earning from this trading. To establish yourself in the business you can also share some of the initial profits in shape of gifts or discounts to the prospective buyers.

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