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  • Does Garlic save us from Cancer?

    Want to the know best home remedies for cancer? Have a query about usage of garlic and ajwain for this ailment? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you advice for your questions.

    Does Garlic save us from Cancer? If it is true then can anyone suggest me the right time and way to eat it. Your answer can help to many so please contribute more and more to get many suggestion and i think all suggestion should match.

    I also want to know right time to eat ajwain I think ajwain is best medicine for stomach , acidity and digestion .

    I hope lot of experts are here to answer this simple question.
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  • Garlic can be used as an effective aid for reducing the following ill health.
    1. high blood pressure
    2.coronary artery disease
    3. stomach cancer
    4, colon cancer
    5. Tick bites.
    If you use garlic as an ointment this may reduce ringworm, jock itch, or athlete's foot.
    The garlic should be used as medicine and not as cooked food. If you eat garlic after cooking it may not give the desired result.
    These days we get some capsules known as garlic pearls. If we take daily two capsules one in the morning and one in the evening, our general health condition will improve. It may reduce cholesterol also,

    It is advisable to take this every day in the morning. You should take this with an empty stomach. Only after 30 minutes of consuming Ajwain, one should go for morning breakfast. It will improve the digestion process.

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  • Studies have proved that increasing garlic intake decreases the chance of suffering from cancer by 40%. Though garlic is pungent, one does not have to pay much attention to its taste or smell, if the aim is to cure or prevent cancer. It is a magical ingredient which when used daily helps prevent cancer. It mainly decreases the risk of colorectal cancer.

    Garlic works in the following ways-
    - Garlic helps to repair DNA,
    - It hinders the growth of cancer-causing cells,
    - It reduces inflammation,
    - Phytochemicals present in it fight against cancer cells,
    - Flavonoids present in it have anti-cancer properties.

    Add garlic to various recipes. Add them to stews or soups. Even garlic oil is available commercially. Just add garlic to most of the foods you eat and derive the best benefits of its anti-fighting components. It would be best to eat 3-4 cloves of garlic in the early morning on an empty stomach. Remember one thing that to derive the best benefits out of any ingredient, it is better to consume them on empty stomach. Eating garlic on an empty stomach helps in better absorption of its cancer-fighting ingredients.

    Ajwain is known as Bishop's weed. It gives a wonderful flavor to the dishes it is added. It is mainly used for abdominal problems. However, it also has various other benefits. One of them is decreasing the risk of cancer. Crush ajwain. Add a little black salt to it. Take a teaspoon of this powder 3-4 times in a day.

  • Garlic has been used in many societies since a long time and there are historical and documented evidence for that. It has been beneficial in many health conditions and is used in variety of ways raw or cooked. It is also a great taste enhancer and used extensively in dishes. Garlic is known by the ancient people to have many good effects on our body. It is widely used in conditions of high blood pressure, tuberculosis, liver problems, dysentery, bronchitis, dullness, flatulence, intestinal worms, colon problems, rheumatism, nose running, diabetes and fevers. It is also believed that use of garlic regularly can help people to keep a good health and their chances of getting cancer or any other fatal disease decreases. It is also to be noted that garlic is a very good home remedy to keep a person in good health condition and anything which helps a person to retain a good heath also helps in protecting from severe ailments like cancer. So garlic is not a direct cure for cancer but can help one in increasing the chance of avoiding it.

    Coming to Ajwain, It is well known for its antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also help in decreasing the cholesterol levels. Ajwain has a great use in stomach disorders especially in acidity and belching. Ajwain contains many medicinal chemicals like thymol, carvacrol etc which are beneficial in many ailments. Ajwain can be taken in the food preparation and it can also be taken separately after the meals.

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  • Thanks for sharing your valuable ideas. It will really help me and others to get advantage of your tips. Garlic views are matching with my views but Ajwain views are something new I able to get here. Thanks . I will select best answer after come some more views.

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  • Garlic belongs to allum family containing high amount of Flevnoid and Allicin and the combination of these two constituent make it highly effective in the degeneration of cancerous cell but to have its full effects, it needs to be consumed in the empty stomach so that all the Flevnoids containing in the Garlic is benificial to the system.
    It needs roughly two buds to be consumed in the morning after thorough chewing and the same procedure is to be followed religiously.
    The other benifits of Garlic consumption areas follows-
    1) It works as a blood thinner providing the free flow of blood and as such it would reduce the elevated Blood - pressure.
    2) This is an excellent herb in the reduction of blood cholesterol because it can remove the body - toxins.
    3) Same being Antifungal, Antibacterial and Antiviral in nature, this can fight with the skin disease.
    4) Due to high metabolic rate of body, this may help in reduction of weight.
    5) A supportive herb for taking care of cough and cold due to presence of Allicin.
    As regards to Ajawain it exhibits the carminative effect and to observe its effect, one should consume around one teaspoon followed by hot water. In that way, gas - problem of the stomach can be resolved.
    Thymol present in the Ajawain is benificial for the entire stomach issues. To have a good digestion power, one may take roughly two GM of powdered Ajawain along with equal amount of molasses.
    It boosts up the metabolism so the weight loss can be achieved.
    It can arrest the erratic spike of Blood - sugar, if consumed in equal amount of Ajwain and Cumin - seed after the major meals with hot water.

  • Garlic has many benefits. It works wonder in controlling blood pressure and high sugar, in asthma, cough & cold and some other diseases/disorders.

    However, cancer is caused by irregular and uncontrolled cell division in a particular body part. The reason behind such an uncontrolled cell division is not yet known. So, it can't be definitely stated whether garlic prevents cancer, or not.

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