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  • Disinfection and killing germs

    Looking for a clarification regarding disinfection and killing germs by using diluted Dettol? Confused whether a specific quantity is enough? You can check out the responses form experts here.

    I cleaned mattress with plastic sheet on it with diluted dettol and the solution dried up immediately Will that area still kill germs for few minutes. I usually add 40 ml dettol in 1 liter of water. However sometimes it dries up fast. Can the area still kill germs?
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  • I think you are diluting the Dettol to much. This dilution will be ok for normal use. But it is not sufficient for cleaning mattress. It is advisable to use 20 mi of Dettol in 100ml of warm water. Dip in a cloth in this solution and apply the above to the surface where you want to clean. Then I think you will get a better result. After that again apply hot water on the surface and wait for the surface to get dried.

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  • Dettol is a trusted brand. It is in use for a long period as antiseptic for various body parts as well as as a disinfectant for cleaning various surfaces to get rid of germs.

    To achieve better results, create a solution by mixing five parts of water with one part of Dettol liquid. Make sure the water is warm enough. Dip a sponge in the solution and wipe the plastic over the mattress. If the solution dries up, you can repeat it twice or thrice if the plastic sheet looks too dirty.

    There are other methods too. Some of them are-
    - Dettol wipes are available commercially. Use them to wipe the plastic covering over your mattress. They are pre-moistened wipes.
    - Dettol is also available in disinfectant spray bottles. Spray the required amount on the plastic covering and wipe the area with a sponge. These disinfectant sprays are effective enough to kill germs.

    Make sure to use paper towels for cleaning purposes instead of using sponges. Use and throw paper towels prevent the growth of microbes. On the other hands, sponges are left wet which is a perfect environment for microbes to grow and multiply.

  • You can refer the instruction regarding the quantity to be used with said amount of water and this information is available on the bottle label. As per the label, it is said that we need to use one part of Dettol Liquid with five parts of water (1:5 Ratio)

    Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is considered to be the best disinfectant all over the world which ensures protection against the most infectious bacteria.

    Ensure to dry well post-cleaning as the moist surface would contribute towards the growth of bacteria.

    You can clean once in a week or 15 days once as per your comfort.

  • Making the house germs and bacteria free is a very difficult task and requires a lot of precautions and measures. First and foremost thing is that we have to avoid dampness and humid corners in our house by regular wiping such places with absorbent and slightly wet cotton cloth. This will help in removing the dust and dirt also which is a major source of bacteria accumulation when it gets damp.

    Only after this pre treatment we should apply the diluted Dettol (in 1 : 5 proportion) or any equivalent germ killer to the sofa seats, chairs, dining table etc. for disinfecting them from the possible germs and bacteria. Another important thing in our household is that whenever there is some food item or water or any other liquid which scatters or splashes on the table or seats then it is to be wiped immediately with a damp cotton cloth. These are the very important things in our daily life and if we do not clean these places regularly and immediately then they will become a place for germs colonisation.

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  • If you are in a normal town you can get address of 'insect killers',they are having some expert ideas to kill ,eradicate insects as well avoid future entries of insects. They will charge normally. They have many tools for this job. You can contact them.
    Not only dettol you can put dhoop of 'sambhrani'regularly in evenings.

  • Dettol is a strong disinfectant due to presence of Carboxylic Acid in its formulations and as such it would retain its germicidal effect even in the low concentrations ( by mixing 1 part of Dettol with 20 th part of water) The favourable results can be seen with its proper application. To raise the effectivity of Dettol the following parameters are essential-
    1) Rate of reaction of this disinfactant rises with the raise of temperature ie more the the temperature of the mixture( Water and Dettol) more would be its reactivity.
    2) Preferred dilution to work to kill the germicide is one part of Dettol to 4 part of water to make it more lethal.
    3) In no case the reactants should evaporate thus giving no room for this germicidal to show its efficacy.

  • Dettol is the highly concentrated cleaning agent and even a few drops added to the plain water would suffice to mop the entire floor area of a room. Moreover, the great smell of the Dettol is good for our health and bad for the insects and pests. Once the entire room is cleaned, you can add up a few more drops of Dettol again in clean water and continue the same procedure. Some people have the habit of adding at least half a bottle of Dettol to clean the rooms. which is unnecessary and not wanted. Since you have tried it on the mattress the dilution could have been evaporated due to cotton content in the mattress. By the way, it is cleaned now.

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  • If half a bucket of water is added with 4 lids of Dettol, this solution acts as a germicide. Dettol is an antiseptic lotion, it has antiseptic quality and hygiene. We use Dettol in many things at home. There are too many germs on the floor of the house. All the germs on the floor are destroyed by mixing the Dettol with wiped water and the house remains clean. Broom-wipes are used in every house for cleaning the house. Both these things symbolize destroying the negative energy entering the house. Therefore, we must clean the house daily. Continuous sweeping and wiping bring happiness and prosperity to the home. By adding a few drops of Dettol in the bathwater, bathing kills the bacteria and germs of the body. Hand wash is done from Dettol before eating food and after coming from the toilet, which kills germs on our hands. Dettol is cleaned with water from any type of cut or wound on the body so that there are no bacteria and germs in it.

  • Dettol is considered good antiseptic disinfectant liquid for first aid, surface cleaning and personal hygiene. If you want to make germ free any surface then Dettol is the best killer. If you are cleaning your mattress with Dettol then you should be careful regarding its dilution. You should prepare a solution by mixing one part of Dettol with five-part warm water. Take a sponge and dip in the mixture then wipe the mattress with it 3- 4 times. In this way, you will get a better result.
    Another method to make disinfectant the mattress is to spray Dettol over it three to four times. Dettol spray bottle is available the in market. It would be 100% helpful in making mattress germ free.

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