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  • How to find jobs for a Mechanical/Automobile Engineer?

    Want to become a mechanical or automobile engineer? Searching for detailed information for the various domain options and future scope? Resolve your worries and decide your action plan based on inputs from experts here.

    After completing the engineering in the year of 2017 I worked in sales and currently working in BPO but I want to make my career in a technical field related to mechanical or automobile in any type of criteria like designing, manufacturing, production, maintenance, and many more but I am unable to get the job now there is no vacancies because of high percentage of unemployment in India?
    Is there any scope for this branch in future?
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  • Mechanical Engineering is an every green subject and there will be many vacancies in the private sector. But initial salaries may not be very high and they may depend on the company where you are joining. I know in Hyderabad many small companies where they are struggling to get a good mechanical engineer and they may pay about Rs. 15,000/- to Rs,20,000/- per month. But the work will be on the shop floor and one has to work hard and it is not like a job doing on a laptop or computer just sitting in an Ac room. Since you said that you are even ready to work in manufacturing also chances will be better for you. Your 2 years of service can't be considered as an experience and you have to join as a fresh candidate only. Make a good presentable CV and apply for various positions by referring to the newspapers. You can also place your CV on and This will help you in getting a job. Once you join a company and start working with the expereince you gain you can go for better positions in good companies.

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  • It is a core discipline of engineering and a large number of jobs are available in government and private sectors as well.
    1. First of all, you need to qualify GATE exam with a valid score. Then you will be able to apply in big PSUs like BHEL, BEL, ONGC, HPCL, IOCL, GAIL, SAIL, NTPC, NHPC, NALCO, DMRC, BARC, Coal India Ltd. Bokaro Steel and Bokaro thermal etc.
    2. You can also apply in Government sectors like MTNL, BSNL, Railways, ISRO, DRDO, Police Departments.
    3. You canalso apply in MNCs Siemens, TATA motors, Larsen & Turbo, Asoka Leyland, Thermax etc.

    To find a job you can search jobs online direct on company's websites or in newspapers such as employment news paper or Times of India. You can get registered yourself on online job portals.
    After getting some experience in this field you will get better opportunities.

  • The best thing what you can do is Post your resume in Naukri which would help you find a relevant job. You didn't specify what was your specialization in Engineering? Was it mechanical? Since at the initial stage, you opted for Sales and later on stepped into BPO and you have already gained some experience and must be earning a decent pay and now when you wish to change as a Design Engineer, you need to compromise on your pay and start as fresher and you can target some manufacturing industries where they look for Mechanical Design Engineer for preparing drawings for various components and assembly procedures.
    You would be leading a satisfactory life working with manufacturing industries since they work on continuous development on the product and design and you would get opportunity to learn many aspects.

  • As an Engineer, try to avoid to work in any BPO unless if there is related process matching your education. I suggest you to learn and complete CAD (Computer Aided Design) or Auto-CAD course and then try to find for a suitable job. This is the most preferred and suitable course for Mechanical / Automobile Engineers.

    CAD course can be done in a part-time as well like an evening course for two hours daily in any reputed institutes nearby and get the certificate from them once completed it. Many Diploma in Engineers used to complete the Auto-CAD or similar advanced course to add their education / additional qualification column in CV that helps them mostly.

    There are many private firm across the nation or even in abroad where they looks for Engineer (Mechanical or Automobile) with CAD people to hire. So, once completed it, you can update your resume and post it online in LinkedIn or Naukri or timesjobs etc. to get the suitable job. You can visit the relevant company's website and apply online for the same.

  • Mechanical Engineering is a well sought and core of engineering. A mechanical Engineer can look to work in any field as they have a base of all disciplines. As you have served in sales and BPO, you already have a nack of the working culture of the private sector.

    As mentioned, do try to have some added technical courses done in a certified institute. You can even do you CAD and other design course like Solid works, etc from CAD centre, they may be costly but they even have placement facility and they can help you entre a design, construction or manufacturing industry.

    Do go through the official job or placement newspaper like Times of India, Assignment abroad, etc as they feature new openings.
    As you have mentioned that you are eager to work in a technical field, you can register yourself in major job sites which will help you with new openings in the same filed.

    You can even try giving UPSC or other government exams that will help you get knowledge and also get into government jobs.

    If possible, you can have a visit to the industrial area and visit manufacturing, production or maintenance industry or company and provide your CV or resume. This will help you get more details of the opening in certain industry that do not advertise.

    Be prepared to start with low salary and small post but this will help you gain much knowledge and this will help you in the later stage of your promotion and work.

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  • I think you must find a job related to your engineering. BPO jobs are actually not good for the engineers to take unless it is related to what you studied.

    The best thing you can do is to make a good resume and post it on various job search sites like and others. Just registering yourself there on the site is not sufficient. You should search for a job by entering your expectations in the desired place and apply for the jobs.

    I can understand that it's not easy to get a job when you're fresher and in your case, you too will be treated as a fresher only because your BPO experience will not be counted.

    You ask the help of your relative, friend or your senior to get you a job. I have seen people in the starting use their personal relations to get a job and when they get an experience they find out a suitable and a better job.

    Also if you have the ability to crack competitive exams then try GATE. On the basis of the score, you may get a job in PSUs. But I would say not to lose hope and try on searching jobs you will get it but don't stick to this BPO job.


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  • Mechanical engineering is an important job field in the world at present. The automobile industry revolves around Mechanical engineers. Also, mechanical engineers need industries like space research, energy, oil plants, gas plants and many others.
    As we know the automobile industry in India is not in a good state now. But in my opinion, you need not worry only because of this. There is an up and down situation for any industry. The Indian government is taking some bold steps to change the automobile industry into its actual form. So the future is bright only. Also, you can have an eye on the other sectors I mentioned in the above. You can target some good companies in such an industry and follow their job vacancies. So you can apply immediately after announcing a vacancy.


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  • It is true that employment situation in our country is grim but if you want to make a career in technical area in Mechanical or Automobile engineering then you have to systematically approach this aspiration with full efforts and determination. First and foremost thing is you have to keep a watch in the various job portals and sort out the jobs of your interest and liking and see whether your qualifications fit there and accordingly apply in them. You may find that there are certain jobs which are very good and as per your liking but require some experience or additional qualifications. Note down what are those additional skills required. Now search out whether you can gain those skills by completing a diploma or short time certificate course in the relevant area. If so, pursue it as definitely there is a demand for that as evident from these advertisements. It is your core area and you can find out the related courses easily. Still, I can suggest some of them as Piping Design, Tool Design, Robotics, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology, Mould designing, Operation management, Assembly line operations, Shop floor safety etc.

    Please note that you should be sure of your interests and that is very important as people deliver their best in the field of their liking and because of that they progress also in their career. So join non interesting jobs only for your livelihood and keep the objective of switching to the interest areas on the first opportunity.

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  • At least you are placed in BPO and to that extent you don't have the financial constraint to pull on your life. Now to have a job in Mechanical - engineering, you will have to see the established news papers such as Times Of India, Hindustan times, The Hindu where you may find the recruitment of graduate Engineers of various Public undertakings such as SAIL, ONGC, DVC, BCCL etc in the job column and by going through such details ensure that you fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria such as minimum 65 percent in all the semesters.
    Focus on its preparation sincerely to grab the post. You will have to clear both written and oral test apart from the Medical Fitness approved by the company doctor.
    Don't worry much regarding the last part but concentrate on revision of your entire syllabus sincerely so that you may clear the written paper. At the same time. You must have efficient in Numerical ability, Statistics and Fundamentals related to English since in the written paper, those portions are included as well. This should be a systematic predation on regular basis to achieve success.
    Make a job survey related to this field in Germany, UK, France and an effort must must be made to exploit such situations. You need to clear the GRE test and you have to satisfy the Employers of Germany. Because of enormous industries and Research Project, this should be worthwhile attempt
    You may look for the job of Probationy Officer of a Bank including the private one with thorough preparation.
    You can try for UPSC examination if you are having passion for such a prestigious job, this would need total devotion.
    Choose out which suits you most.

  • The company I work in is an engineering process equipment manufacturer. So we have a large number of mechanical engineers in our office. These engineers were recruited by LinkedIn. They submitted their details and resume in LinkedIn. This website is used by employers around the world. You might get open to new opportunities and new job roles by applying in LinkedIn. Make an account in LinkedIn today and start searching for jobs. Make sure you are active on the site for a long time everyday. This will make the recruiters recognise you easily. Link your profiles to LinkedIn. Follow different companies in the site. Keep in check about the interviews and events. I hope you find many opportunities. The more experience you have, the better it is for you. But make sure you have an experience in your core field only.

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