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  • Second Ph D in same discipline

    Want to know if one is eligible for doing a second PhD in the same discipline? Searching for detailed information about the eligibility criteria? Find advice from experts here, understand the eligibility criteria and decide further plan of action.

    I am completed Ph. D., In Physical Education now I wish to do second Ph. D., In the same discipline. Am I eligible or not? Kindly reply. I request you to give suggestions.
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  • I think you are not allowed to do a PhD in the same subject in which you already obtained a PhD from the same University. You can go for a PhD in the same subject from a different University. I know people who obtained a PhD in the same discipline from different universities. If you want to do a PhD from the same University you have to select another discipline. I know people who obtained two PhDs in different subjects from the same university. My neighbour is also a doctorate in two subjects from Osmania University. He is having one PhD in chemistry and another PhD in Vaastu. These are the two options you have. Different Universities and the same subject. Different subjects and the same University.

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  • First of all, there is no point in pursuing a second Ph.D. degree in physical education when you already have one. If you are going to pursue your second Ph.D. degree in some other field, it could be understood because it makes sense. Many do it for a career change. By pursuing a second degree in a different field, your career opportunities increase. Thus, I would advise you to seriously consider once again about your choices and make the decision wisely.

    You are allowed to pursue a second Ph.D. degree in a different field from the same as well as another university. Lots of people do that. Also, if you are sticking to physical education, you need to enroll in another university.

    If you want to pursue the second Ph.D. in the same field, be ready to invest 3 more years in pursuing it. Instead of that, you can start your career as a coach, physical education teacher or fitness instructor.

  • Pursuing second Ph.D. in the same field i.e. Physical Education will not give you any benefit as you already have the same. But still if you want to do second Ph.D in the same field you will have to search another university.
    In my opinion you can apply for a Post Doctoral fellowship. It is offered by many universities and UGC itself. Post doc will be more beneficial instead of a second Ph.D. in the same field.
    Besides, you can do a second Ph. D in another subject. That will also give you more jobs opportunity to you.

  • You can pursue a second Ph.D. on the same broad subject. But the main issue is that you have to choose a totally different topic (different from the topic of your first Ph.D.) and you have to find a suitable guide (preferably another Professor/Associate Professor who was not associated with your first Ph.D.).

    There is no bar from UGC in registering yourself for the second Ph.D. on the same broad discipline.

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  • I think it's a waste of time to do a 2nd PhD as again you have to clear pre PhD exam go endless vivas submissions invest 4 -5 years of your time then at the end how will that benefit you. Presuming that you are working by virtue of a doctoral degree you are at the top it's only lateral movement. Ultimately it will be your own efforts that will help you to move ahead. Presuming that you are in the age group of 45 - 50 by the time you complete you will near retirement. Not much research and development is there in your field. If it would have been engg medicine IT due to on going research it may have be beneficial. Still corporates usually don't prefer PhD. If you are working in a College etc then publish some articles that will benefit you more than a 2nd PhD.

  • Physical education is not a research-based or wet-lab based field, hence the second Ph.D. in the same is not advised. It would be like giving time, energy and money in the same thing which you have already done.
    If you are really interested in the same, please go for Post Doctorate Research for which you are eligible and it will take you one step forward in your field with the post-doctorate degree. Please note that the career options will still be the same but you may get higher packages after post-doctorate degree. Most of the institutes which are offering Ph.D. degrees are also offering post-doctorate degrees also. So, you may not need to change the institute. You may pursue this while you are working.


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  • Why is that you want to do Ph.D in same discipline? Is there any specific reason which made you think so? I would suggest you to do Ph.D in other relevant disciplines instead so that your scope of area which you can work would be at macro level

  • Universities and Institutions discourage a candidate for doing a second PhD in the same field. If a person wants it from another institution then he can try to register for it but he can not hide his earlier work and once the new institution knows about it, they will also discourage for it. There is no such rule of eligibility here and there is no scoring system in PhD that you can say that out of these two this one is to be considered for your career or job. Frankly speaking 2 PhDs are as effective as 1 PhD.

    There are people who have done multiple PhDs in different subjects and that is all right but that is more or less in the nature of academic accomplishment and not much related to the job and career. So if you are pursuing it for your career I will advise you not to go for it.

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  • In no way, a second Ph.D from the same subject from the same university is allowed. However, you may persue your Doctorate degree from other than this one. Other option would be to have the Doctorate degree from the different subjects apart from Physical education, such as English, Hindi, Mathematics or any subject you desire with the permission of the university being chosen for the same.
    While opting for a Doctorate degree in other subjects, you need to maintain transparency in relation to your procurement of a Doctorate degree from the different universities.

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