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  • Which inverter is good for Solar PV system?

    Want to know how to select a good inverter for a solar PV system? Looking out for which inverter works best when tied to grid and electricity supply at home? Check out this page for advice from experts for a good recommendation.

    While there are lot of inverter in market from different companies, there are always some specification difference among there. String inverter is widely used for solar PV system. However optimizer and microinverter are also recommended. If you wanted both on grid system and electricity after state electricity is off then which inverter works best which perform both grid tied and electricity supply to home? It would be great if specific details of brand and wattage provided. Specifically I am looking for 2KW and 3KW capacity one.
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  • I know the following invertors which are widely used by domestic solar power generators

    1.SolarEdge SE5000H-US Single Phase 5000-Watt Grid-Tied Inverter: Watts: 5,000W
    Peak Efficiency: 99.2%. Very efficient equipment. The weight is less. But no remote control is provided.

    2. Outback power Skybox Grid-Tie Hybrid inverter: Watts: 5,000W, Peak Efficiency: 97%. It is more expensive when compared to other models.

    3. Enphase IQ7+: It is the microinverter and people recommend this in this type. Watts: 290W, Peak Efficiency: 97.6%. Individual monitoring of solar panels is also possible in this.

    4. Eco Worthy Auto Switch invertor: 1000W 1KW MPPT. S DC 22 to 65V Solar Input AC 110V/240V Auto Switch PV System. Watts: 1,000W.Peak Efficiency: 90%. Multiple inverters can be stack for large generations. This invertor can not be connected with batteries.

    5. iMeshbean Grid Tie Inverter: This is also Microinverter. Watts: 3000W. Peak Efficiency: 90%. This is a cheaper variety and efficiency may not be as projected when used.

    I suggest you discuss with the solar power panel supplier and he will suggest you the best.

    always confident

  • Solar inverters are used to convert the solar PV voltage to AC for use in our houses and the output from them is connected to local electric grid and our house both through a switching system so that there is uninterrupted electrical supply in the house. Inverter is a key element in this arrangement.

    There are some good brands of the inverters available in the market. These inverters come in different power rating as well as option of having a battery for emergency situations. Companies have many models to choose from in the 2-3 kW segment. There are both the models available grid tied or off grid. I am not giving any particular model here but there are companies which are the leading in the inverter business and they are Delta India, Luminious, Sukam, Microtek, UTL etc. What I will suggest is go through the details of the inverter products of these companies and then decide for the model. There are price considerations also. A good inverter in 3 kW segment will cost around Rs 20000.

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  • I will suggest you to use a hybrid inverter as it will work on solar and battery simultaneously. They are also cheaper and more efficient.
    Some of the best hybrid inverters are:

    1. SolaX –All in one hybrid inverter with Back ups (UPS) and Solar storage
    2. Luminous solar nxt off grid hybrid inverter: Max support 3KW
    3. Microtek on grid solar inverter msun: Size- 2 kw, Efficiency-97%
    4. Sukam 3 kW off grid hybrid inverter: Size- 2-3KW, Efficiency-95%
    5. Flin Energy Flinslim lite off grid Solar hybrid inverter
    6. Huwai SUN2000L-5 KTL HV Storage 5KW Hybrid inverter- Size- 2-5KW, Efficiency-98% - All in one hybrid inverter
    7. Growatt- All in one hybrid inverter with Back ups (UPS) and Solar storage
    8. Solar Edge- All in one hybrid inverter with Back ups (UPS) and Solar storage, Size: 2.5kW to 10kW, Efficiency: 99%.
    9. Redback- All in one hybrid with off grid, Back ups (UPS) and Solar storage.

    Soltaro, Delta, Sungrow are also well known hybrid inverters. You can choose according to your requirement.

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