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  • Do subsidy is still on for roof top PV solar system in Maharashtra?

    Interested in purchasing Roof Top PV solar system? Want to know the norms for subsidy in Maharashtra state? Find answers for your query on this page and decide how to proceed ahead.

    It is been told that in since 2019 subsidy for Roof Top PV solar system have been stopped. Cost of PV solar is so high that without any subsidy it is very difficult? In Maharashtra is subsidy stopped? If yes then any other benefits cab be availed before PV installation like tax benefit etc. If Subsidy is still available then how to apply for it ?
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  • Yes. In India, the central government is offering a subsidy for these installations. Not only the Central Government but also States also offer subsidy schemes to the people for installing rooftop PV systems. The initial cost of installation may be high but in the long run, it will become economical for the domestic users. Once the installation is over there are no maintenance cost or Raw Material cost.

    The Central Government pays 30% of the installation cost for rooftop PV systems in all the states except states having special status. In those states, the subsidy will be 70% of the cost.

    The following are the other benefits one can have in addition to the subsidy mentioned above.

    1. You can get a Bank loan up to 10 lakhs from any bank under a home loan or home development loan.
    2. Generation based incentive will also be given in some states.
    3. You can sell the excess energy generated by you and the rate will depend on the state and the electricity provider in the sate.

    Obtaining permission:

    You decide on the supplier first. Ask him to submit the quotation and negotiate with them. Generally, once you decide on the supplier, they will take care of everything. They will get the permissions required for the electricity board and they will negotiate with the government authorities, apply for the subsidy and they will see that the money will be paid to you. If you finalise the deal with them they will take care of all the requirements. Anyhow, I am giving below the important steps.

    1. Contact the State Electricity Board and meet the concerned officials and tell them your proposal.
    2. They will come and visit the rooftop where you are proposing for installation.
    3. Then they will approve your application and give permission.
    4. They will advise you the fee details and they will give permission for installation of measuring equipment for the produced power also
    5. You have to inform the completion of the installation. Then they will come and inspect. Then they will give permission for you to apply for the subsidy. They will also give you the tariff details for the excess units generated.
    6. Then you have to apply for subsidy to central and state nodal agencies and they will get you the subsidy.

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  • If we think of the installation - cost in the initial phase,it may look the expensive one but since the governments both central government and the state governments have combined their hands to encourage the customers to produce electricity free from any contaminant. Such an attempt made by any applicant for the installation of power through the solar system would get a subsidy to the extent of 30 percent of the initial cost. This appears as a heavy incentive in terms of saving.
    Loan has to processed through the Bank and once the loan is approved, take the help of electricity board officials to get the rest work done. The officials would offer their service for being the end users.
    They will provide the best tips to augment electricity production apart from installation of the panels on the roof. Other formalities such as governmental clearance in relation to this project will be expedited under their guidance.

  • Sadly I got the news that subsidy in Maharashtra for Solar PV system is stopped since April 2019. MEDA gives subsidy but my vendor who has given estimate said that subsidy is stopped. I am not sure if I should invest in Solar PV or not. Because it is big investment and bank also don't provide loan without interest. I wanted to confirm if subsidy is really stopped or went on hold.

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  • As per the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), a subsidy of 30% was available in the states and in some of the states like Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Lakshadweep it is even up to 70%. There was some confusion in the media about this subsidy but now the MNRE has made it clear that subsidy is there and it will be applicable to grid connected rooftop solar plant and depending upon the capacity of the plant the subsidy will be worked out. It is like this -

    1. Up to 3 kW - 40%
    2. Up to 10 kW - 40% up to first 3 kW and then 20% of the remaining.
    3. Beyond 10 kW - 40% up to first 3 kW, 20% for next 7 kW and no subsidy beyond that.

    You can see the detailed circular 318/ 331/ 2017-GCRT dt. 3rd September 2019 in this regard in the MNRE site. You have to approach to state nodal agencies in case you want to have more details and clarifications in the matter. MNRE has done all the policy matter in this regard in consultations to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) of the various states in our country. This will help the individual in transmission of extra power to the grid. Under the MNE scheme an individual will get paid for the excess power he is selling to the state Electricity department.


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