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  • Doubt regarding BSc Chem course

    Having a query regarding BSc check group and want to study home science? Searching for the detailed information regarding The course combination options? On this page, you can find advice from experts for your query.

    I am in 12th right now.
    I have taken Biohomescience stream. It includes Phy, Chem, Bio, Hmsci and Eng.
    Next year I would like to do BSc Chem.
    But I do not want it with Phy as a subject.
    Can I do BSc Chem without Phy.
    I prefer to do BSc Chem with other subjects other than Phy and Maths.
    I havent opted maths if i take it as a subject in bsc chem will it be tough?
    (i am good at maths..but i am not familiar with maths topics in 11th and 12th)
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  • If you want to persue B.Sc with option of chemistry but without the inclusion of Physics and Mathematics, this can still be continued . You would like to see the recommendations of the subjects prescribed for B.Sc. Subjects prescribed the said courses are as it follows-
    1) Physics
    2) Chemistry
    3) Mathematics
    4) Zoology
    5) Statistics
    6) Botany and
    7) Home Science
    Hence keeping Chemistry as a fixed choice and not opting for Physics and Mathematics, you are still left with options of four subjects and out which you have to select two subjects apart from your Chemistry.
    You can conveniently choose the rest two.
    In case, you want to widen your prospects so as to take up post graduation course in Chemistry, you would be required to have familiarity with the Mathematics particularly dealing with Radioactivity, Law of Mass - action, Thermodynamics, Chemical - kinematics, Ionic equilibrium etc.
    However, it depends upon the criteria of the university with which you would persue a Post - graduate course.
    Choosing the best universities would enhance your employability in the field of Research, Lecturership or the further pursuance of Doctorate degree in Chemistry.

  • Yes. You can do B.Sc with chemistry without having Physics and mathematics as other subjects. You can go to Chemistry, Botany and Zoology which is a very good combination. Another combination available is Chemistry. Botany and Home science. Another combination is Chemistry, Zoology and Home Science. Some Universities offer Bio-Chemistry also as a subject in B.Sc. You can opt for that also.

    I want to just mention this additional information also so that you will think before deciding on the combination you want to take. After B.Sc if you want to do M.Sc in chemsitry many universities prefer students with mathematics also as one of the subjects. Some universities will give seat t BZC people also but preference will be given to MPC candidates. WIth BZC group you can do your post-graduation in Botany or Zoology or Bio-Chemistry or Environmental sciences.

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  • Some colleges offer Chemistry Honours with subsidiaries like Zoology, Botany, Physiology, Psychology, Bio-technology and Economics. But such colleges are very few. Most of the colleges in India will offer Physics and/or Mathematics as subsidiaries/subsidiary if you apply for Chemistry Honours.

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  • What are your career goals and what are the subjects of your interest and liking? These two things are to be understood properly before opting the subjects in your academic pursuits. The reason for this is obvious as the student can perform well in his subject of choice and has confidence that he can do the desired labour and hard work in that. If you have no interest and liking for Physics and Maths then there is no point in opting these in your higher education program. No subject is easy or tough it is only our attitude that makes it appear like that. We have to follow our aptitude and interest and that is a primary condition for success and contentment in life.

    Under the above premises, you can reconsider the selection of your subjects because of your long term career goals in life. Anyway, if you have interest in Chemistry go ahead with it as it is a fascinating subject and when you reach your post-graduation you will find that there is a lot of Physics as well as Mathematical things embedded even in Chemistry at higher or research level. So we can not ignore the common methodologies in physical sciences at a higher level. What I mean to say is even though you take Chemistry as the main subject you will have to be at list familiar and should have basic ideas of many things which are part of Physics and Mathematics. With Chemistry as the mainstream subject, you will be able to take some subjects of Biology like Zoology or Botany and there is some other combination also where you can easily avoid taking Physics or Mathematics in B.Sc.

    At this juncture, I want to bring in the overall objective of doing B.Sc. with Chemistry and some other subjects as available as options in that particular university. After Chemistry there is the scope of doing post-graduation in Chemistry or its branches like Physical & Materials Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Drug Chemistry, Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry and also Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (PGDAC). So if Chemistry is your subject of choice then there are many options while going for Post Graduation.

    After completing Post Graduation in Chemistry there are many job opportunities in the areas like Medical Research, Medical Laboratories, Chemical Manufacturing and Processing Firms, Testing Laboratories, Utility Product Companies, Waste-water and Environment Related Plant and Industries, Chemical Engineering firms etc. Further, if you have an aptitude for research you can consider PhD also as an option after which not only the above areas but the lectureship area in the Universities will also open up for you.

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  • If you want to do B.Sc with chemistry. You can go for it. There are many subject combinations are available in B.Sc like:
    1. Chemistry, Botany and Zoology
    2. Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
    3. Chemistry, Botany and Home Sciences
    4. Chemistry, Zoology and Home Sciences
    5. Chemistry, Zoology and Environmental Sciences
    6. Chemistry, Botany and Environmental Sciences
    7. Chemistry, Biotechnology and Microbiology
    8. Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology
    9. Chemistry, Zoology and Microbiology
    10. Chemistry, Zoology and Biochemistry
    11. Chemistry, Botany and Biochemistry
    12. Environmental Chemistry and Botany or Zoology

    You can opt any one of the combination except point 2. As you are not studying mathematics in Clase 12th, you will not be able to take this combination. But some of the topics in chemistry requires a good mathematical knowledge like linear algebra, calculus, integration, regression, etc. Further, Mathematics will also helpful in cracking entrance examination for M.Sc chemistry offered by IITs and other institutions. After B.Sc., you can do M.Sc Chemistry with specialization in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, industrial chemistry, Analytical chemistry and Environmental Chemistry etc. You can choose any of the subject combination according to the availability of subjects in the university and colleges.

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