Cobol Programming - Help to build a program in cobol

Facing difficulty in learning cobol programming? Want to know the program solution to compare numbers or find if they are equal? No worries, find the solution on this page from ISC epxerts.

I have a question about a specific problem I found in this website.
It's about a program in cobol about how to compare 3 numbers given by the user and the program has to compare them and find the greatest. But how can I check if 2 numbers are equals?
Let's say if the numbers given are 5 5 2. What can we do so that we could a message like this: "5 is the greatest and it's given 2 times. Or even three if the user gives 5 5 5. Also how could we display the position they were given? E.g, the user gives 5 8 10.
What we do so that we get a message like this:
"10 is the greatest and it was the third number to be given"