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  • Wants to know the GSTN Registration procedure

    Interested in knowing about the GSTN registration procedure? Looking out for detailed information online? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the details provided for your query.

    I am a Freelancer handling the jobs - Data entry, Data Migration, Data Reconciliation jobs and earning a decent income every month. Whether I need to have GST Registration, If so please guide me on the relevant details.
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  • You are a freelancer. Is your income more than 40 lakhs per annum?

    If your businesses/service turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs, you have to register as a normal taxable person.
    If it is an organisation doing some service activity/business activity, it should have GST registration.

    These days the registration can be carried out online. It may take about six days to get the registration completed.
    The following are th documents required for your GSTN.

    1. PAN card
    2. Aadhaar card
    3. Photographs
    4. Address proof
    5. Bank Account statement/Cancelled cheque
    6. Digital Signature.

    There are many consultants available to help you in getting the registration done. It is better if you take the help of such person so that you can complete the work correctly and he will ensure that your registration is done.

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  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your valueable input. Since my turnover is lessthan 40 laksh only.
    As suggested by you i will seek help from the consultant.
    Once again thank you for your information.

    VK Saravanan

  • If you want to register for GST, you can do it yourself in a very easy way. A step by step procedure is described here:
    1. First of all, you will have to visit the official website at www. (
    2. Now you will have to fill some details like applicant name, state, district, name of business, PAN of business, email, mobile no.
    3. Now you will receive OTP on both mobile as well as email.
    4. After verification you will get a TRN i.e.Temporary Reference Number.
    5. Now you will have to login using this TRN. Again you will get a fresh OTP.
    6. After verification a form will open. This form is a little bit lengthy( having many sections). You will have to fill this complete form.
    7. Now, you will have to upload scanned copies of required document.
    8. After this you will have to submit this form.
    9. On completion you will receive ARN(Application Reference Number) on you mobile and email.
    You can now track your application also on website.
    After 3-5 days, status of your application will be approved and you will be able to download GST certificate.
    Documents required are as follows:
    1. Partnership deed if any,
    2. Proof of place of business
    3. PAN of business
    4. Photo of applicant
    5. Letter for authorised signatory
    6.Bank account detail
    7. Bank account statement
    8. Digital signature

    If you feel any problem in form filling, you can consult any CA or consultant.

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  • GST registration is simple provided you furnish the details relating to your PAN CARD, Your Bank details and details of business with which you would like to earn income.
    On line registration is simple and if you have any difficulty in filling the form correctly, you may have the assistance of the consultant on a fee prescribed him.
    Goods and Sales Tax is an important indicator levied by the government for the collection of taxes without hassle but the such a clause is applicable in case your turnover exceeds beyond 40 lakhs.
    For the low turnover say less than 20 lakhs one is exempted from such a tax and the people living in the hilly areas it is even slashed to 10 lakhs.

  • Thanks Ms Deepali for your elaborate step by step details on my query.

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration is essential for people and establishment(Organisation, Institutes, units, set-ups or system) that provides goods or any type of services in India. It is the most fundamental requirement if the total value of goods or services is more than Rs.20 lakhs per annum and if it is functioning in a special category state(Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, or Uttarakhand) is more than Rs.10 lakhs per annum. These are a unique 15-digit Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) from the GST authorities through which all your data relating to the goods or services can be collected and tallied. One needs to register within 30 days from the date or 5 days before the commencement of the business if you are a normal taxpayer.

    There are different types of GST registration under the GST Act and one must be conversant with the disparity between the registration and select the right one.
    a) Normal Taxpayer: This is applicable to most of the peoples who are managing their business in India. The person does not have to pay a deposit and it comes without an expiry date.
    b) Composition Taxpayer: They can pay a flat GST rate.
    c) Casual Taxable Person: These are for obtained by those planning to set-up a counter or seasonal shop. These are normally provided for a period of up to 3 months with deposits equal to the amount of GST liability expected during the period and after that time period, it can be renewed or extended.
    d) Non-Resident Taxable Person: These are for any people living outside India or NRI and are providing goods or services to the people of India. These are normally provided for a period of up to 3 months with deposits equal to the amount of GST liability expected during the period and after that time period, it can be renewed or extended.

    The documents required for obtaining GST registration are given below. Do keep a scan copies of all the documents as you will need to upload it(part by part) while filling the online registration form:
    - Certificate of Incorporation
    - Photo of Stakeholder or partners(if any)
    - Signature of the Authorised person
    - Any one of these: Letter of Authorisation or Copy of Resolution passed by BoD/ Managing Committee and Acceptance letter if it is a company
    - Any one of these: Property Tax Receipt, Electricity Bill, Municipality letter Copy, Legal ownership document
    - Any one of these: Bank Statement, Cancelled Cheque leaf, First page of Pass Book

    GST Registration Procedure: One can do the GST registration online through the GST Portal. Once you submit your GST registration application, you will receive GST ARN immediately. Within 7 days of Application Reference Number (ARN) generation, the applicant will receive his GST registration certificate and GSTIN. One can track the application status or raise queries if any by using the GST ARN no. Follow the below steps to get your GST registration:
    i) Go to the GST Portal - and select Services > Registration > New Registration option.
    ii) Once you are on the new GST registration page, Select the New Registration option and fill the application form by providing all the details required. Once you have completely filled the form, click on the PROCEED button.
    iii) Once you submit the above information, the OTP Verification page will be displayed. You will receive 2 separate OTP(one-time-password)to validate your email and mobile number. Be aware that the OTP will be valid only for 10 minutes and you need to enter the two separate OTP received to validate the email and mobile number.
    iv) Once you successfully complete the OTP verification, a Temporary Reference Number (TRN) will be generated and this can be be used to complete and submit the GST registration application.
    v) Once your TRN is generated, you can start your GST registration process. In the GST Portal, enter the TRN generated and enter the captcha text as shown on your screen and then complete the OTP verification on your mobile and email. Once the verification is complete, you will be taken to the GST registration page, Once the registration page opens, click on the action icon to start the GST registration process.
    vi) Now fill in all your business details that are asked and once you have fill-in all the required details, click on save and continue.
    vii) Now another page will be open where you need to fill the details of the promoters, i.e. details of the directors in case of a company and the proprietor's case of the sole, joint venture, partnership. Once you have filled in all the required details, click on save and continue.
    viii) Now fill in the information of the authorized signatory nominated by the promoters ( company or partners, etc.). They are the ones responsible for filing GST returns of the company and maintaining the necessary compliance. Once you have filled in all the required details, click on save and continue.
    ix) Here you fill in the details of the main place( where the business's books of accounts and records are kept ) of business. Here you will have to upload documents to provide proof of ownership or occupancy of the property. It can be a copy of the valid Rent / Lease Agreement, copy of Electricity Bill, Latest Property Tax Receipt, copy of the Consent Letter, etc. Once you have filled in all the required details, click on save and continue.
    x) Here, you have to fill the additional place of business, if any or simply click on save and continue.
    xi) Now provide details of goods and services supplied by you. Please note that you have to provide the HSN code for goods supplied and the SAC code for services provide. You can use the search for finding the HSN and SAC code for your goods and services. Once you have filled in all the required details, click on save and continue.
    xii) Here provide the complete details of your bank accounts held like account number, IFSC code, and type of account. You will have to upload a copy of the bank statement or passbook in the place provided. Once you have filled in all the required details, click on save and continue.
    xiii) Now you need to cross-check your details submitted in the form before submission and select the verification checkbox once your verification is done. Select the name of authorized signatory from the drop-down list for the Name of Authorized Signatory, select the place from where the form is filled and using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or E-Signature or EVC, sign the application.
    xiv) Once you have completed these steps successfully, within 15 minutes, You will receive the acknowledgment on your registered mobile phone number and e-mail address. The Application Reference Number (ARN)receipt will be sent on our registered e-mail address and mobile phone number and using the GST ARN Number, we can track the status of our GST registration application.

    I hope you have got your query answered and will be able to do your GST Registration with ease by following the above steps.

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