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  • What is Facebook instant article?

    Want to know about the new feature of facebook: instant article? Searching for information regarding how it will hep a blogger to make money, the procedure for doing so and whether it is similar to Adsense? Check out the answers here.

    Can any one please help me to know more about Facebook instant article feature?
    How does it help for a general blogger to make money?
    How to start with this service and how to make money from this feature?
    Does it same as Google AdSense or this is just another way for blogging?
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  • This is a feature being offered by Facebook to bring the many prospective bloggers in its fold. When you login to Facebook then there is an Instant Article signup page. You have to go there and signup and choose the page where you want that your article should appear. Now either create an article there itself or synchronize your blog with the Instant Articles facility of Facebook. Everything will be guided to you and simply follow the procedure being told. Once your article is loaded you can see its preview and then you can submit it for review by the Facebook team or their editors. The review results will be intimated to author subsequently.

    Facebook has evolved this system in a different technological way and it is claimed that it is very fast as far as the loading and retrieving of the content is considered and might be helpful to the media houses looking for faster moving content. Right now it is not fully established and we do not know whether it will be a commercially successful endeavor or not.

    If the content is used by the Facebook for commercial purposes a part of the revenue might come back to the author. The modalities are not known so far. Presently Facebook pays the person uploading videos etc as per the number of times the videos is seen by the people. So articles which are approved there might be some revenue sharing scheme.

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  • As appeared from the name Face book instant articles are instant articles published on facebook mobile publishing platform for faster loading and publishing. These articles are clicked and shared 30% more than other web articles. Most important feature of these instant articles is they are loadable also on very slow connection. To create instant articles, you will have to login facebook and select facebook page, claim URL and then create and submit article. Usually within 24-48 hrs articles are reviewed and approved by Facebook.

    Facebook also provide revenue, if ads are sold with published content through Facebook Audience Network. You can also sell your ads, video ads etc. For approval of this program you will have to submit at least 50 articles.

  • This is also an article publishing platform like any other platform. But the advantage here is the site is a very well known and famous site where many viewers will be visiting the site and reading the articles. So your articles may get many views and give you good clicks. More clicks mean more revenue from the site to the author. Another advantage there is your article will get approved very fast. I understand that loading on this site is very easy and you will be guided from one step to the other step and it will be very easy for you to place the articles.

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