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  • Why Indian Athletes are backing in the World Athletic Championship?

    Have a query about the backing of Indian athletes in the world Athletic Championships? Searching for the reasons for the reasons here? No worries, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the answers for this question and understand the reasons for backing.

    The world Athletic Championship finished Yesterday. The Americans won as Champions in the medal tally with 29 medals. They got 14 Gold, 11 Silver and 4 Bronz medals. The Runner-up was Keniya with 11 medals (5G, 2S & 4B) and the 2nd runner-up was Jamaika with 11 medals (3G, 5S & 3). China was in 4th place and Ethiopia bagged 5th place with 8 Medals. (2G, 5S & 1B).
    Why are Indian athletes backed with 0 medals? The 2nd, 3rd and 5th place holders are well known for poverty. The sports lovers in India are very unhappy with the performance of our Athletes. We can say our mixed relay team finished in the 7th possession but they have opened their best timing in their performance and qualified for the Olympics.

    What will be the problems with our Athletes? and how can we overcome this tragic condition?

    Some rising stars in our Athletic Team: Our 4x400 relay women team, Annu Rani (Jawline), M.P.Jabir (400m Hurdles, Avinash Sablay (3000m Steeplechase)
    We got only 3 points. 7th position of Mixed Relay (2pts) and Annu Rani's 8th position (1pt.)
    We are in the 54th position.
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  • Any sports or athletic activity will be taken up by our youths when they see that there are good career options in that. What for a person does hard work, basically for money, fame and self satisfaction. Many countries in the world have given sports and athletics as a preferred area in the national policies and the have created very good infrastructure and facilities for the people to learn it from the student level itself. They take playing or performing in athletics as a matter of pride and work very hard to see that their country gets the gold medal. They also get good remuneration for their performances. So if athletics is to be made a focus area in our national sports policies then only we can hope that the people will be attracted to it. We are number two in the world in terms of the population but we hardly achieve 1% of the total medals in the international sports and athletic arena.

    Though India is also encouraging the students for athletics and there are many Govt schemes to promote the good sportsmen but still we are far behind in this respect then the advanced countries. I will like to summarise some key points where improvement is required and then only we can hope for betterment in this area.

    1. Providing top world class facilities to the athletes for practicing and learning new skills in a particular activity.

    2. The athletes are to be paid a good remuneration either through the advertisement money or Govt funds.

    3. Awareness of these activities is to be created in the masses so that people see the athletics program whenever our athletes are performing or our team is playing.

    4. Bringing sports culture in schools and work places by making the relevant provisions in these places and people participating in athletics should be properly awarded.

    5. Suitable media and TV coverage for these activities so that people know who are our prospective sportsmen.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The first and the important reason I think is basically Indians are more inclined towards cricket. In India Cricket is having a very good fan following and the young people from their initial stages start thinking of cricket and may not concentrate on any other sports events.
    Another point is the government is also not creating good infrastructure in the country for the other sports to come up in our country. Encouragement for people who wanted to practice other sports is not as good as for cricket.
    Our education system never gives importance to extra circular activities and the least importance is given. At the same parents are also more worried about the ranks and the marks than mastering the games. So students are not able to concentrate more on games and sports.

    always confident

  • Though there are many progressive countries supporting the games and it is due to intense passions of the youths to promote the games and as such youths are seen active in Volley ball. Basket - ball, Foot - balls, Cricket etc. Even the Governments of such countries offer numerous incentives to,encourage the participants to take active parts in the games, they would like choose for fulfilling their passions or want to make careers in a particular Athlete.
    In India, the case is somewhat disappointing due to our indifferent approaches in respect of games.
    There are certain corners in India where we find active players in the areas of playing Crickets, Footballs but the participants are less in numbers. Hence we need to reinforce certain means to augment the intersts of the players in the different games -
    1) Every school must have a philosophy to arouse the interest of the players in the different games such as Footballs, Crickets, Hockey etc. Each game must have a separate teacher and his responsibility would be arouse interest in the minds of pupils.
    2) The teachers of the respective games would encourage team formations among the interested pupils. Both the theoretical and practical sessions of such games are to be included. In the theoretical session, teachers should dwell on light of the origin of the games, its past players with glorious records and their qualities enabling them to succeed.
    3) The Central - government should sanction adequate funds so as to reach the schools or Atheletic - teams formed by the youths.
    4) In the jobs of Public - sectors or in the central - government jobs, enough concessions should be given to players apart from the relevant skills of the aspirants for a particular job.
    5) Parents should stimulate their kids to take parts in games actively and their moral support would create a favourable impacts within the minds of pupils.

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