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  • How to change Google Adsense code in my profile

    Want to know how to change google Adsense code in ISC profile? Looking out for answers to change the profile? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you the correct answer, whether you or the webmaster or the editor has the right to do so.

    I want to change my Google Adsense code on my ISC profile. I have another Adsense account which I want to integrate with ISC and remove the old one.

    I did not find the way to do it, can anyone help me with this. Can it be done on my own or the webmaster or editor have the right to do so?

    Kindly guide.
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  • There are a few articles written by our members that can help you to change your Google Adsense code on your ISC profile. I have provided you the link that can help you solve your problem.
    1. How to change Hosted Adsense Account to Normal Adsense Account? by Hafeezur Rahman.

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  • I think you can do the same with the below procedure. I hope that you need to change the old code to a new code, as I understood from the question.
    For this, you need to "Import old ad code" to to the new code by replacing it. Once you know the old ad code, need to sign in your adsence account. You have to click on "my ads" button and then you can see the "content" section. Under that, you can see" add units". The right side then you can see as "Import old ad code" button. Press that button. then you will direct to another page.
    In this page, in the centre, you can paste your old add. Also in the top left side, you need to create a new AdSense unit name. Then press the "import" button in the left bottom side. Finally, Replace the old code in your pages with the newly generated code and publish your site to see the new ads.

    Hope by this can be solve your issue.


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