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  • How to make money from Facebook by uploading videos?

    Interested in making revenue through video uploads on Facebook? Want to know the eligibility criteria, and the detailed procedure to become a publisher? Find responses from experts here on this ISC page.

    Can any one please explain what is the feature of Facebook to get paid by uploading videos?
    Is it for everyone or some other criteria is there for eligible?
    Do we need to become any publisher or can upload video as personal Facebook user?
    How to become eligible and what are the procedure to apply for becoming video publisher in Facebook?
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  • In Facebook there is a program known as 'ad breaks' in which advertisements are inserted in the videos and Facebook earns money from it. So, if a user is uploading videos in Facebook with ad breaks then he can also get benefit from this in monetary form.

    Let us see what is the eligibility for earning money from video uploading in Facebook. One should be above the age of 18 and convert his profile to a page where a particular video format can be easily uploaded. Facebook will explain to you how this conversion is to be carried out. The videos have to be at least 3 minutes duration. One should have a good traffic to ones videos and that is the main thing that will help in monetising it. As per Facebook one should have at least 30000, 1 minute views in the last 60 days. One should have at least 10000 followers in that page where videos are being uploaded.

    Once the videos are of high quality and content, the traffic will increase as Facebook has so many users who are addicted to seeing videos in the popular pages. One thing to remember is that there are a variety of videos on different subjects in the Facebook and it is already crowded much. So a newcomer should select one existing theme where much crowd is not there or select a new and novel theme for ones videos which can help in attracting users to it.

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  • Nowadays everyone is trying their hand in earning by blogs, videos and news through social media like youtube, facebook, etc. In order to make money from Facebook by uploading videos there are certain criteria that one need to understand and follow:
    - You must be above 18 years of age to legally open a facebook account.
    - You need to have at least 10,000 followers, likes and 30,000 viewers in the last 60days. The more the better you earn
    -Your video must be watched at least 1 minute. The shorter view won't be counted, say even 59 seconds won't be treated in the watched list.
    -Your account must be at least 90 days old and it has to be an active account.
    -You should comply with the policy, terms, condition and Share authentic content.
    -Try to drive traffic to your blog/videos by posting links to your friends.
    -Make your video go viral, this will fetch more money.
    - Through Facebook Program called Facebook Watch. In this, You Can Earn On Facebook Through Video Ads.

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