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  • Is Duck Egg good for Cholesterol?

    Looking out for cholesterol free foods? Want to know if duck eggs are cholesterol free? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you he correct advice.

    I came to know that eating some fruits like Banana, Avacado, Orange, Apple can help lower bad cholesterol. Some vegetable beans, potato, cucumber having more fiber contents that can reduce cholesterol.

    Then what about eggs?. Is Duck Egg good for Cholesterol?
    Please help me with this regard.
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  • Duck - eggs are slightly bigger than the Chickens ones but in terms of benifits Duck - eggs are superior in many ways. Some of the points are listed below -
    1) Duck - eggs are the store - house of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A and Vitamin D.
    2) It is enriched with high quantity of Omega - 3 fatty Acid.
    3) Because of its larger content, containing high Protien, one may feel full Belley for a prolonged time.
    Duck - eggs contain high amounts of Cholesterol because of its larger size of Yolks than the Chicken ones.

  • Anyway, you asked the cholesterol content in Eggs. So I will give a comparison between chicken egg and Duck egg.
    We can openly tell the cholesterol content in the duck egg is three-time more than Chicken egg. One Chicken egg has a Cholesterol content of 211mg and one Duck egg has a Cholesterol content of 619mg. But here you have to calculate normally the duck egg is bigger than a chicken egg.


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  • Duck egg is not good from cholesterol point of view as 1 duck egg contains almost 3 times the cholesterol in comparison to the normal hen egg. From fat consideration also duck eggs contain almost 2 times fat than that of normal egg. Only good thing with duck eggs is high quantity of protein and omega fatty acids. So those who need high protein diet can go for it.

    There are some other advantages of Duck eggs. They remain fresher for longer times mainly due to their thick shells. They have more albumin in them so are a good choice for making cakes etc. Some people have allergy from hen eggs, they can switch to the duck egg.

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  • Duck eggs are very nutritious and having high amount od protein, vitamins and mineral content than the normal chicken eggs. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of consuming duck eggs are given below:

    1. They are bigger than chicken eggs due to containing high yolk protein hence are high energy source. Due to larger quantity of yolk they are enriched in high fat and cholesterol.
    2. They have a slightly different taste, people who cannot eat chicken eggs they can like their taste.
    3. They remains fresh for long times due to thick shell.
    4. They are having almost double nutritional value than normal chicken eggs.
    5. They contain more Omega 3 fatty acids i.e. good for healthy bones, skin and brain also reduce inflammation.
    6. They have a high amount of vitamins viz. Vitamin A(almost 2 times more than chicken egg), Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 Vitamin D (almost 6 times more than chicken egg), Vitamin E(almost 3 times more than chicken egg) etc. maintain healthy bone and skins.
    7. They are also rich in essential minerals like zinc, copper, potassium, selenium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and calcium etc.

    1. The main disadvantage with these eggs is they are having high amount yolk due to which having higher fat and cholesterol than normal chicken eggs.
    2. Due to high fat and cholesterol (almost double), they may cause various disease like obesity, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, vascular disease, stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis etc.
    3. They are mostly suitable for people who are taking rich protein diet (ketogenic diet) and doing heavy exercises.
    4. A duck egg is having 620mg cholesterol that is almost double than the standard requirement of 300 mg per day.

    If anybody is suffering from high cholesterol problem, he can avoid these eggs due to high cholesterol content or can consume white part of egg(having less amount of cholesterol).

  • All you need to know about duck eggs are already given by most of the members, I would like to add few more to the answer apart from the common ones:
    i. The duck egg(7") is bigger than a chicken egg(5") in size and in weight duck egg(70g) as compared to chicken egg(50g).
    ii. A duck egg has twice the amount of omega-3, about 3 grams more protein per egg, more calories, and nutrition per gram compared to chicken eggs.
    iii. The duck eggs taste similar to chicken eggs.
    iv. Find below the complete nutrition chart of 1nos. duck egg:
    -Calories - 130
    -Total fat - 9.64g (Saturated fat -2.58g and trans fat -0g)
    -Total Carbohydrate - 1.01g (Sugar - 0.65g and dietary fiber - 0g)
    -Cholesterol - 619mg
    -Sodium - 102mg
    -Potassium - 155.4mg
    -Protein - 8.97g
    -Vitamin A - 9% , Calcium - 4% and iron - 15%

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