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  • Is Diabetes a life style problem or a disease?

    Having a query regarding diabetes? Searching for medical advice to know if diabetes is a lifestyle problem? No worries, find advice for your queries here.

    In many articles written by reputed authors Diabetes is mentioned as a disease but I have heard it is a life style problem.
    Getting rid of Diabetes is a remote chance however changing from sedimentary lifestyle it may be possible to control the diabetes, is it true? If so, how?
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  • In fact, Diabetes is not a disease or rather may be termed as Life - style disorder. Entire metabolism of the body is affected with the onset of disorder causing a high prevalence of glucose - level within the system. However, the Gestational - diabetes is a rare exception with which a pregnant lady may suffer on her way to motherhood and once she delivers the child, the disease disappears.
    But in other cases such as Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2, it calls for precautionary steps to be taken in the regulation of glucose level involving body - exercise, strict diet - regimen, avoidance of sugary items and avoidance of excess stress.
    A diet containing less Carbohydrate, non inclusion of sugar, Protiens rich diets and inclusion of raw Tomtoes, Onion, Cucumber may check the surge of sugar - level.
    This is one of the aspects and then brisk walking if followed both morning and evening for a session of 45 minutes would help in stabilising the sugar - level apart from reduction of some - weight, conducive in cases of Diabetes.
    Sleep is the essential condition to allow the Insulin hormone to work.
    All the conditions illustrated above are the indications of the same being Life - style disorder.
    Yes, this disorder can be tackled effectively with the active life - style.
    To control this disorder, you may take up the following actions -
    1) Start your morning with gulping down two glasses of mild hot water added with juice of Lemon.
    2) Go in the brisk walking for at least 45 minutes.
    3) Take one tea - spoon of goose - berry powder followed by 1/4 tea- spoon of Curcumin powder in it and consume this concoction in empty stomach.
    4) You may take Aloe- Vera juice as per advice of Vaidya.
    5) Apple Cider Vinegar if consumed roughly one tea - spoon prior to meal can control Diabetes effectively.
    6) Approach the Endocronoligist if the Fasting Blood Sugar and Post Prandial Sugar exceeds 110ml/ dl and 140 ml / dl respectively for the better prescription of medicines.

  • Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the blood sugar levels increase alarmingly and create many problems in the body like heart disease, heart stroke, kidney failure, foot ulcers and damage to the eyes. This is a deadly disease and is to be arrested in the early phases from medicines as well as life style changes. This is also known as a life style disorder also. Diabetes is prevalent in whole the world. There are various types of diabetes and these distinguishable forms are known as type 1, type 2, type 3, neonatal diabetes and gestational diabetes.

    Diabetes is a disorder which can be managed and controlled to great extent with life style factors which are very crucial to delay its onset and progression. Many persons with diabetes remain undiagnosed in the early stages and they know its severity only when it starts affecting the body parts like heart, kidney and eyes. Generally the sufferer will have frequent urination and increased thirst and hunger in this diabetic condition.

    Genetic abnormalities of insulin gene affect the quantity of insulin (hypoglycaemic hormone) being produced by pancreas. This in turn affects the regulation of plasma glucose and diabetes conditions are manifested. Sometimes insulin is made normally but body does not take it into consideration which means it does not respond to it. Both of these are diabetic conditions.

    Controlling and managing diabetes with lifestyle is a very important aspect of diabetes treatment and consists of following steps -

    1. Diabetic education and self management - This is the knowledge and awareness about the disorder and managing it. One should know what are the elements of diabetic management.

    2. Choosing healthy and low calorie foods.

    3. Regular exercises.

    4. Recognising the symptoms and understanding the necessary medication.

    5. Managing stress and avoiding stressful situations in life.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Diabetes is a complex and chronic metabolic disease it has affected millions of people globally.
    This disease is more related to life style and if you remain sedentary for longer time it will increase risk of getting obese and diabetic. Number of diabetic patients is being increased day by day not only in other countries but also in India.

    In present days, diabetes is very common. The main reason of increasing diabetes is obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Also most of the person remains undiagnosed during early phase. Diabetes are of many types such as Type I, Type II, Type III , Neonatal and gestational diabetes etc.

    But all of these are not caused due to sedentary lifestyle. In fact, the main form of diabetes related to this sedentary life style is Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is most common and covers more than 90% of total diabetic patients. It is caused by insulin resistance and insulin deficiency. It usually occurs in obese people older than 30 years of age.

    Uncontrolled diabetes may leads to more severe conditions like blindness, kidney failure, eye damage, foot ulcer and heart disease etc.

    Lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes:
    Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, it is impossible to cure it. But some lifestyle change may reduce the risk of diabetes upto 50%. One should follows :
    1. Maintain balanced weight
    2. Eat healthy diet (low carb diet)
    3. Avoid junk food
    4. Increase fibrous food
    5. Drink enough water
    6. Regular physical activity and exercise (about 1 hours daily)
    7. Yoga and meditation may also help.
    8. Blood pressure and cholesterol level should be kept under control
    9. Avoid smoke and alcohol.
    10. Routine blood sugar checkup.

  • I feel that diabetes is neither a lifestyle problem nor a disease. It is purely inherited from the forefathers or elders of the family. My father was having diabetes and he inherited from his father. Likewise, I and my two brothers are also having type 2 diabetes patients and are regularly taking treatment. But one need not fear the onset of this disease as there are many homemade remedies and of course medicines available to control diabetes. Having control over the intake of food, and having food at short intervals and taking medicines regularly will keep the health going and one would be cheerful for ever.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Diabetes is not a disease in the sense that it is not caused by any external cause like germs, bacteriaor virus or some foreign material.
    Hence , as there is no exact outside cause there is not exact cure also. Diabetes occur due to the incapacity or lessened capcity of the body to digest and absorb sugar- this is the basic thing to know. Our body becomes weak or ill due to imbalaqnce due to deficit or over exertion of the body parts-internal or external.
    In Diabetes the bdy is not producing sufficient insulin to 'digest' the sugars or is resisting that. A While modern medicin reasons it to non-production or lack of production of insulin or insulinresistance too, Ayurveda reaons it to be the imbalance of the Thridoshas-Vaata, Piththa or Kapha.
    The treatment or management of Diabetes i thus based on those presumptions. Allopathy manages it by giving medicine that encourages or supports body to produce sufficient insulin or to reduce insulin resistance. To have an effective result one should adjust lifestyles also, ike eating ,drinking habits and physical activity.

    In Ayurveda the doctor diagnoses the cause of the dibates as caused by Vaata ,or Pitha or Kapha imbalance and thengives medicines to correct the imbalance. Here also there need "Pathya' or lifestyule adjustments by avoidingcertain foods and activities and increasing certain other foods and activities.

    As it is known that medicnes alone cannot have full effect and result in the long run and a proper life stle adjustmnt is needed,; and it is alo know that Diabetes can be prevented by taking proper lifestyle changes in advance,Diabetes is taken as a lifestyle disease only.

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