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  • What Is Credit Transfer and is it valid for UPSC(IAS) exam?

    Facing a query regarding the eligibility for UPSC-IAS exam? Looking out for information regarding credit transfer and its validity? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you with suggestions for your query.

    I am currently a student of B.Sc. (PCM) in Dr. BR Ambedkar University Agra . I have completed 1st Year in 2017 and then failed in 2nd year . Now I want to change my university to Subharti University Meerut. Can I go through credit transfer to admit in 2nd year directly in Subharti university?
    And is it a valid degree for UPSC (IAS) exam?
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  • Though Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is already in use and existing in our country in many institutions but the credit transfer system for movement of students from one college to other has not been incorporated fully by UGC. It is hoped that the credit transfer system will also be applicable soon so that any student can move from one institution to another and take degree from the latter one only.

    In your case it does not seem possible. One thing which I can suggest in this situation is that you go with your credentials whatever you have till now like the mark sheet of the I year and syllabus covered so far and with all this go to the institute or college where you want to take admission. Let them see it and if they say that it is all right then you leave the present college and join in the new one. This is the only way that there might be some success in the problem solving.

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  • CBCS is not fully implemented and the system of credit transfer from one college to the other college to the students is not implemented fully. It may take some more time to get this facility fully operational. Till such time there is no chance for this system. There is no chance for you in this case.

    What I suggest is better complete your degree from the same university where presently you are admitted. That will make things easy for you. You can concentrate on your studies and clear your backlogs before you complete your third year. Give a thought to this.

    Otherwise, you have to go for a migration certificate from the present university to the other university where you want to get admitted. Contact the college where you want to get admitted. Take his consent and then go as per their advice.

    Once you complete your graduation if other things match this degree will also be recognised for UPSC examinations.

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  • Credit transfer system has not been operative fully under the UGC system and hence your marks and other pending papers cannot be transferred from the existing college to the other one you want to continue studies further.
    The best option would be to concentrate on your studies with a single minded devotion so as to clear the papers within the stipulated time.
    If at all you are not satisfied with the present arrangement, you need to procure the Migration - certificate from the existing university to join a fresh college not covered within the same university and in that case, you will have to start your course a fresh.

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