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  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) for home security purpose

    Planning to secure home using CCTV cameras? Confused about the specifications, numbers, ere to shop and the budget requirements? No worries, here you can check out the advice from experts and decide how and where to purchase and install the CCTV system.

    We know that closed-circuit television(CCTV) is a video surveillance system used for monitoring, surveillance and security purposes of home, office, building and grounds security. My friend has his native house which is usually closed and now he would like to install CCTV for its security. The house is a 1 storey building with an open terrace in Thrissur, Kerala. He is not that tech-savvy and would like to know more about it. Some of his doubts are:
    a) How many cameras should he opt to cover all the 4 directions and 1 inside the house, maybe in the hall(common)?
    b) Is it good to order at the local shop or online?
    c) What is the normal resolution required for good video capture and what all parts are required for basic CCTV configuration?
    d) What should be the budget for the basic configuration and installation of CCTV?
    e) Which company provides good CCTV products and services in Chalakudy, Kerala?
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  • CCTV is a very good online vigilance machine these days. Many people are using this facility for security purpose. These days the CCTV can be connected to your smartphone and you can see online wherever you are.

    There are many companies offering this facility. Some are given below.
    1. Their products are CCTV & Video Cameras/Microphones. This is a USA based company.
    2. Their products are CCTV cameras. This is a UK based Company.
    3. Their Products are CCTV cameras. This is a Delhi based company.
    4. Their products are CCTV Cameras/Fire Alarms. This is a Texas-based company.
    5. Their products are Telecoms/Automation/Surveillance Systems. This is a Delhi based Organisation
    6. Their products are CCTV Cameras. This is a Canada based company
    7. Their products are Audio & Video Surveillance Systems. This is a USA based company.
    8. Their products are CCTV Cameras. This is a Chiana based company.
    9. Their products are CCTV Cameras. This company is a UK based company. All electronics products. This is a Canada based company.

    You can refer the URL "" for all the details you are asking for.

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  • A CCTV camera consists of a video camera, a recorder and a display unit to see the recorded images. There are different varieties and quality of these gadgets and one can choose as per one's requirement and budget. These cameras work in the night also having special lenses to collect the minimum light available. The point wise answer to the queries are -

    a) Generally 3 cameras are sufficient for a house. One in the front side capturing any activity at the main gate or its side pillars. Second in the back side covering the fence or door whatever be the case. Third is inside the hall focussing on the main door. This is bare minimum but those who keep valuable in the house a fourth one might be needed.

    b) If you are going for branded one then online is also a good option as the repair will be done by the authorised centre otherwise the local shop would be a better option as you can call them for all sort of repairs easily and as per your convenience.

    c) Generally one should go for a resolution of at least 720p and beyond that the cost will increase. The other parts used are power cabling and signal cabling to all the cameras and connectors to the recorder and the display unit.

    d) The budget will have to be kept somewhere in the range Rs 15000 to 25000 depending on the configuration one chooses.

    e) The following good companies are there in Chalakudy area, Kerala (last two are in Thrissur area) :
    (i) Proxy Chip Technology
    Address: City Heights Opposite private bus stand, South Chalakudy, Kerala 680307
    Phone: 091888 15085
    (ii) Lumizon
    Address: Chalakudy-Vellikulangara Rd, Chalakudy, Kerala 680721
    Phone: 085475 53311
    (iii) Axtek elv-Solutions
    Address: North Chalakudy, Kerala 680307
    Phone: 0480 270 9298
    (iv) Lakshya Security Systems
    Address: 29/586, A-24, 2nd Floor, Sree Lakshmi Building, Shoranur Road, Thrissur, Kerala 680022
    Phone: 095267 54555
    (v) 3rd Eye cctv installation
    Address: Variyath Plaza, Marar Rd, Thrissur, Kerala 680004
    Phone: 098951 43466

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  • The requirement given is to cover all the four sides of the house and inside the house preferably in the hall. The overall requirement is 5 cameras. A CCTV Surveillance system consists of the required number of cameras with night vision, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Hard Disk, Switch Mode Power Supply, Copper cable, and other necessary accessories. Coming to the points raised,

    a). 5 numbers of cameras of 2 M.P. resolution are required. The cameras are broadly classified as bullet cameras and dome cameras. Bullet Cameras are useful for outdoor whereas Dome cameras are used indoors. 4 numbers of bullet cameras and one dome camera will be sufficient. 1 TB hard disk is preferable for recording. The DVR should be 4 or 8 channel one depending on the number of cameras used.
    b). It is better to purchase locally as they will give a warranty and replace them when necessary. Online they may be cheap but service may become a problem as the system may require maintenance from time to time. The person installing the system will give free service for a certain period of time.
    c). I recommend 2 MP cameras with night vision.
    d). The budget may be anywhere between Rs 18000/ to Rs 20000/' It may be even more depending upon the actual conditions of installation.

    Find out the CCTV dealers in the area and get quotations. The rates for the same brand vary from shop to shop. Bargain and get the best.

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