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  • Is alternative of Google AdSense?

    Want to blog and earn money online? Need more information regarding the difference between using Adsense versus Resolve yuor confusion by checking out the responses from ISC experts here.

    How is different from Google AdSense for blogger to earn money?
    Can we use it as Google AdSense or taboola has different feature?
    Which is better among taboola and AdSense?
    Does taboola increase traffic to the blog?
    Can we use both taboola and AdSense for same blog or website?
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  • Adsense and Taboola both earn money from the advertisements seen by the users and surfers in the internet but there are some subtle differences in their modalities of operations. In Adsense the advertisements will pop up in the bloggers area and depending upon how many people come to view it or click it will determine the sharable revenue for that particular blogger. It provides a covenient way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense places the advertisements based on the content and visitors. The advertisers who want to promote their products pay money to Google Adsense.

    In Taboola it will present boxes in the bottom page of the online news portal or other important such site. These boxes will proclaim like "Recommended For You" and/or "Around the Web". Taboola claims that with its specialised algorithm it finds out what the user likes and diverts him to those pages or sites which help the user to get more similar material. So, Taboola is basically for the content publishers who want that the users should view more articles on the same site or in other sites to achieve referral traffic which also is a source of revenue.

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  • 1. The criterion for becoming a part of Google AdSense is to have a website. This site should be posting quality content posted regularly. The site use of any language that is supported by Google. The website should abide by all the rules and regulations of Google AdSense to sustain its membership in the network. The sites should not have any adult content, violence, racial intolerance etc.
    Taboola insists publishers for a minimum 1 million monthly page views. The publisher has to sign an NDA agreement once the minimum traffic has arrived.

    2. AdSense offers revenue to publishers from 50 to 65 % of revenue realised. Taboola shares 50% revenue with the publishers.

    3. Google AdSense delivers very high-quality ads of all its brand advertisers. This is the main issue which makes this the best programme. The ads from Taboola are of good quality; Taboola has a strong regional advertiser base

    4. AdSense gives a monthly payment. They transfer through cheque, Western Union, EFT and Rapida. The minimum payout is USD 100. Publishers in Taboola network are paid once they have USD 100 in their accounts. They pay a direct deposit through Payoneer to Indian publishers.

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