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  • Requirement to create a blog related to healthy eating and wellness.

    Interested in writing a blog on healthy eating and wellness? Wondering if it is possible to write the blog if one does not have any certificate or degree on the subject? On this page ISC experts shall provide you with the correct suggestions to proceed with blogging.

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    Many create blogs of their passion, interests without a certificate or degree related to the subject.

    But, In case if someone is interested in creating a blog related to healthy eating and wellness, does he need to have certificate or degree related to that subject? Since it is about health, eating etc..

    I am posting this here to clear the doubt regarding this. Your valuable suggestions are appreciated.
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  • You do not need a medical or any other type of certificate for writing a blog on health and wellness matters but it is expected that you have read about the subject well and now presenting the things in your own ways. Everything about health, eating and wellness is documented in concerned books, periodicals and of course in internet and what you are doing is that you are putting them in your words in your blog. You can also document some of your natural experiments done by you on some test cases and their results and advise the readers to try them. If your presentation skills are better than others people will come to your blog and eventually you can have a good traffic to it. There are also commercial angles to it as one can monetise the traffic through schemes like Adsense or similar ones. So that is the basics of how a person can write in his blog in the subject he is interested.

    Let us now come to the second part of it. When you write a blog on these subjects that is health, eating and wellness than on each of your blog some comments will come. If people comment that you have done a mistake in your blog and mentioned a fake thing or wrong prescription then others will also read it and soon the blog will lose the traffic it received earlier and that will lead to the slow death of the blog. So what is to be done to avoid it? The simple answer is give authentic and reliable knowledge and date in your blogs. If you have a doubt show it in bold letters and tell the readers that you are not sure of that and that is still under research. Be honest and share only what is authentic and dependable. That will only help you to progress ahead. So there is no certificate required for writing a blog on these important subjects but the surfers and visitors who put comments in your blog will give a certificate to whether the material uploaded by you is of value to them or it is worthless. You have to think in those lines while preparing a good quality blog on these subjects.

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  • Yes, you can go ahead with your venture ie writing your own views in a blog. It does not any qualification or a certificate before putting down your ideas in your blog. You need to ensure that contents written in the form of blogs are lucid, representing highly informative and ultimately the readers would find the same interesting from the knowledge angle.
    Traffic will be even more if the posted blog is liked by the raiders and ultimately they find helpful in strengthening their knowledge.
    However, caution is required to be taken while writing blogs in the sense that there is no wrong entry whatsoever so as to have a detrimental effects on the mind of readers.
    Now let us discuss separately how your views relating to health, wellness and eating are going to influence the mind of readers. Readers are not totally ignorant on the subjects discussed in your blog, they may have fair ideas on the related topic and any representation from your end appearing coercive or wrongly interpreted will have adverse impact in your reputation. Such a stage would be dangerous causing less traffic in the subsequent time. This would be a kind of the natural death of your passion and as such ensure that your writing is free from such deviations.

  • As far as the blog is concerned, you need not be a certified person but there are some basic things that one needs to keep the blog moving and they are :
    - Need to have a good command of the language in which you are writing with good presentable content.
    - Select the métier that suits your interests.
    - Choose a name that is catchy and suited to the content that you prefer to present.
    - Try to go cover the major aspects of a topic that will attract people.
    - Do your research on content before publishing it.
    - Always provide accurate, true and right content.
    - Use photos, diagrams, graphs to present facts and data. This will help for better understanding.
    - Start with the best content in which you are strong as this will help you have a good base or foundation.
    - There are many topics in healthy eating and wellness like exercise, fitness, weight loss, weight gain, diet plans, foods (vegetarian, non-vegetarian, junk, soft drinks, etc), food for certain patients, etc and you can keep on adding contents.
    - Do keep an interaction section wherein people can give their likes, preferences and content they are looking for which can help you write more.
    - Always proof-read your writing before posting to give error-free content.
    - As you are keen on writing or starting a blog on healthy eating and wellness, always cross-check your content with professional, online or books regarding the content.

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  • I would suggest you to go forward and I would request you to master well on the topics before you write in a blog. Anything you write in a blog is usually read by many people across the world and the information you provide should be genuine and something which is proved scientifically specially if your writing something related to health.

    I would further suggest you to take up some professional certification course so that your passion is authenticated with some certification

    All the best

  • Healthcare blog weightage will be given if the blogger or writer or answer from Medical Professional than a normal person or a patient.

    Regarding Healthy, eating and wellness, this is a general topic, anybody can reasonably give the answer that won't harm. For example, Avocado or Prunes intake suggestion given to someone won't harm them. Daily walking or swimming suggestion given won't harm other. It will be better if the answer comes from the Doctor or Healthcare professional in case the question is more than general one.

    In general, Ortho specialist can answer about ENT query but the answer from ENT specialist on ENT will be far better. By considering this, specialists differs though they are certified on healthcare only. Likewise, non-medical people can write or answer about the general health question without certificate or Degree too as long as it doesn't' go beyond the point that Specialist only can taking care of.

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