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  • Confusion about eligibility for AKTU exams

    Are you studying for BTech exams? Worried about how to handle backs in various subjects? Know the correct eligibility criteria for appearing for exams and also clearing previous subjects here.

    I have 2 backs in 1st semester of AKTU BTech exams and missed my 2nd semester all 4 subjects due to health issues. Now my 3rd semester exams are coming in December.
    Can I sit for 3rd semester exams and also clear my previous subjects? And what is the procedure for it?
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  • Backlogs or arrears are a big hindrance in the progress of the student. Theoretically speaking there should not be a single backlog but it so happens at times that things are out of our hands and we land in such situations. Now in your case many arrears are accumulated so you have to see how many you will be able to clear in the next attempt. What I will suggest is go for all of them and work hard to clear them. I do not think that there is any restriction as to how many you can attempt. It is your calibre and capacity. You must work hard and try to clear them at one go or may be in extreme case in two attempts that is by the time you appear for your 4th semester.

    Why I am insisting for this is that the campus recruitment companies will not consider the students if they have some backlogs and you will miss a great job opportunity and remain with the left out lot in the campus. This is the time that you have to mobilise all your mental energies to study hard and clear the arrears at an earliest.

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  • Yes, you can appear the 3rd semesters but it would be better on your own interest to clear the back logs to a maximum number of papers atone go. However, there is no restriction of number of attempts in clearing the backlogs other than the undue stress crippling your mind.
    Under such situation, follow the following tips so as to clear your backlog papers -
    1) Make an attempt to clear the entire backlog at one go. In your case, it is altogether six papers including 1 st semester and the 2 nd one.
    2) You may take suggestion of your senior colleagues or your professors connected with your professors to know the means how best the same can be tackled. Follow the guidance offered by them in this regard.
    3) There should be a different time - slot for the preparation of backlog papers from the papers of 3 rd semester.
    4) Devoting your time equally to the backlogs and the papers of 3 rd semester, you can succeed with your meticulous preparation.
    5) Even if you fail in some papers at the first instance, that would be still manageable in the subsequent time.
    6) Ensure that no backlogs are pending when you are at the seventh semester. This is the oppurtune time when companies are dropping in the college - campus for the campus - recruitment. Your chances of selection would multiply in the event of no backlog papers.

  • Yes, you can give 3rd semester exams and also give 6 backs of 1st and 2nd semesters. You can give all 6 back exams all together or any 2-3 as per your convenience. Now you will have to study and work very hard so that all exams will get cleared this time. Otherwise, there is no restriction on how many attempt for clearing backlogs.
    Now coming to the procedure:
    1. Procedure for back exam is very simple. Just fill form and submit with requisite fee within prescribed time.
    2. For clearing exams you should study all syllabus of concerned paper of 1st and 2nd semester. If you have more problems and doubts in any subject, you can take guidance from teachers and your seniors.
    For 3rd semester you should attend regular classes and understand course thoroughly. You should not skip any internal exam. These will also help you in preparation and improve your score.
    Try to clear all backlogs before last semester. However, it will not gave any impact on campus placement.

  • Before you complete your B.Tech course you should complete all backlogs and then only you will be awarded the degree. You are in 3rd semester as on date. You have 2 backlogs in the first semester and 4 backlogs in the 2nd semester. You can attend all these backlog examinations with your 3rd-semester examinations. All semester examinations will not be held at the same time and you will have sufficient time to complete them.

    Even though we work hard some times these issues will come. Don't get demotivated. Focus and studies concentrate on all the subjects. Allocate sufficient time to each subject and try to complete all the subjects at one go. If you have some doubts you can get it clarified from your classmates who are good in that subject or your seniors or your faculty. Never hesitate to clarify your doubts. Don't wait till the last moment. Complete the study and wait for the examinations. Hard work and focus are the two important issues which are very necessary for such concentration.

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  • As per your query of being able to sit for the 3rd-semester exams are coming in December, I think the time for filling the examination form for the current period might have already finished, if not, kindly contact the college exam cell for the filling of the application form. Some of the common criteria followed by engineering college or university are:
    i) A student can only keep 6 papers in 1 year to move forward or get promoted to the next academic year i.ei not more than 4 theory subjects and 2 practical/ project subjects on the basis of combined result of both semester examinations of a particular academic year.
    ii) As per clause 8.4, The pass marks in each theory subject (including sessional marks if any) should be 40%.
    iii) As per clause 8.5, The pass marks in a project/practical subject (including sessional marks if any) should be 50%.
    iv) As per clause 8.7, The pass marks in Seminar, Industrial Training and Educational Tour, Viva etc, should be 50%.
    v) As per clause 9.2, A candidate should satisfy the requirement of clauses 8.4, 8.5 & 8.7, he/she will be eligible for provisional promotion with Allowed to keep terms (ATKT). He/she can choose up to a maximum of any four theory papers of that particular academic year as per his/her choice to pass the examination of that year.

    As you have 2 backlog in 1st semester and 4 subjects of 2nd-semester, it makes a total of 6 subjects of the first year and now in 3ed-semester, you may have more 4 papers to appear. That makes a total of 10 Papers. As per my understanding, you have a backlog due to your health issue and if you try well, you will be able to clear your back log in this attempt itself. Please focus to clear as many papers as you can and try to clear your 1st and 2nd-semester papers during your 3rd or 4th-semester attempt as many universities do not allow a backlog of 1st year(1st and 2nd semester) to carry forward to 5th semester or 3rd year. This can make you have a one year gap.

    Try to clear your backlog at the earliest as this will help you score good marks in your coming semesters and get a preference for campus selection. Please note that many companies do not entertain more than 2 Allowed to keep terms (ATKT) in a year and this will take away your golden opportunity of getting into the best company of your choice. Try hard and all the best for your coming exam.

    You can even go through the circular fro the AKTU regarding examination, promotion, carryover system, etc:

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