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  • Appearing in Intermediate exam twice but passed in only one

    Can a person appear for intermediate exam twice if failed once and proceed with reattempt ? Are such dual certificates legal? Find answers from experts for this query on this ISC page and understand the legality.

    One of my cousin has appeared in Intermediate exam in 2000 from one college but couldn't pass. Then he took admission in another college as regular student and re-appeared as ex student from previous college in 2001. Because of health issue he couldn't complete that exam and also failed again. Later he appeared as regular student from second college and succeeded in 2002. Now he is working in a reputed MNC but someone told him that dual certificates are not legal. Now he is worried about it. So, is his certificate legal or not?
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  • I think there is absolutely no problem in this case. A student has attempted the exam many times but did not pass so he did not get a pass certificate for that. It is a normal thing. You have mentioned that in his last attempt in 2002 he passed the exam so he must have received the pass mark sheet and certificate for that. So this certificate is the only one that he has for passing the intermediate. Where is the question of dual certification here.

    If someone passes the intermediate exam and again appears in it and again passes and gets a second pass certificate then that is called dual certification. In your case there is nothing like that and there is no ambiguity.

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  • I think there is some confusion about dual certificate. Why you are saying it dual certificate? The candidate passed intermediate exam only in 2002. And in his previous attempts done during 2000 & 2001 he was failed. So he should have only one marksheet and passed certificate. Keep aside old failed certificates from your documents. Passed exam certificate and marksheet will only be considered as final. There is no question of dual certificate. So don't worry and be confident.

  • In your case, your passing of intermediate examination in 2002, cannot be a dual certification of your Intermediate - examination. Your two attempts made in the year 2000 and 2001 went in vain because of your failure to pass the examination.
    Mind it a failed student cannot procure a certificate unless one clears the entire papers of the examination.
    Since you have succeeded in the year 2002 for the said examination and have been rewarded for that attempt only with a valid certificate and hence no ambiguity arises.

  • From your question, it appears that you had joined two college for completing your intermediate and due to various reasons, you could not clear your exams that was in 2000 and 2001. In 2002, you again applied to another college as a regular student and succeeded. This is a good note that you tried hard to clear your intermediate and has come out with flying color. Some thought that comes to my mind :
    - One cannot join a college unless you submit your original mark sheet and leaving certificate(LC) and I think you have canceled your admission from your previous college before taking admission to another college.
    - As you have taken your original mark sheet and leaving certificate(LC), you are no longer a student of that college and your candidature stands canceled.
    - When you apply to a new college, you are appearing a fresh student and with new registration number. So when you cleared your exam in 2002 from that college, you have appeared as a new student and hence your certificate stands valid.

    As you are working in an MNC and having fear of getting fired due to dual certificates, be assured that you have a genuine certificate from the recognised board/university and thus it is valid. You can be sure to produce it to the company for verification.

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  • Where is the question of dual certificates? Your cousin appeared in Intermediate exam in 2000 from one college and failed. Then he got admitted into another college as a student and studied regularly. While studying there he appeared for the failed subjects but couldn't pass in those examinations also. Then he appeared in 2002 examinations as a regular student from another college and passed the examination. That means he passed the exam in 2002 and that certificate is the only certificate he had. There is no confusion. His certificate is valid by all means.

    Now he is already working in an MNC. Did they not check the certificates when he joined there? Once he is joined there and working there, there will not be any question of verification. Even they verify also there is no problem. I know people who passed the examination but appeared for improvement and the best out of the two they kept and cancelled the other one.

    Let your cousin not worry about these unnecessary issues. Let him concentrate on his career and go up on the ladder there.

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  • As far as possible when you reveal the hall ticket number of the particular exam, it gives all details of the candidate and that is what happening in Hyderabad. Even for higher education and another purpose, the basic 10th class exam memo is taken as the proof for the age and date of birth, and Intermediate memo as the proof for a step towards higher education purpose. Even for applying to student bus pass the Intermediate exam hall ticket number is asked to prove the candidature and not duplicated. Therefore it is imperative, to tell the truth during the interview time so that MNC officials would understand the case.

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