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  • College not giving AKTU ERP account details

    Unable to fill exam forms due to unawareness of ERP log in details? Wondering how to avoid taking readmission and yet fill the exam form? On this page our Experts shall provide you with answers to your questions.

    My college is not giving me ERP AKTU login details saying that the ERP account is made after you have passed in first year and telling me to take readmission? I have a fail status with COP in 6 subjects. What should I do?

    Is there any other way I can find the details of ERP account so that I can fill my exam forms?
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  • AKTU-University has developed this tool. This can be used by the students and the way of using it is easy.
    By using this tool all the students can access their profile anytime. They can fill their enrollment-form. A student can manage everything by using this tool. Then can fill the examination-form also.

    Every student will have a roll number. This will be the user ID. The passed will be the roll number and @ after the roll number. This is what I understand from the website of the University. You can try this if you know your roll number. if it is not working request the college once again. If still, they say no, go to the controller of examinations of the university or correspond directly with him and explain the problem to him. They will do the needful. There will not be any necessity of getting readmitted.

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  • ERP is the enrollment for ATKU and it is the tool of the university that helps students to access their AKTU student profile and can be managed by the student through this portal like online-attendance, filling examination-form, etc. Every student can enrol for the login and password in the portal and normally, your AKTU university roll call is your user ID and roll call with at the rate(@) at the end is your login password. This is the standard formate for all students registered under ATKU and you can try this way to enter your profile.

    There was a circular of 15 April 2016 from the university stating that the username and password are normally emailed to the registered email address that a student provide during the application period. You can check for the same in your email inbox, spam or trash box. If it happened that you have not received it, you need to send your email id along with college phone number on the college letterhead duly signed by the college authorities. It needs to be addressed controller of Examination(COE) ATKU and send the email at You can even contact Mr Devbrat Upadhyay on +91 8004914131 in between 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday.

    You can check the circular from the link:

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  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) is not giving you a copy of your ERP (enrolment credentials) citing that you have not passed in the current exam. This may be a procedural part. So, even if you take out it from online using your username and password then what use it will be for you. You have not told the purpose for which it is required. You are an old student and for you it will not be a readmission but reappearing in the exam. Find out what is the procedure of arrears clearing in your institution and accordingly reappear in the exam. You take admission in the second year and then appear for the new papers as well as your arrears (backlogs). That is the modus operandi followed in most of the institutions and why your institute is insisting you for readmission is not understood. You better take your guardians to the principal for getting clarity in the matter.

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  • Enterprise Resource Planning software is a system to manage accounts, fee collection and attendence and inventory management. For login in this system student has to login using user ID and password. User I'd will be your roll no. And roll no.@ will be your password. You can try login using these credentials. If these are not working then you can contact to university officials. Further, you are having COP in six, you should clear your backlogs first. For this you can take admission in next semester and clear your arrears.

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