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  • Did B.Com(computer applications).want to get IT job

    Aspiring to get an IT job? wondering what are the opportunities in the software sector and whether any specific courses are required for entry? No worries, on this page our experts shall respond to your query.

    I have completed graduation in B.Com(computer applications). I took Maths in inter.Now I want to do software job. Can I get opportunities for software jobs?
    I want to know what to do to get software job. Should I do any other course. I have some basic knowledge of core languages like C and java.
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  • Yes, you can definitely get a job in IT. On your question- "Should I do any other course", my answer would be "Yes" because specialization is very important in the broad field of IT. So, you have the options as under-

    1. As you are a graduate, you can pursue M.C.A. which is a core computer-based course and many institutes even offer good placements after completion.

    2. You can do a short term course in the core subject of your interest like C or Java or any other subject like animation, software development etc. This will give you in-depth knowledge and obviously a specialization to work. Some reputed and registered computer institutes also promise placements after these short term courses.


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  • You are already having a degree of B. Com ( Computer - application ) and this has enabled you to be familiar with the computer operating systems. But this alone would not be sufficient to land into the job of computer - professionals in a multinational companies.
    But definitely, you may get a job in a medium type of companies.
    Regarding your query whether you can take up any related course, my answer is affirmative.
    The options are indicated below-
    1) You can take up a regular MCA course from a reputed university. The course is of three year duration and you will be armoured with different application of Soft - wares. This could enhance your employability - status.
    2) Work in a medium - sized soft - ware companies and earn experience and later, you may join TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc on the basis of your graduation coupled with your experience.
    3) You may undertake short term specialised courses such as Java, Oracle, Red hat etc and passing out such certifications would provide you an edge over others in the job - market and you may fetch an attractive job in the field of Computers.

  • These days many software companies are preferring B.Sc/B.Com computer graduates for their works as they can pay less than what they pay to an engineer and the work turn out will be almost same as that of what they get from an Engineer.

    Companies like Infosys, TCS and Wipro are calling these graduates also for walk-in interviews. Many small and medium-sized IT companies are also looking for such graduates who are qualified in Computers in their degree. So be on the lookout in various newspapers and websites where the information about the walk-ins will be available.

    Concentrate on preparing for the interviews and farewell in the selection procedure. You will have a good chance.

    Coming to other qualifications, it is always better to have additional skills in addition to the degree. You can try doing some certificate courses in the institutes in the evenings. You can try SAP, ERP, languages like Oracle and java. These certificates will give you a better chance to get selected in the job.

    You do MCA or PG in computers but you have to study for a minimum of 2 years. So concentrate on doing some certificate courses and get into a job. Then you can think of doing PG or MCA.

    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • You have some basic knowledge of computers and software programs. Now you want to get a software job. Have you any idea what type of software job you are interested? Software has become a very big field and there are certain areas for working in which certain skills or trainings are required by an individual. So there are two options for you. The first is go for some diploma or certificate course and then try the job in that particular branch and second is go for a full fledged MCA degree and then decide where you want to apply for a software job. If you work hard and get good score in MCA there are ample chances for campus recruitment also for you.

    There is a common notion in the minds of the people that software job means writing a good code for executing a program and that is the end of it. Actually it is not like that. Software and computer applications is a very big arena and one has to focus in a particular stream in this lucrative job opportunity place. Now we will see one by one which are the prospective areas and where do we fit in the scheme of getting a good and interesting job.

    1. Software Engineering - This area requires a proficiency in Java, C++, software engineering skills and basic concepts of software development. This is basically a team work and one has to work in a group for certain software development projects.

    2. Digital Marketing - Today everyone has a smartphone on the go and big companies have realised the potential of advertising and marketing at that level on the screen of the handheld devices. This requires an online marketing effort and a software person has a big role in designing and executing the whole gamut of marketing framework in this emerging area.

    3. Animation and Web hosting - There are some opportunities in this line for working in the animation industry and use internet for hosting of domains and homes for the digital enthusiasts.

    4. Software testing and analysis - Many IT companies require qualified people to test and analyse the performance of the software programs before they are released for the commercial purposes. This is a very important and rigorous work and requires complete and satisfactory checking of a particular software or application.

    5. Mobile App Development - This area has also got good potential for job as everything is finally converging to the mobile apps. Main platforms are left behind in the desktops and everyone now wants an app for everything. So many companies are hiring the services of mobile app developers for making and maintaining their applications.

    6. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence - This is coming up as a big challenge for the IT industry as artificial intelligence is going to take the front seat in it. In this field a software expert has to make a synergy in various technical subjects to produce a robust AI machine and this field is still more futuristic one and experience will be a desirable thing to enter this area.

    7. Business Accounting and Taxation - As I mentioned earlier that your 'commerce' knowledge will not be wasted, here is now the opportunity to become a professional in accounting and taxation. The responsibilities will be payroll policies, SAP modules, financial statements etc.

    8. Networking and interfacing - This is not purely a software oriented area but one has to use the latest application and software programs for installation and networking of hybrid systems across an organisation. This is a speciality area and once experience is gained, it has a lot of potential for growth.

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