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  • How to treat the bleeding coloured clothes?

    Looking out for a solution to treat bleeding colored clothes? Want to know how to avoid stains on other clothes through some effective remedy? Check out this page for answers from experts and also understand how this treatment would differ for cotton and synthetic clothes.

    Sometimes we buy some new clothes especially dark coloured and when we wash them they start bleeding their colour which makes stains on the other accompanying clothes. This is a big problem as many times we do not know whether a particular cloth will give out its colour on washing or not. Generally such clothes are supposed to be washed separately.

    Is there any method or home remedy by which we can treat these clothes so that they do not give away their colour? Have you used any such method which has been effective in this situation. I was told that if the clothes are boiled for a few minutes in salt water they retain their colour and do not bleed. I tried but it did not work. If anyone have any information in this regard please share it. Is the treatment for cotton clothes and synthetic clothes same or different?
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  • Bleeding of the clothes can be arrested with the little precautions and some of tips to avert the stains are given below -
    1) Bleeding can be removed with the application of quality detergents such as usage of Surf Excel Liquid detergent. However, there should not be clubbing of other clothes.
    2) Soak the the new garment in the cold water dissolved with 2 table - spoon of Rock - salt in around 1 litre of water.
    3) If the rewashing does not remove stains, wash with cold water containing around 2 table - spoon of white - vinegar.
    4) Oxygen - bleach may be require to handle this issue.
    5) Some commercial - stains removing products are available in the market and these may be used to avoid the bleeding of the clothes.
    6) In order to avoid bleeding, separate washing of such clothes is required. Clubbing with other old cloths is not recommended.
    7) Always use cold water for washing purpose. Add around two table - spoon Rock - salt in the water prior to washing. Rock - salt would prevent from bleeding.

  • These days some colour fixatives are available in the market. Use one such item so that your fabric will not bleed. Rit Dye Fixative is one such item useful. These items are good for cotton fabrics. Try to wash all the similar colour fabrics using this fixative. You can use new and old clothes together but be careful that similar colour clothes are only treated together.

    Use normal water or cold water for cleaning the clothes. Hot water may increase colour bleeding. Use a detergent that can be used with cold water only.

    It is better to wash jeans separately as they have a heavy friction effect on the other normal clothes.

    When you wash jeans reduce the cleaning time so that friction will not be very high. Try to keep RPM of the machine also low.

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  • A cloth dye normally bleed when there is use of poor quality dye or incorrect dyeing technique during manufacturing.
    Some clothes bleed so rigorously that you can't control. Still it can be managed or fixed by using some traditional methods like :
    1. Use of salt in warm water and soak clothes for few hours.
    2. Use of distilled white vinegar in water and soak clothes for few hours can also work.
    3. Another method is mixing of ¼ cup of table salt and 1 cup vinegar in a bucket filled with water. Then soak clothes for 24 hrs. This salt and vinegar combination lock dye into the fabric.
    4. use of mild detergent
    5. You can try washing clothes with shampoo or Ezee
    6. Wash different clothes separately.
    7. Don't use hot water for cloth washing. Hot water washed out mordant(it holds dye) of the clothes.
    8. Washing of clothes with hard water may cause dye bleed.
    However, sometimes nothing of the traditional method doesn't work. But, now in markets several cloth color fixers are available. These color fixers are effective in maintaining color and shine of the clothes.
    1. Mahavir colour fix for clothes and garments is
    2. Retayne and Rit Dye Fixative
    3. Differ colour fixer
    4. Olinex colour fixer
    5. Sumero cloth color fixer
    6. Finex cloth color fixer
    7. Exact colour fixer

  • The best way to get rid of hard stains is to use lime which is a great cleaner of any kind of stains. Alternatively one can use petrol or kerosene to remove the stains. But in our house, we use the household shampoo to remove the hard stains and it works wonder. However, there are many products available in the market to remove the stains. But invariably I found that the households are simply engaging washermen to clean the hard stains in clothes and thus they are getting rid of such heavy worries or work. It all depends on the patience and interest of the households to deal with such problems.

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  • For bleeding color information is available in the above comments, but I have a very good tried solution to remove stains from the clothes , it may surprise many people.
    Apply harpic toilet cleaner on the stains and wash, you will be surprised to see the result. I have personally tried this many times.

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