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  • What is 6th sense IntelliSensor?

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    I bought one 265 liters double door 4-star Whirlpool refrigerator yesterday. There are some stickers on the refrigerator. Intellisense INVERTER technology, Intellifresh, 6th sense IntelliSensor are the notable ones.

    What 6th sense IntelliSensor means. Is it a technology that is only found in the Whirlpool refrigerator?

    Experts, please guide me in this regard.
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  • Yes. It is special technology adopted by the whirlpool and the technology is developed by the. Probably they may be in the process of getting a patent for this technology.

    Whirlpool sixth sense technology will enable your refrigerator to maintain the best storage temperatures inside the refrigerator. This model is a good model with less consumption of power. It will automatically get adjusted to the temperature for the food that is stored inside. Once you open the door the temperature inside will increase. This system allows chilled air into the areas where the temperature is high and brings down the temperature to the desired level five times faster than a fridge of the same company without sixth sense technology.

    This item generally, doesn't require defrosting. In this item, air will be circulated c around the storage area. This system will not allow forming ice inside.

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  • Whirlpool has adopted a new technology called IntelliSensor for use in its refrigerators. In reference to their refrigerators they call it as 6th Sense Deep Freeze technology. In fact they are using this technology in their refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers also.

    The IntelliSensor is a cost effective monitoring system working wirelessly and storing the temperature and door status information. Sensors transmit the data wirelessly to the nodal monitor known as IntelliGate. Whirlpool has trademarked the technology under this name and it is natural that anyone using the same technology can not use this trademark name. Anyway that is a commercial and legal aspect of the trademarks and patent practices.

    Whirpool has claimed that by using this technology the response of the machine is also quickened and ensures faster ice making. It also boasts of making crystal free ice cream because of this technology.

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  • Whirlpool has adopted a new technology called 6 th sense Deep Fridge for the better regulation of the temperature inside the fridge irrespective of the temperature of external environment. It has three Intellisensonsor efficient enough to detect the inner environment, adaptability to adjust the temperature in an efficient and restoration of the best temperature required inside the shell of the Fridge. Such a mechanism would draw lesser energy but this would provide faster cooling effect to all the compartments including the Deep Fridger.
    The same mechanism has been extended to their other products such as Washing Machines, Dishwasher apart from application of 6 th Sense in the fridge.
    The overhaul mechanism is cost - effective providing better adaptability of the lowest energy with the minimum energy consumption of electricity.
    This mechanism would ensure the achievement of the coldest temperature ensuring fast and crystal free ice - cream. This system maintains constant circulation of cold and fresh air inside the environment of the fridge so as to obtain uniform cooling and the total avoidance of hot spots.
    This would provide optimum freshness in the fridge eliminating the built up of germs and microbes.
    Whirlpool fridge provides double door mechanism for the better control of sense, adaptability and controlling the thermal regimen depending upon external and internal temperatures.
    Application of 6 th sense provides precise cooling giving a perfect freshness of the stuffs stored inside the fridge.

  • Whirpool India is come up with Neofresh double door refrigerators having inbuilt 6th sense IntelliSensor. 6th sense IntelliSensor is nothing but a new technology presented by the Whorpool. This is named as intelliSensor as it is intelligent enough to become accustomed itself to the varying temperatures. Actually it is a professional Refrigerator, which provides freshness that is powered by sense as well as intelligence. Not only delivering long lasting freshness but also has many inbuilt features like efficient cooling, etc. It decides itself that which temperature is ideal to keep fresh vegetables and fruits for upto 12 days as it preserves moistures contents.

    6th sense IntelliSensor's wireless monitoring system for storing and communicating temperature and door status information and unique Freshflow air system.
    It is also having some extra features like Intellisense Inverter Compressor which adjusts its cooling capacity as per the load inside the refrigerator hence reduces energy use. It produces low noise and vibration as compared to other models and also having a special feature of auto connect with inverter during power failure. It has DeepFreeze Technology that controls the cold air movement in the refrigerator ensures that your freezer reaches the coldest temperature in category thus ensuring fast ice and crystal-free ice-cream. This technology increases the speed and full circulation of cold air. It results in relatively faster Bottle Cooling and Ice Making. It also retain cooling up to 3 times during power cut. Its inbuilt MicroBlock Technology prevents the build-up of germs and microbes.As per the information available it is found in Whirlpool only.

  • Whirlpool refrigerators and their washing machines are world-class and constantly they are upgrading their product much to the delight of the users. The latest 6th sense IntelliSensor adds a feature to the already famous brand. What I observed from the new range refrigerator that it cools very faster, soundless and it automatically gets into one position and whenever the current or the power goes off, the ice cabinet will not turn in to watery that easily. Normally we find in other refrigerators that when the power goes off the ice cooling cabinet try to shed ice into water and that would prove additional work for the household to clean.

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