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  • Do you know about any gaming app or website by which you can earn money?

    Interested in online gaming? Are you searching for online gaming apps or websites? our ISC experts have provided suggestions to your query on this page which will help you to enjoy cricket, online.

    There are many gaming apps and websites, which will give you the chance to win money by playing games. Through this kind of thing, you will entertain yourself and also get some money.
    I would love to play cricket and I found a few apps regarding this.
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  • There are many apps and websites providing online gaming. Some of them are for hobby and some are paying money also. To get money, we have to register on the site and we need to add money to start. The main are card games like poker and rummy games.,,,,,,, etc. are some of the gaming websites. provides thousands of game information and this site is highly informative.

    There are many sites for playing card games also, like Rummy.

    Freeworld is a worldwide gaming web site which provides a variety of sports and games like adventure games, multiplayer games, arcade games, strategy games, action games, logic and puzzle games etc.

    Please note that many states in India have banned the cash games. So pay the add on cash only after checking for such information.

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  • There are a lot of websites to make money by playing games online. Playing Games for entertainment and stress reduction is great. We can play online games when traveling long distances or just boring. Not just rupees you can also get a voucher card like (Amazon Voucher Card) by playing online games. Some online gaming sites conduct competitions. Awards are also given to the winners of the competitions

    Let me tell you a few sites where you can play online

    1. Rummy game online.

    Anyone who knows to play the card game very well can play and earn cash. Junglee Rummy, Rummycircle, Rummy millionaire, Rummy bazzi, Silkrummy are some of the main rummy online sites.

    13 card Points rummy, 21 card points rummy, 13 card pool rummy, 13 card deals rummy are the main card games you can play. we can participate in tournaments also.

    We have to follow the rules and regulations of the rummy providers for the withdrawal of money.


    Some of the States in India restricts cash gaming like rummy. When we open the site, the alert will show which are the states banned the cash games

    2. Pogo

    Pogo game is a great place to play online games. Puzzle games, Word games, and Card games, sports games, family games are the main games on Pogo. We can participate in tournaments and can earn cash.

    3. Casino Games

    One of the best online game sites in India is Casino. Slots, Blackjack, card games, Dice games are some of the interesting games we can choose.

    4. Swagbucks

    The other website which pays money for playing is Swagbucks. This website offers some paid surveys. If you work on swagbuck you can make extra money.


  • There are many websites which will offer you money for opening their website and playing games. There are sites which will never ask you to put any many and just simply by playing you may win. The following are some of the sites where you can play and earn money.

    1. Swagbucks: This website offers money for doing work on their site. They pay money if you play online games on this site. They will pay for other activities also like watching Videos. shopping and searching. You can log in and start playing on this. No investment is required from your side.

    2. INboxDollars: On this web site also you can play games and earn. You just. It will offer you varieties of games. You can play without putting any money from your side. You can make good money based on the time you spend and the skill you acquire after playing initially for some time.

    3. Pogo: This is a site which offers exciting games which can be played easily and chances of getting addicted to those game are more. But once you sign, you will be asked to watch advertisements on their web and they will give you some token for viewing those advertisements, By using these coupons you can start playing after five days of your sign in.

    4. Paid Game Player: To sign in on this website you must be aged above 18 years. There are more than 500 games on this site. You can earn money by playing the games you like on this site. Some of the games you can play on this site are a casino, puzzle games, arcade games etc.

    5.Bingo Mania: On this site, you can earn some money by playing Bingo online. This site will have different varieties of Bingo games. Only people who are interested in different Bingo games can try this site.

    6. Gamesville: Many people love this site as it is a very well known game playing site. Initially, you will get some GV rewards. Then you can exchange your GV rewards into cash and prizes. There are some competitions which will directly offer you cash rewards instead of GV rewards.

    7. GSN Cash Games: Word games, arcade, card, strategy, puzzles and other types of games are available on this site, that appeal to online gamers. You can practice playing on the site before you start participating in the competition. The chances of winning are higher on this site as they choose the players of almost the same skill against you as your competitor.

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  • There are some activities in the internet which are like playing a game or something akin like doing a survey, reviewing a product and all are basically dumb activities where no creativity is expected from the side of the player except to engage in those propositions and play or do survey and in the process the site will share some revenue with you as you have viewed their promotions, advertisements and other business activities which have become more popular as you joined the league of the visitors and become a regular player if a steady stream of money starts pouring in. Please remember that money making is not an easy thing that the sites will give you some money just for playing. Actually it is a part of big set up of digital advertising and promotional campaigns that big business companies are paying to these sites and they are passing on a small amount to the people like you or us.

    With that background there are definitely some places where one can pass ones leisure time to earn some extra bucks. The methodology is same everywhere you have to be there for some time and do some playing or assessment activity while they will show you all type of promotions and on the screen attractions so that if you find something useful you order for it and be a spender for the online business entities. Playing game will also be going on and you will be made aware about so many products, services, avenues to spend, avenues to earn also, new engagements etc etc. Curious and adventurous people will be drawn to those indulgences and the site may get advantage in terms of traffic, views and things like that.

    Some of the interesting sites where one can go and try to play, assess, spend time and in the process share a part of the revenue are - Penalty Hero (a football game), Pogo (a bundle of free games), LaLaLoot (a slot machine), Swagbacks (surveys and promotions), Second Life (a virtual business convertible to real life currency), BingoZone (rolling the numbered balls and earning cash points), Exodus 3000 ( a survival game with awards), CashDazzle (spin a wheel type games), PCHgames (cash for winning the different games), Bitcoin Hunter (a treasure hunting for bit coins finally converted to real currency) and Qriket (spinning wheels).

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  • Few authors have already replied your query with the websites detail. Some of those websites have App link too. However, you need to sign up and add money for it to start the game. Mostly they are like a rummy type game where you may or may not win the prize instead losing it your share unless you are an expert.

    To be come expert, you have to lost in the beginning to learn and come back for a big shot. In case if you already know the game offline then you can move it accordingly in the online sources too.

    There are few 'online news' websites shows ad by playing such a rummy online, he/she earned huge amount with the life changing etc. No one sure about it unless we personally keep in touch with them to know the fact which is hard to get their contact detail first of all.

    So, if you are able to bear the lost in the beginning of the game then go ahead and learn to come back fast to win something out from there.

  • There are lot of websites attracting the people to earn some extra bucks by way of indulgence with different websites offering you some incentive in the form of coupons encashable in the Amazon, Pay - pal etc. In fact, such a passion of the people including the retired ones or housewives become irreversible in due course and finally this passion would turn into one's addiction.
    These websites earn a lot of money from the promoters of the games and they distribute the same to the players some pea - nut amount in order to keep them busy in their websites.
    There are different websites inviting you to play Rummy, Survey - campaign, Cash for winning different games, Viewing the advertisements displayed in the websites and earning some points regularly etc. A few sites offering you incentives for your indulgence are listed below -
    1) Inbox Dollars - This site allows the players to take parts in the different games and more you remain engaged in this site playing with the different games, more is the chance of earnings. However, this would require a set of skills and tricks making you familiar with the ways of winning the the games displayed in their sites.
    2) Global Test Market - This site offers you a lot of surveys of the different products offering you certain points for each completing of surveys ranging from 40 to 200 points depending upon the length of the survey. The points are redeemable upon attaining the threshold points in the form of Amazon - coupon, Pay - pal etc.
    3) Bingo Mania - This site allows the players to take active part in the Bingo games and earnings from this site is the function of your indulgence with the site.
    4) Swagbucks - This site would provide you money for the different activities available in this site such as playing games, witnessing the advertisements, Watching the videos etc. Taking parts on the paid surveys can offer you extra money for your passion.

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