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  • God Perumal in dream and I am getting married

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    I need advice. I dreamed like i am getting married with the one I love now in perumal temple. And I was wearing perumal ring in my finger, also am giving a picture to iyer and he accepted saying this is vishnu perumal Devi something like that. What it does mean?
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  • We will be thinking about some issues during our day time and the same be continued till you sleep. Even after you sleep your inner mind may be working on the same issue. It is very common. Such issues will come to us as dreams. Many times it happens to many of us. That gives us an indication that how strong our mind is working on that. I feel you are thinking about marrying the person with whom you are in love. You may be thinking about how to convince the parents of both the parties and what to do in case any one of them or both of them don't agree with the proposal. Those thoughts might have reflected in your dream.

    Anyhow it is good that the dream is giving a positive indication only and probably your love will be successful only. Some people believe that these dreams are giving some indications and they will act accordingly. Some will interpret your dream and make two decisions. One is that they will decide that they will get married in that temple what you have seen in your dream. The second one is to wear a ring with a picture of God on that. People who believe God may go for wearing such a ring and ask the second party also the same type of ring so that God will help them in getting married.

    All depends on the person and in my opinion, it is a good indication only and you can expect that the marriage will happen.

    always confident

  • Dreams are the manifestations of our desires and aspirations of our sub conscious mind. They will be depicting in myriad of ways sometimes related sometime not, sometimes relevant sometimes in bizarre patterns. It is difficult to make one to one correspondence between our real life problems and challenges and the dream sequences we go through. That is one reason why the expert psychologists can also not decipher the dreams correctly. Though some people claim that dreams can be interpreted but that is only to a first order approximation and sometimes nothing more than conjecturing. It is also seen that different people interpret dreams in different ways.

    Surprisingly, in hindu mythology, the dreams are interpreted in many peculiar ways and many times its interpretation for the real life was totally opposite of what we have seen in the dreams. I remember my grandma telling me, if I saw yummy eatable things in my dreams, that I may soon fall ill. So interpreting dream is a statistical prediction and can not be accurate more than the other statistical predictions whose success range hover in the 40-60% band only.

    In your case, your love and emotions have come up in your dream to that extent that you have seen marrying with the person under the blessings of Lord Perumal. There is nothing wrong in it and it only shows your deep rooted commitment and devotion for this relationship. So people will interpret this dream as the want of the person for each other but one can use it positively to turn that relationship in reality if there are no opposing or negative factors associated with it. As we do not know the circumstances of this relationship and the readiness of the parents and society for accepting it, we can not make any further suggestion in this regard. Taking the clue from the dream sequence you have to take a conscious decision in the matter. Use it constructively and positively in your life. Be your own interpreter. You know your circumstances better than any one else.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This is nothing but the manifestations of your unfulfilled desires and no activity escapes from mind. It may so happen that your viewing and your myriad thinking takes a back seat in your mind and this surfaces later in the form of dream.
    There will be different interpretations from the psycological angle and even the experts on this subject cannot interpret accurately the reason behind it and its final outcome.
    In your case, no negativity is seen in your love - relationship. You have witnessed the materialisation of the love - relationship which you are persuing. You are wearing a ring in the temple premises of Lord - Perumal and the same is indicative of your eagerness to have the blessing of Lord. To that extent, your dream is not suggesting any untoward happenings except the culmination of a positive happening but still it is in store.

  • As a human being, we have rights to dream big and dream differently from others. In your case, you might have got attracted to a temple and the deity there and that thought has been making rounds even during the dream. Like Andal of Srivalliputtur who dreamt of marrying Ranganatha of Sri Rangam, your dream also spun on the same lines. But Andal was in deep love with God and even wrote Tirupavai in praise of the Lord. So she getting the dream of God marrying her and even truly it may happen, but for the people like us, we can only enjoy such things in dreams and in reality we are there where we are. So take the dream lightly.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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  • Some people believe that dreams are random things while psychologists say that these are the unfulfilled desires in our life and come to us in our dreams just to remind us that this is the thing we wanted in our life. It is difficult to find the hidden meanings in these dreams but believing the theory of psychologists in this regard it is very likely that they are the depiction of the things we yearn for. So, in your case it is the attraction for the other person and it is in fact regulating this dream sequence.

    You can take it in a positive way and go ahead for that particular relationship with the blessings of the Perumal God.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • This is an interesting question. A dream can be many meanings but most of the times dreams are the thoughts happening in our inner mind. We have two minds with us. The first one is the direct one which we all know, our thought s and imaginations are storing in the real mind. But we have our inner mind where the unfulfilled dreams and thoughts filled there. As per the doctors and scientists who done many types of research on this particular subject, saying that dreams are happening in our inner mind when we sleep. When we sleep our inner mind will not fully sleep. The thoughts which stored in the inner mind will appear in the form of a dream.

    Dreams can be influenced by many factors like the food we eat, our health conditions, our daily activities, different thought on that particular day. Here you might have to think about your marriage in that particular day. Also, you did have thought about God Perumal for the wish or help of successful fulfilment of your marriage. Also you might have thought that you would look like and behave like a goddess. These thoughts affixed in your inner mind and which gone through there while you sleep.

    Anyway take this as a positive one and you will marry a good girl.


    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

  • Marriage is a emotional aspect and a priority decision in ones life and any matter related to it can trigger us to think too much. Sometimes dreams really come true and sometimes they are just which are not relevant. I would suggest you to just ignore it and think positive that you are marrying the one who you desire in dream too and just to satisfy yourself you can go to that particular devi temple and give a small pooja/ do archana along with your beloved.

  • You can have a choice of simply ignoring the dream or you can fimly believe that something good and positive is coming to you with Lord Perumal's blessing.
    As the second one is a relief giving choice, I suggest youto believ that your marriage will happen as you desired and deserve by Lord Perumal's blessing.
    To satisy yoursef you may keep in mind to visist a Vishnu(Balaji also) temple after your marriage and do some possible offering there.

    If you are believer of Perumal or Vishnu, you can start practicing chanting 'Vishnu Sahasranama" or 'Vishnu Ashtothara naama' which will be beneficial to you.

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