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  • Tracking of app usage history in mobile

    Wondering how to track app history usage on mobile? Searching for suggestions for apps which can do this function? Here, on this page you can check out the list of app and decide which one to use.

    I had faced a small issue while using my mobile it is regarding my privacy. I want to know: is there any app or source to find out what are the apps?
    I had used in the last 24 hrs showing time and name of the app used in my mobile so that I can find out any one using my mobile in my absence. I had seen apps which will capture the information after installing them but I want to know for previously used apps information? Is there any app or default app in android mobile?
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  • You can try as mentioned below.

    1. Open Phone Dialer app.
    2. Dial *#*#4636#*#*
    3 . After you type the last *, You'll see Phone Testing activity. you need not place a call or dial this number.
    4. go to Usage Statistics.
    5. Click on Usage Time, Select "Last time used".

    This method may work. But some devices may not respond to this

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  • There is an App named Quality time. It shows how much time you spend on your phone and it also gives details of daily time line report of apps used on your mobile. It also gives weekly usage report in form of chart which tells how many times you have unlocked your phone. Individual app alert can also be set. Time spend for app usage can be restricted by this app. App lock screen feature is also there. Overall it gives 6 months history for mobile and app usage. All usage information backed up in cloud. This app work on android phones . Download it from play store and install in your mobile.
    One more application, Free Web Analytics platform Matomo (Piwik) can also be used to track visits on mobile as well as desktop apps. It can track number of active users, duration of activity. Tracking of icon and buttons clicked can also be done. It also tracks number of times app opened, new users, active and total users. For this, you will have to install matomo and then create website and then set app name and other customizations.
    I think your query will got resolved.

  • Tracking of phone usage or app usage is one thing which many people will like to view in their phone and to address this problem some good apps have been made by the software enthusiasts and these are available in the Playstore or the original sites where they belong to. Some of these phone app usage apps are -

    1. QualityTime - This is one of the top apps in the market and gives a total analysis of the time spent using an app. One can put alerts also to intimate the phone owner if the limit of use crosses a predetermined threshold. There are many other settings like blocking the call and notifications etc.

    2. Space - This app is also good in monitoring the usage of the phone in all respect. This is being used by the people generally for monitoring the addiction of smartphone and how to keep alerts to divert attention to other tasks.

    3. AppUsage - This is a very good app and will remind you if you exceed the time allotted to use your smartphone. It gives detailed analysis of the phone and app used by the user at any time and presents the data in a pictorial view form.

    4. AppDetox - This is a good app especially for monitoring the children who use the phone left and right. It creates limits and alerts to remind to stop using the phone. It also helps in blocking some of the apps which waste your time due to their addictive nature.

    5. Social Fever - It gives simple reports on your usage of the phone in all the ways and tells you as how many times you unlocked it, used an app, called a friend and things like that. It is a popular app.

    6. OffTime - This is an app which helps us to track our time in phone for so many activities. One can limit the use of the phone by restricting the hours of usage. It can create specific profiles which can be blocked. It also gives detailed analysis of the usage.

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  • Here is what you can do to find out which apps were used on your phone in the last 24 hours or on a particular date:

    Steps to check the apps used in the previous 24 hours:
    1. Go to 'Settings' on your phone
    2. Click on 'Apps & Notifications' (or apps if your device show just that) to open the apps page on your phone
    3. The most recently used apps will show on top of the list, along with when they were used, as in how long back

    Do an advanced check for more details on the timeframe:
    1. Follow steps 1-3 as described above
    2. Click on 'see all Apps'
    3. You will see all the apps installed on your phone
    4. Click on the app you want to investigate
    5. Next check 'Advanced.'
    6. Select 'Time spent on the app.'
    7. A screen will open with the days of the month listed
    8. Select the day by date and check the usage
    9. You will be able to see the number of minutes spent on the app, listed against each day

  • Due to restriction of the unlimited data - plan,it would be better to track on tye part of the consumers to restrict their data usage so as to avoid the excessive overcharges.Andriod Smartphones provide the best apparatus making it easy to track the data - consumption.
    There are numerous ways to curtail the data usage without any strenuous effort.
    How to know your data - usage-
    The features applied in the data - usage are universal for all the versions of the operating - system. With the recent versions, you would be able to follow the process and can acess the information relating to your data consumption.
    The following procedures are to be followed-
    1) Open the setting apparatus.
    2) Tap Network and Internet - setting.
    3) Tap the data usage so that your data can be displayed for a particular period say for a month.
    4) Tap the mobile data so that it can be turned off from the data - collection.
    5) Locate the graph to change the point where you have been alerted regarding excess consumption.
    6) Turn on the toggle switch so as to restrict data - usage.
    7) Tap the billing cycle to fix the date of your monthly billing cycle of mobile plan setting. In that way, you can track data - usage.

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