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  • Seeking opinion on school education and age limit of my girl

    Have a query about the age limit for school education? Looking out for information here? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you with advice to understand the correct age limit for school education.

    My child is born on 31 october 2012. We joined her in nursery at the age of 2 years. As my husbands job demanded relocation, every year she studied in a different school.
    Now she got admission into IV standard as she is a quick learner by skipping III standard. I am worried about her future as she is in IV standard already and her age as of now is only 7 years.
    Also I would like to ask that if we have to save her past education details like TC from Nursery onwards. Kindly help me .
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  • 10th certificate, +2 certificate and TC from the school where your daughter studied 12th are required for getting admitted to any degree course. If she continues 10th and 12th classes in the same school. there is no necessity of TC after 10th class. Otherwise, TC from the school where he studied 10th class is required for getting her admitted into another school. Whenever she has to change her school. a transfer certificate is required from the school where she is coming out. Conduct certificate and DOB certificate are required. Caste certificate is required if any reservation is claimed under SC/ST/BC. It is better to keep all the certificates mentioned above for your daughter.

    The minimum age for appearing in CBSE Class 10th board examination is 14 years by the 1st October of that year in which students are pursuing his/her Class 10th. But your daughter may complete 13 years only when she will be in SSC. She may fall sort of one year. You have to apply for age exemption. But whether they consider it or not n can't be confirmed now. That will depend on the school and the board at that time.

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  • As per your indication of date of birth of your daughter, ie being 31 st October 2012 and her currently studying in class 4 suggests that she would fall short by a year, when she would be appearing for class ten Board Examination, where as the prescribed minimum age for the same is 14 years on 31 th October.
    In order to resolve this issue, better talk with the Principal of the school own the same could be resolved in an amicable way.
    Now the following are the conditions to be fulfilled so as to take admission in graduation
    1) Her passing certificates of both class ten and twelve.
    2) Tranfer certificate if attending class 10 and class 12 are from different schools.
    3) Charecter - certificate and DOB certificate are also required in connection with the admission procedure.

  • Age is not determined by CBSE board but department of education of the state or union territory in which school is located. Usually minimum age to be appear in secondary examination age should be minimum 14 year as of 31th December of the year of examination.
    As your child was born on 31 October 2012, she will attained age 13 years only and a child less than age of 14 is not allowed to be appear in 10th exam. So your daughter will also be not eligible to appear in 10th exam. Two option are there. Either wait for one year in order to be eligible for appearing in 10th exam or request for exemption in age to the principal of the school.

    For admission in next class you need to keep following documents ready like
    1. Previous class report card.
    2. Transfer certificate. It is required if you are taking admission in different school/ College.
    3. Character certificate.
    4. Caste certificate.
    5. Birth certificate / class 10th certificate as Date of Birth proof.

  • If the child is bright even then it is not essential to jump classes. Let the child learn and grow gradually and without haste. Any way this jumping will be problematic at a later stage as the age required to appear in the class 10 exam is at least 14 years completed and if it is falling short then the authorities will have to be approached for exemption and it is not easy to get that.

    In some states like Telangana they require complete 14 years age at the time of admission to class 10 itself. Of course, to some extent it will be depending upon which board she will be studying whether it is state board, CBSE or ISCE and like that and which part of the country. Most of the places to appear in class 10 exam it is 14 years complete only.

    Whenever the child moves from one educational institute to other the transfer certificate is required as a proof that the child was studying in the erstwhile institution. It is better to keep the TC as a record though only the last TC will be required by the new institution.

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  • According to primary education rules, a child has to go through the passing of each class from Nursery to tenth and then starts the college career, but there are some intelligent students whose grasping powers are good and superlative, there are some schools which give double promotion to a child and thus by virtue of that hike, the child would skip a class. So you need not worry and your child seems to be very intelligent and her memory power to understand the new class in a new school is superb. And you need not keep the records of every class pass out and regarding TC, it must be submitted to the subsequent classes to which she seeks the admission.

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