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  • Regarding the price of raw materials for B.Tech final year product.

    Planning to manufacture aluminium hybrid metal matrix? Want to know where to buy a specific alloy in Delhi? You can purchase the required raw material as per suggestions provided by ISC experts on this page.

    I am a mechanical Engg. final year student, pursuing my B.Tech from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University. As a project I am manufacturing Aluminium hybrid metal matrix.The major raw material required for it is 10kg Aluminium Alloy 6063. How much will it cost if bought from Chawri Bazaar, Delhi?
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  • Generally Aluminium alloy type 6063 comes in the shape of sheets having thickness range from half a millimetre to 8 millimetre. These sheets are having a length of 8 feet. These are used for the engineering purposes in various industries. They come in different shapes also like foil or rectangle pieces. One has to see as per the use or the design of the fabrication to be undertaken.

    Depending upon whether it is polished or not and its quality (purity of Aluminium) the rates will vary. Some manufacturers produce very high quality Aluminium alloy which will be a bit costly. In general the rates for the Aluminium 6063 grade will hover in the range of Rs 160 to 270 per Kg. It will also depend upon the quantity you are planning to purchase. If many students have to make an Aluminium frame or model for their project or assignment then it makes sense to club the purchase and ask the vendor for some discount on the bulk purchases.

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  • Cost of aluminium alloy 6063 is ranged between Rs.150 -230 per kg. You can buy it from anywhere including online and offline.
    Online website: You can place an order from here:
    1. India Mart

    If you want to buy it offline as you mentioned from chawri bazaar Delhi, so many aluminium sheet dealers are there. You can inquire. Contact numbers are provided below:

    1. R Kumar & Co.
    Address: 3602, Chawri bazaar, Near chawri bazaar metro station, Main bazaar, Delhi 110006
    Contact: 9152929332

    2. Super Trading Corporation
    Address: 3581, Kucha daya ram, Near Union Bank, Chawri Bazaar, Delhi 110006
    Contact: 011 23264181, 011 23241139, 011 23262485, 011 23240102, 9811394477, 99997221988

    Some other dealers are in Sadar Bazaar and pahar Ganj in Delhi. You can also inquire from them for comparative price.

    1. Kansal Metal Pvt. Ltd.
    Address: 2678,
    Sadar Thana Road, Opposite Madan Lal Halwai, Sadar Bazaar Delhi 110006
    Contact: 011 23544799, 8050205966, 9871456000, 9811079561

    2. Aluminium Trading Co.
    Address: 5/ 5 Deshbandhu Gupta Road, Near Mc Donalds, Pahar Ganj, Delhi 110055
    Contact: 011 23553149, 01123522048, 9810089775, 9310089775, 9310089774

    3. Ashish Metals
    Address: 10065-66 ST-1, Multani Dhanda, Near Punjab National Bank, Pahar Ganj, Delhi 110055
    Contact: 9883922219

    4. Helping hands
    Address: shop no. 5438, Basti Harphool Singh, Near Sadar police Station, Sadar Thana Road, Sadar Bazaar, Delhi 110006
    Contact: 9152253532

    5. Kedar Udhyog
    Address: 1/5432, Basti Harphool Singh, Near Aggarwal sweets, Sadar Bazaar, Delhi 110006
    Contact: 011 23677693, 011 23626919, 9811035822, 98188 92258, 8766363698

    6. Premier sales corporation
    Address: 3/8, Pahar Ganj, Delhi 110055
    Contact: 9152468862

    7. Maheshwari Co.
    Address: 5/2, Rajnigandha, DB Gupta Road, Near Mc Donalds, Pahar Ganj, Delhi 110055
    Contact: 011 23619933, 011 43520794, 9891300031, 9312252846

    8. Om Aluminium Udhyog
    Address: 4, MCD Building, DB Gupta Road, Opposite Pearl Hotel, Pahar Ganj, Delhi 110055
    Contact: 011 23587886, 011 23587887, 9810835516, 9871799926.

  • Alumunium - alloy 6063 is an alloy with the composition of Si and Mg and rest constituent are Iron, Copper, Nickel, Chromim in relatively lesser content.This offers good extrusion and weldable properties and can take any complex shape during its usage. Such alloys have high Weldeability charecterestics. Improved Heat - treatment would enhance its corrosion - resistance as well.
    Cost of Alumunium - alloy 6063 would vary from 170 - 250 Rs per kg in most of the shops in Delhi.
    List of shops from where you can have this Alumunium - alloy is indicated below-
    1) Maheswari Company
    Address - 5/2, Rajnigandha, DB Gupta Road, opposite Pearl Hotel, Paharganj, Delhi, 110055.
    2) Premier Sales Corporation,
    Address -
    3/8 Paharganj, Delhi - 110055.
    3) Kedar Udyog, Basti Harphhol Singh,
    Sadar Bazar, Delhi - 110006.
    4) Kansal Metal Private Ltd,
    Sadar Thane Road, Delhi- 110006.
    Yo can also search the websites offering you purchase from the online as well.

  • The aluminium sheet is very much available in India. There are many manufacturers in India. HINDALCO is one of such companies. This company manufactures all varieties of aluminium. 6063 is very commonly available commercial grade. It will be available in sheet form with various thicknesses. The rate will be between Rs.200/- to Rs.300/- including taxes. Getting this is not a very big problem in Delhi in the mentioned area.

    I feel you even need not purchase this sheet. You can contact a company in the line and go there and talk to them, they will give you free of cost also.

    In our company, we use a lot of aluminium. The students from Engineering college come to our organisation and work on their project in our factory for 3 or 4 months and make their project report. I think it will be possible for you also to proceed in that way. They are many mechanical industries in Delhi and it will be easy for you to come in to contact with a company and you can complete your project thereby utilising the facilities they have.

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