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  • Hackathon contest eligibility, pros and cons

    Have a query about the hackathon contests conducted by various software industries? Want to know the eligibility criteria and participation would help in w dancing the career? Check out this page where you can find answers from experts to understand the various aspects of hackathon.

    What are the advantage and disadvantages of Hackathon contest that are conducted offline by few Software Industries in few cities in India? What is the eligibility to apply and participate in these Hackathon contests? How it will be helpful in their career? Kindly describe.
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  • A hackathon is an activity to find out answers to the specific issues defined by the organiser of the event In this activity a team of people who are specialised in designs or developments or subject matter. This team has to come out with a solution within the defined time frame. The outcome should be acceptable to the organiser.

    This will help the participants in developing contacts and sharing their knowledge with others for mutual benefit.
    The physical or the offline version of this activity is very popular. These activities are being conducted by many software companies generally on the weekends.t Normally the time duration may go up to 24 hours. Some specific themes will be given for the hackathon by the Organisers. The participating teams solve problems and come out with solutions.

    An offline hackathon is one of the most popular, time tested and true form of programming challenges. This will be conducted in a mentioned venue. All the participants will gather at that place as per the programme and work together to find out an innovative solution to the problem mentioned. There will be knowledge sharing sessions and workshops also in this process. The Organisers will provide all the required tools and appliances.

    Companies use these activities to find out the young talent and may give them employment with them in a suitable area and suitable level. For the participants especially who are in search of a job these events are very useful to showcase their talent and get a chance for appointment also without going through tedious rounds of interviews. They will also come into contact with people who can help them in getting a good job also.

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  • Hackathon is a kind of competitive challenge and also called as codefest. In this challenge some problems are given to the participants. They used to solve these problems with their creativity, thinking, Knowledge and skills and by using software. These software applications are provided by the organisers.
    In hackathon, participants forms teams and solve the given coding challenge. In this programme, specific theme based video tutorials, related assignments, tests, quizzes, and various exercises are provided to participants. It is a time bound activity. Sometime duration may be from 24 to 48 hours. There are several types of hackathon organised by companies for recruitment purpose. These may be offline or online and sometimes a combination of both like a few phases of hackathon will be online and then selected candidates are called for onsite hackathon.
    Pros of hackathon
    1. It develop teamwork.
    2. It develops creativity.
    3. Knowledge sharing is also a part of hackathon.
    4. Candidates sets goal and achieve in a given time schedule. Hence, it also develop punctuality
    5. Learning new things, technology etc.
    6. You can get expert advice in your dream project.
    7. Hackathons organised by various companies provides jobs to job seekers.
    8. It also boost knowledge and skills of employees.
    9. You can also add hackathon experience ( if you have participated in) in your resume to make it more impressive.
    10. It is a fun.
    Cons of Hackathons
    1. It may be tiring as it involves full 1 or 2 days.
    2. Employee may or may not get promotion and bonus on the basis of this.
    3. Sometimes codes are useless.
    4. You may have to work under pressure or without any willingness.

  • Hackathon contests are organised by some software companies to hunt talents for appointment to executive posts in their offices. This is basically a problem solving exercise where a particular problem will be given to a group of the students who will try to solve it through a combined efforts. The company persons conducting the hakathon will simply observe the working of these students and then select the student who is performing best in devising a viable and affordable solution for the assumed riddles.

    Hakathon is one way to see the potential of the students in searching their own solutions to the given problem and they sometimes come up with strong solution to the given task. Any student in the final year of engineering is eligible to participate in these contests. Only thing is these contests run for a longer time and sometimes even in the band of 20-22 hours in the schedules. These contests are to be played by some of the people who have full confidence in their fighting spree in the challenging jobs.

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  • Hackathon is a kind of assessing the potentialities of individuals if assigned some assignments in the form of Quizs, Projects, testing the capabilities of the individuals in the Software modules. This provides the competitors a challenging environment and they can come out with their independent solutions if a set of questions are provided to them.
    The Software companies would provide some applications and they would work on it.
    Normally the MNC companies remain interested to test the skills of all such aspirants joking in the campaigns so that they may recruit some candidates passing out such tastes with the commendable performance.
    In fact, such tests are time consuming taking even 20 - 22 hrs and they need to make their own arrangements in relation to their foods and other facilities. The employers would provide the Internets and power to run the Internet.
    Candidates may be invited for the on line Hackathons though it may be off lines sometimes.
    Pros of Hackathons -
    1) It fosters creativity among the aspirants.
    2) The aspirants learn the team - work.
    3) They get plateforms to show their talents in the given assignments.
    4) The candidates know how best they can perform within the given time - slots.such environments can induce the sense of punctualities.
    5) Learning new project modules.
    6) Enrichment of knowledge with the team leaders comments and their expertise.
    7) Strenghening there skills of learning.
    8) You can incorporate your Hackathon - experience in the resumes being submitted to different MNC companies.
    Cons of Hackathons -
    1) The aspirants may get exhausted because of over- work. Sometimes, the work may stretch beyond 48 hours.
    2) There is no guarantee of your recognition in terms of your potentialities.
    3) You may loose interst in the midst of the assignment.

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