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  • Passing two intermediate certificates in different year & with one different subject

    I passed my first Intermediate exam with grace in 2005 with State Board. For the purpose of improvement of my performance I get re-admission in NIOS and passed in 2007, however, NIOS has facility to improvement of performance but due to lack of knowledge, I get re-admission. Now I have two Intermediate certificates in which I passed 4 common subjects in both certificates & one subject different. In further studies, I used second Intermediate i.e. NIOS board certificate.
    Now I am working in MNC always stressed about in this case.
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  • Why are you worried? What is the problem? What you did is very well in agreement with legality. Nothing wrong in your approach. You passed intermediate in 2005. You joined again and passed in 2007. Officially also your 2007 certificate is valid and you have used the same. You need not worry.

    Once you pass in 2007 with better marks, that is only valid and the other one will get cancelled. You have done a good thing by using 2007 certificate. That way nobody can question you. Already you are working with an MNC. Don't keep this certificate issue in mind, focus on your work, concentrate on the career growth and you will be successful.

    always confident

  • In your case, you should not remain in the state of ambiguity because of possessions of two intermediate certificates. Your first attempt was in the year 2005. However, you were not satisfied with your performance in the examination and as such you opted for undertaking the same in 2007 from NIOS with a view to improvement of your marks.
    Your step in this regard does not speak of any violation of the existing rule where in a candidate may opt for a reexamination in case he is not satisfied with the earlier performance.
    In your case, the results of the Intermediate - examination of 2007 would be treated valid because of your improved performance and the passing of your intermediate - examination in the earlier case in 2005 would be no more valid.
    Hence there is no cause for being stressed on this issue.
    You are working in a MNC company and so concentrate on the present job without worrying for the past issues. Exploit the means which could enhance your promotional - avenues.

  • This is a common practice to go for second intermediate certificate for improvement. There is nothing wrong, unethical or illegal in this approach. You are forgetting a fact that by doing that you had spent 2 more years of your valuable prime time when your class fellows were doing 2nd or 3rd year engineering or medical or some other professional course. So, you lost those 2 years only in improving your intermediate exam. No one on Earth is going to bother for that bad time in your life. Anyway, you have now got a job in a multi national company based on your improved performance in intermediate. This is really a good thing that now you have got a good career ahead. So this is not a time to be under stress and despair rather it is a time to concentrate and focus in ones work and rise in the career to the bright and spectacular levels. Remember there are many people who did not have any formal education and they left school around their high school times and today they are the big business tycoons in their business areas and have been recognised nationally as well as internationally. So do not worry for the past and focus for the well being and self progress in the future.

    Just to help you, I want to share a case of my friend who was a driver bringing coal and other mineral items from Jharkhand area to Delhi. It is a story about 30 years back when he got an idea that he can purchase his own truck by taking loan from banks and relatives and drive his own truck to make money through transporting items. Slowly he purchased another truck. He was a successful entrepreneur or lucky. today he is the owner of a transport company having hundreds of truck having an annual turnover of about Rs 150 crore. He has practiced speaking english also and is able to handle the highly qualified business people in India as well as around the world. Many magazines have published his story on the front page.

    So forget what you were in your past. What matters is what you are today and what is your ambition to become in future.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In my opinion there is no need to worry about it that you have two intermediate certificates in different year and with one different subject. Because there is nothing wrong in having a number of educational certificates and degrees. There are two things:
    1. You passed intermediate and got certificate in the year 2005. Then again, to improve performance, got readmission and passed intermediate in 2007. In this case your later intermediate certificate shall be valid and shall supersede the previous certificate.
    2. Secondly, you have got readmission in intermediate through NIOS. Hence, you have one regular certificate and another in open learning. It is quite common that some students reappear in high school or intermediate exams to qualify a particular subject. In your case, you have passed intermediate twice with one different subject. So keep your later certificate in your academic records.
    If any candidate is having certificates for a course more than one, only Board has rights to cancel a certificate or degree. I think your previous certificate might already get cancelled as you have passed it again through NIOS. And you have also mentioned that you are using 2007 certificate now. It is alright and no need to worry.

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