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  • Will UPSC accept court affidavit documents for problems in documents

    Is there any name mismatch in documents? Searching for detained information regarding the validity of court affidavit for UPSC? Find suggestions from experts here.

    In my all documents my surname does not tally with my parent's surname. I have done court affidavit.
    Will UPSC accept court affidavit for such documents problem or not?
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  • These days after getting the court affidavit, there are some actions you have to take? Did you take those actions?

    After getting the affidavit made the after actions to be completed will be generally, advised by the lawyer through whom you got your affidavit made. One has to take those actions also. You have to get this change notified in two newspapers. One in local language newspaper and the other is in the national paper of the English language. You keep the paper cuttings of those two notifications in your file.

    You have to get your name change published in the Gazette also. The procedure for this will be known to the lawyer. You get it from him. Anyhow, the procedure, in brief, is given for your ready reference. For government jobs, this is very much required.

    First of all, you call the Controller of the publication department and get a copy of the deed for a name change and get it ready. If you are not able to get the deed you can make a letter of declaration in which you have to mention the need for a change of name. Along with deed or the declaration letter, please attach the following.

    1. Original copies of advertisements published with the date in the newspapers.

    2. Two attested photographs

    3. Address and identity proofs. The address in this proofs must be the same that is mentioned in the affidavit and the paper advertisement. If it is different your application will be rejected.

    The application should be sent to the controller of Publication in registered post acknowledgement due. A copy of all the documents you are sending them should be kept with you. Keep the receipt of registered post given by the postal department and the acknowledgement received back with the receiver signature also with you. These will be useful to you show the certificate verification authorities that you have taken the required action and waiting for their reply. You have to pay the required for the same.

    Once the same is published you may get a copy of the gazette and it should be kept with you for reference. These actions are to be completed. A SImple affidavit may not serve the purpose. Please complete all the formalities.

    always confident

  • Generally at the time of making court affidavit your lawyer will tell you and help you in getting it published in the local newspaper and also apply for Gazette notification. The publishing of such crucial information in Gazette of Indian Govt is a traditional and legally bound practice and makes the change of name as authoritative one. If you have not done these formalities then you can again consult an agent for the same and he will do all the work related to this in your case. Once it is published in the gazette, you can take a copy of that to substantiate correctness of your educational credentials.

    Please remember that at the time of document verification the authorities will ask all these documentary evidences in support of your clarifications for the name change. So it is advised to get these things ready by that time.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Once you get a court - affidavit in relation to change of your surname, you will have to follow certain actions so that the same is legalised and finally accepted by the UPSC authorities. You need to take up the following actions -
    1) You will have to put a notification indicating the entire affidavit in the two newspapers one being leading English Newspaper and the other one representing a local Newspaper.
    2) You need to preserve the cuttings to be produced before the officials engaged for the document - verification.
    3) Two photocographs with your signature and having attestation of a gazetted officer.
    4) Address and Identity proof of your residence.
    In case of any doubt, you may meet your lawyer for the further clarification.

  • To get change in your surname, you will have to follow three step procedure.
    1. Firstly, you will have to make an affidavit in legal way and get it notarized by a Notary. You will have to mention in it your old name, father's name, your date of birth, address, and your changed surname. A proper non judicial stamp paper is to be used for this purpose.
    Language of the affidavit may be like this:
    I .......(name with old surname).....have changed my name from ......(old name)...... to ........(New name) affidavit sworn before the Public Notary, at .....(place).....on ........(date).......... Henceforth, I shall be known as .........(New name)........For all purpose in future.


    You will have to mention reason also behind name change.
    2. In the next step you will have to publish advertisement stating your name change in two newspapers I.e. one local and one of national repute. These newspapers must be on roll of Gazette of India.
    You will have to use the language of the affidavit for this purpose. Keep these newspaper clippings with you.
    3. In the third and last step, you will have to notify you name in the Gazette of India. Every State has its own Gazette. Visit a Gazette office either State or Central on any working day and fill up the form for the purpose and pay the requisite fee along with newspaper cutting and other documents like Date of Birth, address proof etc. After approval of application, usually changed surname will get published in Gazette within 8-10 weeks.
    After publication of changed name in Govt. Gazette, this procedure get completed. Now you can use your changed surname for all purpose and also change in all documents except academic documents.
    You will have to submit copy of Gazette notification along with educational documents.
    In UPSC you should submit the copy of Gazette having changed name published with the educational documents. Only court affidavit will not work.

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