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  • How to get rid of cough congestion

    Suffering from cough congestion in spite of doctor medication? Wondering how to get rid of this through effective home remedies or herbal methods? Check out this page and get answers for resolving your query.

    My bro is suffering from cough congestion / cold and not getting well soon even after Doctor prescription taken.
    How to get rid of cough congestion, cold or sinus etc.?
    Any home remedy?
    Any herbal method or some other suggestion to get rid of this?
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  • swasari pravahi is a cough syrup available in all patanjali stores which is good for cough of any type.
    you can do the following kashayam also:Take black pepper a spoonful and fry lightly without oil in a pan. After a minute fry, put one glass of water and get boiled well to the level of shrinking into half glass. you can add little sugar/jaggary if you need. Take three times a day you will find your cough vanished.

  • Formation of Cough and susceptibility to Cold are the manifestation of low immunity and to curb all these maladies, one has to strengthen the immunity - system. You may be benifited with the following tips-
    1) Guduchi - You may start taking Guduchi - powder roughly 2 GM each time twice daily along with some hot water. This being tridoshic in nature will eliminate your both cough and cold problems apart from strengthening your liver and entire body - system. You may use the same roughly for a month.
    2) Lemon and Honey combination - This dual combination if taken with Luke - warm water will alleviate you both the problems. Here Honey acts as antibiotics killing the germs of Bacterias responsible for cough and cold formation and the Lemon containing rich source of Vitamin C will enhance your immune - system.
    3) Sitopaladi Churna- Buy a bottle of Sitopaladi - churna made from a reputed pharmaceutical and take roughly one tea - spoon of the same with a little amount of Honey. You may use the same for at least twent days to get positive result. This powder contains a number of herbs such as Black - pepper, Bay - leave, Cloves, Mulethi etc which have the proven effects in alleviating the issues with which you are suffering from.
    4) Ginger - root- Clean a portion of Ginger - root thoroughly and boil the same in 100 ml of water till its volume reduces to half. Add half tea - spoon honey in it when the concoction is fairly warm. Consume the same twice daily for a couple of days so as to get permanent relief from these issues.
    5) Tulasi - It is an appropriate herb in taking care of your both Cough and Cold because of presence of Eugenol in it. Eugenol is known to kill the germicide of Cough and Honey too acts in the same direction because of its antibacterial, antifungus in nature.
    6) Mulethi - Chewing Mukethi twice daily will help you in expelling excess phelegm. Use this for at least a couple of days till your issues subside.
    7) Black - pepper powder if taken 1/4 th tea spoon coupled with 3 pieces of Cloves would provide you substantial relief from the cough and cold.Black pepper contains pepperazine acting towards killing the germs related to Cough.
    Use slightly warm - water for your daily consumption and avoid curd especially in the night.

  • This cough and congestion will be due to excess mucus formation in the lungs. Dust is the main culprit for this cough and congestion also. So the person who is suffering from this problem very frequently should wear a nose and mouth mask always when he goes outside or even when he is inside the house or office. This is a very good precaution one should take. Even though you are on medication if you don't do it, the problem will get repeated. It may be a little inconvenient but we should not avoid. Health is more important than all other accepts in our life.
    In addition to the above one can try the following.

    1. Hot liquids will give immediate relief from cough and congestion and this effect will remain for longer times. Warm water, decaffeinated black tea, green tea or herbal tea will give very good relief. These days Patanjali company is selling an ayurvedic tea powder by name Divya Peya. This is also like green tea. This is giving very good relief from cough. I tried this personally and very good improvement is there.

    2. Inhale the wet steam. Take boiling water in a vessel. Cover your face and the vessel with a towel or bedsheet. Keep the vessel as near as possible to your nose. Then start taking the steam inside through your nose by inhaling.
    Have a hot water bath also. Drink a glass of warm water after inhaling the steam. Some add a little Vicks Vapor rub in this boiling water to have a better effect.

    3. Take a glass of warm water and mix one teaspoon full of salt it that water and start gargling. Repeat the process many times.

    4. As per Ayurveda, Honey is very good medicine for cough and congestion. Pure honey will make the throat free. A tablespoon of honey once in 4 hours will give good relief from this cough problem. Don't take more quantity at a time. Take less quantity but more times. Otherwise, your legs will start paining.

    5. While sleeping or lying down keep your head at a higher position by keeping two pillows on one on the other and then another pillow perpendicular to the other two pillows. like +. This will make the mucus to flow down and your congestion may ease down.

    6. Essential oils like eucalyptus will help in bringing down cough and congestion. You can inhale these essential oils directly or can be used in a diffuser. The best way is to or add to the boiling water and steam can be inhaled as described above.

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  • Sometimes the cough and congestion spreads much in the throat, pharynx and lungs and the patient also gets fever due to it. It is believed that this type of infection attacks those who have a less immune power in their system and are allergic to pollen grains, dust and other such external things. Generally doctor will prescribe some antibiotics along with antipyretic and analgesic tablets. Please do not give medicines on your own and rather consult a doctor thoroughly.

    Many times the severe congestion remains for weeks before drying up completely and one feels inconvenient and feverish all the time. If the medicines do not help then one must go for blood test to exclude other possibilities like Malaria, Chickengunia, Dengue, Pneumonia etc.

    Hot water sipping and salt hot water gargles are one of the common remedies used by people and give a lot of relief to the patient. Sipping hot water intermittently also helps. One should avoid chillies and strong spices. It is also suggested to refrain from cold like ice or cool drink and also to refrain from oily and greasy items. One has to take care not to drench in the rains. It is very important.

    There are many home remedies in such condition and most of them are made by boiling the remedial material in water and sipping the concoction. Some of the commonly used items for preparing the concoction are Ginger, Pepper, Honey, Thyme, Marshmallow root, Bromelain etc. These can be taken in tea form also. One important precaution is that the patient in such condition should not do exerting jobs as that will prolong the illness further. Body should be given sufficient rest to cope up and fight with the ailment.

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  • Many people catch Colds during winter or when season changes and these are caused by viruses and not bacteria. most common virus is the rhinoviruses and thus antibiotics don't work to treat a cold. One can catch a cold if you have a weak immune system or when someone who's infected or has a cough or cold sneezes or coughs and saliva droplets containing the virus catches you through the air. The virus can get into your body when the person with the virus touches you or you touch the things that were touched by the infected person like phones, toys, bottles, etc.

    Few remedies you can try to make you comfortable are:
    1. Relax and take rest to give our body enough time to recover.
    2. Drink more fluid(water, juice, etc). The fluids will help in thinning the mucus and ease congestion and also prevents headaches and fatigue due to dehydration. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks as they will dehydrate you more.
    3. Drink hot beverages like tea, water, herbal tea, etc as it will ease cold symptoms as well as sore throat and fatigue.
    4. Gargle with saltwater i.e. a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon salt in a glass of water. You can try it a few times a day. The saltwater will give relief from swelling and loosens mucus. You can even try strepsils( throat lozenges) to relieve discomfort and throat infections in the mouth.
    5. You can try a hot shower or use a vaporizer or humidifier in your room while you sleep to ease congestion. The steam will help to moisten the scratchy nose and throat as well as loosen the congestion in the chest or head. It will also aid to relax any aching muscles.
    6. Use a saline spray or decongestant spray like Otrivine as it can help nasal congestion and loosen up mucus in the nose.
    7. Try having a spoonful of honey as it will soothe the throat after regular coughing. You can have honey directly or with lemon water, etc. Don't give honey to babies younger than 1-year-old.
    8. You can try an over-the-counter(OTC) medicines
    For mild aches, you can try an over-the-counter (OTC) like acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Vicks action 500, Crocin, etc. Don't give cold medicines to children under age 6 without consulting your pediatrician's.
    9. If you are non-vegetarian, you can have chicken soup. Chicken soup can calm inflammation, ease aches and stuffiness and provides energy to your body.

    Some of the home remedies are using black pepper with Pana Kalkandam(Palm), Chuku Kappi (Dry Ginger tea), Honey, etc.

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  • If the author has a belief in Indian homemade medicine, there is a definite cure for the cough. In Tamil, we call in Sitharathai, it is a ginger type plant and the product is available at all the Pandasari or herbal shops. By making that into powder and drink as a decoction, surely the nagging cough would give immediate relief. Likewise, the pepper powder when mixed into milk along with little Haldi would also give greater relief for the cough and cold. And we the South Indians prepare Pepper rasam and that would taste good during the chilly weather. If we daily add pepper to the food, there can be total control of cold and cough and even our voice would be clear,

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  • Take Cumin from the kitchen of 10 to 15 grams and fry it and powder it. Add some honey and juice of lemon and powdered one or two bells pepper. Stir the mixture well. Take the mixture several times a day. Do one thing also, the vapor of water inhales well with the mouth. All the discomforts will disappear.

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  • Once you develop throat congestion, it will normally take some time to cure. Even if you use allopathy, homoeopathy or Ayurveda. There are many natural remedies to cure throat congestion.

    One remedy is drink honey tea, especially in the morning. Add two teaspoon honey to one glass of black tea or one glass of boiled water and consume it twice in a day.

    Another effective home remedy is gargle with boiled water with salt. This is personally I can suggest as I felt this method very effective to fight against throat congestion.

    Consumption of Bromelain which is abundant in pineapple is a solution for throat congestion. But you will not get enough Bromelain from the juice of pineapple. Better to buy Bromelain supplements available from medical stores and consume.

    The best remedy to prevent cough and congestion is avoided or make a safe distance from those who have the symptoms of cough. Also wash hands properly especially for children is the best way to prevent cough and cold.


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  • I have go through this and had to literally take lot of medications to get rid of it and whatever money and time I spent for it was vain.

    I followed the below to get rid of the issue I faced and all these where the advices which I got from very senior people which actually helped

    1. Take hot water head to toe bath regularly and this is must. You may say that he has to avoid bathing or using water but this would really help him.

    2. Drink warm water regularly

    3. This one is very important and if followed properly , he will be definitely fine. Ask him to take 1 spoon of honey post breakfast, lunch and dinner and not to drink or eat anything for next 2 - 3 hrs. Honey will eventually pull the cough out through your intestine and also its anti bacterial. Ask to do this until he gets relief

    4. Ask him to taken in warm vapour and pull out all the mucus.

    All these steps if done properly and regularly would definitely help him to get rid of his issues

  • For cough , koflet is good and home remedy for cough is drinking warm water instead of normal water , and taking half a teaspoon of ginger juice with honey cures coughs very soon. Taking nebulizer also helps alot in removing phlem and reducing cough.

  • There are several home remedies available and some of them are really effective in reducing cough, cold, and congestion and even in sinus infection. The best part of using these home remedies are that they are natural and don't have any side effect. Some good home remedies are as given below:
    1. Steam Therapy: Inhalation of water vapour /steam using a vaporizer or steamer will relieve and open the nasal passages and gives relief from the cold or sinus infection.
    2. You can also use a nebulizer with saline water.
    3. Multani Kuka and Dabur honitus are good syrup available at all pharmaceutical stores and can be taken for any type of cough.
    4. You can use cough tablet to sooth the throat.
    5. You can take a decoction (Kadha) made of black pepper, clove, ginger, tulsi and honey. It gives protection against seasonal infections like flu.
    6. Sitopladi churna and trikatu churna can be taken with honey.
    7. You can try an OTC drugs like vicks action 500, coladrin plus, crocin etc.
    8. To relieve throat infection you can also take septilin and bresol syrup of Himalaya company for up to 2-3 months regularly.
    9. Mulethi is used to treat chronic cold and cough. Mixing mulethi powder with water and drink it. It is very helpful in cough.
    10. Tulsi leaves having uncountable medicinal properties and is safe and effective natural remedy for cold and cough. Tulsi leaves can be used in tea. Tulasi ark is also available in market which can be taken with mixing in water.
    11. Pomegranate leaves boiled in water (Pomegranate leaves tea) is also found very effective in cough.
    12. Drink warm water only.
    13. Ingestion of hot beverages or food will give instant relief from cough and cold and this effect will remain for longer times.
    14. Gargle with luke warm salted water is proved to be very useful to clear throat congestion and give instant relief.
    15. Joshanda is also very useful. You can take it like a tea. It is available in market with hamdard brand as powder and as Hamdard Joshina syrup.
    16. Green tea with honey and lemon or green coffee are also useful. Green tea is having antioxidants that may help to keep viral including the flu and other bacterial infections away.
    17. You can also try Divya herbal Peya/ Pragya peya herbal tea. Taking these mixtures in the hot milk provide good relief from cold.
    18. Salt water solution or saline nasal spray like Wheezal, nasocare and otrivine should be used three to four times a day. It can help to stop nasal congestion and opening of nose.
    19. Betel leaves with the almonds are also useful in cough and cold and are being used from long times. It provides relief from congested breathing and all types of coughs.
    20. Ginger powder can be taken mixing with the honey is all time effective remedy. Ginger tea is also very effective in reducing effect of cough.
    21. Black pepper powder mix with the spoonful of honey is also very useful.
    22. Drink plenty of fluids like water, juice, etc.
    23. You can also try little brandy with honey keep chest warm and give relief from cold and congestion.
    24. Try to avoid butter, ghee and milk as it can aggravate cough.

  • The best way to arrest the cough immediately is to have some water which would sooth the throat with wetness and the dryness in the throat which was the cause for cough would vanish. Normally those who are having a nagging cough, they would get the same during the night time when everyone would be sleeping and that would create a irritation to others. So drink water immediately to arrest the cough within seconds. And if the water is warm, that would act fast and even the sore throat would get cleared. So keep aside a flask full of warm water and whenever cough disturbs in the middle of the night, drink water and be relaxed.

    K Mohan
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  • Nowadays cough and congestion persist for a long time say even for a month or fortyfive days, in spite of medication.
    What I am going to suggest is frm my owmn experience how I managed similar situation.
    The most easy and result giving home remedy is to salt water gargling . Dissolve a pinch of salt in lukewarm water and gargle it in morning first after brushing teeth. Two or three times gargling is enough. The same can be repeated before going to bed. This helps in melting the mucus and we get good relief.
    Then, for cough taking the Karpooradi choornam + Thaaleespatraadi choornam by dissolving a pinch of both inside mouth, at periodical intervals can beof help to soothen the throat and redce the bouts of cough. void taking anything cold.Instead of taking fridge water or even ordinary water take mild warm water boiled with Dry ginger, Tulsi, pepper periodically.

    Taking 'Agasthya Rasayanam wih Karpooraadi choornam' for at least a couple of weeks two or three times a day wil be effective.

    Another effective medicine(from experience) is "Mridwikaadi Lehyam'. My persistent cough was cured by taking Mridwikaadi Lehyam two bottles.
    You can chew on small pieces of 'Yeshtimadhu'root periodically. It will be available at native medicine stores.

    However, it is better to avoid self medication. The above are only indicative suggestions and you may visit a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic medical practitioner before taking the Ayurvedic medicnes too.

  • You can better go for natural home remedies. Take two or three black pepper and make it powder. Mix the powder with with one spoon of honey and take before sleep. This will give good remedy. Also you can take one glass of milk mix with two or three black pepper powder and take it during night before you sleep.

    Also you need to find the reason of this cough. It may because of polluted water, air or dust. Hence better take boiled hot water for drinking purpose and use nose mask whenever going out or wherever find polluted air or dust. Do not depend on any temporary relief chewing tablets, as it will give relief for some minutes only.

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