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  • Enquiry about google drive backup.

    Having a query about google drive backup of whatsapp messages? Looking out for how to get chat and media data from the backup? Find responses from experts on this ISC Ask Expert page.

    I want to download backup of my whatsapp data directly from my Google drive without using whatsapp.
    I only want the chat and media which is uploaded google drive but I didn't have my same number of whatsapp.
    I have access to my drive.
    How can I get it? Is it possible?
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  • 1. Google drive is to be opened
    2. Get into your account by logging in.
    3. Tap on the Menu Button then choose to use Desktop Version.
    4. Click on the settings which will be like a gear icon.
    5. Select Manage Apps.
    6. Scroll down to WhatsApp in the list of apps.
    7. See what is the size of Hidden app data. The size will indicate the data back up.

    WhatsApp message will automatically be backed up in google drive. Now the data in this google drive can be transferred into another phone by logging into your google drive in the other phone also if you use the same password and ID.

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  • If you have put up the back up of WhataApp data in your Google drive then you can retrieve it from there. What you have to do is login to your Google drive with your username and password and then locate the WhatsApp backup data there. Select it and then download it to your device or laptop whatever the case may be. Google drive is a online storage place for keeping your all sort of data and whatever you have stored there for the future use can be retrieved back easily. That is the purpose of an online storage place which today many companies are offering free or on some payment.

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  • Google - drive is considered to be an asset in case one is having a Google - account. This allows the account holder to assess Gmail, Google - photos and other Google - apparatus. This would enable the account - holders to save the files stored in the drive, edit the documents if the situation warrants and backing up the pictures from the cloud.
    You can acess the drive in the following ways-
    1) Open the account of Google - drive from your device.
    2) Tap the three horizontal bars located at the top of the left corner.
    3) You will have to scrol down the left side bar and tap the entry of back - up.
    4) In the resulting window, you can have the device containing all other stored datas.

  • Google drive is used to store data, pictures and other files and also to take backups of applications. If you want to take backup of whatsapp on google drive, you should have registered email id and password. For this first login to your google drive and then click on 3 horizontal bars on left corner and then click on backups . Here, all backup of your WhatsApp account is stored. You can manage this backup frequency from setting option available just below the backups option.
    It doesn't matter that you don't have the same WhatsApp number.
    Further, as you have mentioned that you have access to your google drive and you already have taken backup your WhatsApp data to your google drive, you can download backup of whatsapp chat, media and other data directly from Google drive.
    1. For this you will have to uninstall the WhatsApp app from your mobile and
    2. Then reinstall whatsapp.
    3. Now verify mobile number.
    4. After verification app will ask for restore chat messages and other files from Google drive.
    5. After restoration is completed, you will be able to see your all chats and media files in whatsapp.

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