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  • Dream of my son to become a cricketer

    Aspiring to become a cricketer? Want to know the how to proceed in the most reasonable way and no significant financial burden? check out this page where experts have responded to your query.

    My son is 12 years old. He wants to become a cricketer. We live in a small town where there are no facilities for cricket coaching. I am a widow and I cannot afford putting him in hostel for schooling and coaching. I asked two or three schools and they told it is 3.5 lakh per annum. I cannot think about it.But when I think I am shattering my child's dream and feel really upset. He is a very bright student who gets A1 in all subjects. If you can suggest some coaching where they help people who cannot afford and are interested with less fees, it would be helpful. If you have any other suggestions regarding this please let me know.
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  • It is very nice to know that your child is interested in learning cricket. You are in a small town you said. But you have not mentioned the exact place.

    There are many coaching centres for cricket in almost all the cities and major towns in India. They charge some admission fee initially and then some fees every month. Generally, the monthly fee will start from Rs200/- pm and will go up to Rs.10,000/-ma month.

    It may be less in small towns. If you specifically tell the area where you stay we can suggest the coaching centres near that place.

    There is a youtube channel by the name Spo Tech. You can see that video and know about all the details of cricket. It is the free cricket coaching channel

    always confident

  • We stay in Gudalur Nilgiris district Tamilnadu

  • If your child is interested in cricket, he can practice in school cricket team. Besides, Cricket Academies are available all over Tamil Nadu. Some academies are listed below:
    1. Gladiators Cricket Academy
    Address: RTO OFFICE ROAD, Ponvizha Nagar Rd, behind METRO SCHOOL, Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu 641301
    Contact: 09940814303

    2. Champion Cricket Academy
    Address: No.157, Velachery Main Rd, opposite V-Cure Hospital, Green Court, Pallikaranai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100
    Contact: 07845003428

    3. City Cricket Academy Chennai
    Address: No 24, West Cottage Road YMCA, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014
    Contact: 08122218619

    4. GEN NEXT cricket Institute
    Address: 'A' ground, Near LIBA, Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034
    Contact: 9884017371

    5. MSD Cricket Academy
    Address: Etti Annal Nagar, Poonamallee, Chennai-600056

    6. Seven Stars Cricket Academy
    Address: 64, DeBarak Mitali Street, 1st Floor, Sowcarpet, Chennai-600003

    7. VB Cricket Academy
    Address: 12, Vishweswarapuram, St. Mates in Colony, Mylapore, chennai-600004

    8. King Star Cricket Academy
    Address: 84/4, Gujji Street, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-600102.

    All cricket centre do not charge a very high fee but it varies centre to centre. There will some registration fee ranging from 25000 to 30000 including kit and then monthly fee from INR 500-3000 per month. You can inquire and select as per the suitable location and fee.

    Further, there are many online cricket tutorials available free of cost and some of them are paid but very nominal fee.

  • In order to develop interest in the Cricket - play, it would be best to allow your son to witness the play being played by two parties personally. Such witnessing would arouse his passion for this game. Apart from it, your son must be encouraged to see the videos in the Internet, in Cricket - magazines, Cricinfo etc. He may approach his game teacher so as to be familiar with the different tricks in this game.
    In order to groom the talent of your child, it would be better to get your son enrolled for a Cricket - academy located in your area so as to be familiar with all sorts of tricks of the game in addition to witnessing the demonstration.
    If you are putting your self in a small town, the charges would be in the range of 20,000/- to 30,000 /- apart from the initial nominal fee for admission.
    Above all, he has to give up his inherent shyness and look around all the resources, which would strengthen his talent in this field.
    If your son is interested to join any cricket - academy in Chennai, you may contact one of the cricket - academies mentioned below -
    1) Champion Cricket Academy,
    Cricket Ground, Chennai, Tamilnadu.
    2) City Cricket Academy,School Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
    3) Skylab Cricket Academy & Club,
    Cricket Club, Chennai.
    4) Reddy's Cricket Academy Ground,
    Cricket Ground, Chennai,
    5) Howzzat Indoor Cricket Academy, cricket Academy, Chennai.
    However, your son should concentrate on his studies so as to make a stable career in the area of his interest. Persuing a brilliant performance in any stream at the graduation - level would open up innumerable avenues in his career - prospect. Such areas offering exciting job careers would be to accomplishment of IAS, Banking - jobs as PO in different Banks,Job for LIC Probationary - officer, Job of Management trainee, Administration etc and to achieve any one as indicated, he needs full concentration of studies apart from the guidance of some professional institute.
    Side by side, he may take active part in the field of interest.

  • One should work hard and make a career in the line where ones interest and liking lie. The reason for this deduction is very simple that a person can progress in the line of his interest as he will be ready to do all out efforts in that rather than something uninteresting to him. So I think this is a crucial point that the parents should keep in their mind. In your case the circumferential weakness is your financial condition and you can not think to admit your son in a costlier cricket academy. But at the same time your son appears to be good in academics and that seems to be a good strength on his part. Anyway we will come to that shortly.

    Now a days most of the good players are coming out of the cricket academies only after sharpening their game and learning the latest skills of the playing cricket but if a person is really having a passion for it then he can learn it in the small town clubs or local teams which play in the district level matches and there is no financial implication there. So what seems to be the probable solution here is to join some small town sports academy and ask them for special considerations for fee etc citing the financial constraints. If the boy proves good in his game and has a potential for future growth then sometimes some local clubs can sponsor him though such cases are generally a few only and depend upon only the performance of the player. I think that this aspect requires some exploration in your area especially in Coimbatore and Nilgiris district.

    Coming back to the academic strength of the boy, I will suggest that he should continue his education and after class 12 go for some diploma or trade certificate so that he gets a job easily. He should not feel shy or bother even if the job is a smaller one. It is only for a temporary stay there to make a livelihood. Meanwhile he should actively participate in the school team and play wherever he gets an opportunity. In schools most of these things will be free and one should take advantage of that facility. So if the boy is able to prove his worth in the game of cricket even during the school level matches or local town/ district level matches he will come under the notice of the club managers or other important authorities in the sports department. These authorities have an eye for the prospective player as he will be a means of earning revenue for them and if the performance of the boy is excellent the chances of him picked up by these business minded people will be more bright.

    So, if he is really interested in making a career in cricket he has to show his initial skills in the ordinary informal matches and for that he has to toil a lot right from getting up early in the morning and having an exercise regime and then practice cricket with his friends in any ordinary place like a park or field or abandoned land plot. A proper diet is also required in such situation. It is said that if there is a will there is a way. So, the only solution to join a costlier cricket academy is not required if there is a strong desire to excel and succeed in life. There are other less costlier but more difficult options for such endeavours. Academies are only for those who can afford them.

    Have you read or heard the story of the village boy Eklavya who simply saw the Guru Dronacharya teaching archery to Arjuna and learned the skills only by seeing them from a far off distance. Eklavya was very poor and could not afford a celebrity Guru like Dronacharya. But in the process he learned the same level of archery as that of Arjuna.

    So there are innumerable number of videos and films on the game of the cricket and by concentrating on those footage one can gain many ideas and skills of the game and practice them. Internet data is available at an affordable price and this facility should be exploited fully. In essence there is no substitute for hard work and I will not be surprised if the boy gets to his goals by working hard in this arena.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You can search in google for nearest cricket coachers and randomly call them for the fee structure as you would get better understanding while you research with different coachers. Meanwhile, I would suggest you not to hurry as your a single parent and you should communicate to your child your struggles in diplomatic manner and also don't discourage him and you can ask him to play with his friends and google some videos where people give an idea of how to play cricket efficiently. I myself being a single parent daughter have gone through many situations where my mother being a single parent couldn't afford many things but I was never discouraged and she always helped me by making me think of avenues which are under our control. Try to get some affordable coaches and incase your unable to afford , then just spend few rupees and top up your phone with internet which is quiet affordable and ask your son to view as many as videos possible in free time and learn from various people experiences and also ask him to try and be own judge to decide which strategies are better in a game and its situation.

    As he is still young and there many wishes which keeps popping in ones mind so don't discourage or be sad about you unable to do something and instead try what's reachable for you

    Hope this helps

  • Children at the tender age want to achieve one or more goals in their life and your child is not only bright in academics and also wants to showcase in the field of cricket. What I feel that he must represent his school and college first through which he would be made known to the big players and thereafter possible inclusion in the inter-district tournaments and later the interstate matches. That way he has the chance to prove himself step by step, and for all these, you have to be ready to cooperate to achieve his dream. For the time being, let him concentrate on studies and finish it to stay focused on cricket.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Thank you all for the valuable information. No school in my town provide cricket coaching and they don't have a team either but i have enrolled him in Gudalur cricket club. That is also of no use they don't train kids instead they play among themselves. They had a very good coach but he passed away. Now there is no coach so local people have started to coach which is of no use.
    Secondly he himself watch cricket shots,reads magazines.He mostly knows everything about cricket.he is playing since 2 years but i feel just playing will not help him.something must be done for his future.

  • After reading your response, I can understand that where you live in the small town and there is no much importance given to the cricket and whatever facilities you have are for just playing and not learning the game for the cause. If your child is so much interested and from his experience it seems he wants to create a career out of this game and it's better you shift the place for his cause and shift to such a place where his cricket dream comes true. At the same time, it should not be risky for your family to adjust to a new place just for the cause of cricket. In this situation, you are alone the best judge to decide.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Answer to query #157700 asked by Anonymous:

    If your son has the potential to become a good cricketer then in my opinion you must not miss this opportunity. The reason of this is very simple as a person can perform his best when it is the line of his interest and liking. Another thing is that it is also a good career option if he succeeds in this line. What I suggest at this point of time is you have to admit him in a good cricket academy in the country where he can get the best of the training and then start playing the local level matches and also inter district tournaments. If his performance is extraordinary the managers of the clubs and other important persons in the field of the cricket will take a note of it and that is the opportune time when he can get offers from the various clubs for including his name in the team. The most important thing is the performance and if he can impress the managers and coaches for that then there is no problem. Please remember that today for making a career anywhere in any line one has to toil hard and cricket is no exception.

    Knowledge is power.

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