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  • Enquiry about instagram settings.

    Want to know how to recover instagram password? Searching for detailed information to do so? Check out this page and get answers for all your questions and decide how to log on to instagram.

    I want to know my current instagram password. I have access to my account through gmail. I know I can reset new password for my account. But then also I want to know my current instagram password using my gmail account. Can I get to know my current instagram password through my instagram or gmail account?
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  • The answer is No. Instagram or Gmail doesn't provide that sort of service to know what your current password is. So it's better to maintain the same one or two passwords for different accounts.

    But you can use a password manager to track all of your passwords. I would suggest the app called Dashlane. Dashlane is a perfect password manager for your problem. It has a good user interface when compared with other ones. With this app, you can log in to websites automatically. It is secure and easy to use. You can store your passwords in it and you don't have to remember those all the time. But you have to remember the Dashlane password. You can use Dashlane to generate some strong passwords and use it to change the password as well.

    Or if you don't want any extra app on your device, you can simply use the recover password option of Instagram and you can reset to a new password and remember that one. To do that first you need to open the Instagram Sign-In page. Then need to click the forgot password link. Type the username and click on the send login link button. The password reset link will be sent to your mail address. Using that link, you can give a new password for your account. Or you can use your phone number to reset the password. If you use a phone number instead of a username, you will get an SMS with the reset link. The other option is using Facebook account. Those are three methods use can use to reset the password to a new one so that you can remember it.

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  • There is no provision to know your current password on Instagram. What you can do is that you have to forget password and reset your password. Generally what we do for any other site.
    If you need help resetting your password, we can help by sending you a link to reset it.

    1. Go to the site. Click on Forgot Password
    2. Enter the email address or username
    3. Click on submit Select Submit
    4. An email will be sent to your email address given by you.
    5. Click on the URL provided in the email and enter a new password

    It is better to keep track of all the passwords. These days we have many sites and we will have a different password and remembering all of them is a real problem. So I feel it is better to keep in writing all the passwords. You can make your code and write them in that code language so that nobody will understand the passwords even though somebody sees the information. You should keep the paper on which you have written in a secret place.

    There are many password manager apps.

    LastPass is a very good app for this purpose. There is a free version and a premium version also. both the versions are useful to generate and store any number of logins. These are all protected by a master password It will have multi-factor authentication for additional safety and security.

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  • It is possible to locate the dates and timing provided the Password is known to you. This may not reflect the device being used for the signing - purpose or tye location from where it has been signed up. In case, you have forgotten your current Password, this needs to be reset.
    To view the log in history, you have to follow the following steps in sequence.
    1) Open the Instagram - account.
    2) Go to your profile.
    3) Locate the settings.
    4) Go to the security.
    5) Click on the acess data.
    6) Scroll down and Click on login in the Account Activity Section .
    In that way, all the details of login can be accessed.
    In order to remember the Password exactly, you need to maintain uniformity in this respect. For the different apparatus, maintain the same Password or still better keep a diary mentioning the Passwords of the different apparatus being used.
    Last Pass is definitely an effective apparatus from where you can generate the details of your last login and even the entire details of login can be assessed.

  • If you forgot the password of your Instagram account, it is easy to recover using your email, mobile number or facebook account. But you can't know your current password in any way. To recover password you have to do following things:
    1. Open Instagram app and click on "Get help signing in".
    2. Enter your Instagram user ID.
    3. Click on "Send email"
    4. Check your email account for email from Instagram.
    5. Now, click on the login button in email received from Instagram.
    6. Enter a new password.
    7. Click on "Reset password"
    To manage your passwords you can save them in a safe place e.g. a database in your computer or in diary.
    You can also use some apps like Last pass, 1 Password, keeper, Dashlane, EnPass, Master Password etc. To manage your passwords. These apps helps to store all password at a place and online shopping profile.
    But I think there may be some risk in saving all password in an App. So it's better to use a database in your computer or in a diary.

  • The simple answer to your question is NO. Not only Instagram, but all other social media platform also have the same answer. Once you forgot the password, the only option is to reset it using the provided email. This is for the safety of your account only. If you can retrieve your old password, this can utilise others to know your password which will be a great threat for your account.


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  • Due to security reasons Instagram will not allow you to find out your username or password but will allow you to change them. It is a good practice to change the account password time to time so that it can not be misused by the pirates in the internet.

    If the old password is not available then the only resort is to go for change of password and for that there is a specific provision of the length of the password and using certain characters only from the keypad. Anyway that is not a difficult job and the concerned people will do it as a routine. Sometimes if the email account has some problem then one can even sign in (login) from Facebook. Many people use Facebook and Linkedin and might be aware with these subtleties. But the bottom line is that safely is the most important thing in such ratifications.

    For making new password Instagram uses a standard procedure in which a link is send to the individuals on their email and once the person clicks on it the verification procedure starts.

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