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  • Information regarding education requirement for animation industry

    Confused about there pre requisites for education in the animation industry? Looking out for details of various courses which can enable one to make a career in the animation industry? On this page find responses from ISC experts to your query.

    I'm currently doing a diploma course in 3D animation i wanted to know if there is any need for any other bachelors degree further to get hired or not. To keep it simple should I also do a bachelors degree like B.Com etc if i'm already doing diploma course of duration 2.5 years .
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  • No, it is not necessary to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in another field if you want to get a job that deals with 3D animation or animation in general. But it is always advised to complete specialization in every field to get a satisfying job. With a diploma, you will be given a junior artist or trainee title with the stipend or pay of 8k to 15k per month. Good performance is needed for promotions to higher levels and an increase in salary. If you continue to give exceptional performance, then you can easily earn in thousands and lakhs.

    But if you want a job in another field, say Science or Commerce, you may have to complete the required degree to get jobs in that field as 3D animation deals with a particular field.

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  • Doing a diploma in the animation of tenure of 2.5 years would provide you sufficient input in the art of animation, visual - effects, VFX technology, Advanced - animation etc.
    In fact, the job prospect in this area has multiplied significantly and a growth rate about 17 percent is being seen as of now and hence to have a promising career in the field of Animation, one need not take up any other course.
    However, doing a diploma in the Animation - technology is not enough for the advancement in this field. Rather one must go ahead with some courses of specialisation. Even a degree in the Animation consisting of three years from a well recognised university would lead to enormous success. Later a post graduate degree in the Animation - technology can enhance one's career path.
    A diploma holder in the animation - technology can get around 15 K to 18 K but with the higher courses such as M.Sc in VFX and advanced Animation would fetch you higher emoluments.
    With the exposure in this field and thinking of other courses not related to this field would not award you to that level because of changed stream.

  • There are degree and diploma courses in animation subject. You can do this degree course or diploma course after your 12th class. But you need not have one of these two for working in that field. There are some certificate courses also which are also equally good. Alternatively, you can also work with a professional who is already in this line and you can develop the required skill.

    The important point here is that you should have the skill required and the interest in the job to excel in the line. But you should an artistic mind. You should be able to think and come out with a lot of imagination which you can sketch down. One should have an urge for creativity as the animation starts with developing an idea into visual art or story. A lot of hard work with good patience and planning is the basic requirement. One should have some knowledge of the anatomy of humans, animals or birds. Anyhow these days for any profession good communication skills are very important.

    He can also have a good sense of colour, proportion, size, design and visualization capabilities. Some skills in computer design software and programming languages will be good.

    Once you have basic skills you can join with a person who is already in the line and doing good work and can work under him as his assistant for some time. That will give you an understanding of how to convert your knowledge into a useful application.

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  • For taking an admission in diploma in animation there is no requirement of Bachelor's degree and anyone having a class 12 qualification with an interest in computer graphics and animation can go for this course. If one has an interest and aptitude for this stream, that is enough to get success in this line. The candidate should be aware of computer graphics and animation techniques and should be eagerly receptive for learning the advanced things in this trade.

    After completing the diploma in animation when you go for a job then also the companies will not bother for your Bachelor's degree and will be more interested for your practical skills in this area. So Bachelor's degree is not mandatory. Some companies may only prefer it if the skill levels are comparable among the candidates applying for the positions in the animation industry.

    There is good scope for animation diploma holder in the industry. Of course they can start their own set up also or join some small group of people engaged in the animation work. The main opportunities are for becoming as character animator, story artist, concept artist, game designer, special effects artist, visual effect artist etc. In film industry also 3D animation is used for variety of purposes and people having a diploma in animation can carve out a place for themselves there. Other prospective areas are gaming and web graphics where a lot of animation features are being applied. If someone wants to make a career in teaching the animation techniques in the institutions or reputed colleges then he may be required to possess a Masters or at least a bachelor's degree either in animation or other subjects along with a diploma in animation. So, the educational qualifications will also depend upon the type of the career being pursued by the individual.

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  • There is an increasing demand of multimedia animators in India. A person having artistic and imaginative power with good communication and time management skills can lead in this field. Salaries are also attractive in this field. One can get a salary of Rs. 20,000- 25,000 per month and upto Rs. 50,000-60,000 per month after getting experience. To become an animator you can do either a bachelor's degree or Diploma/ certificate course. As you are already doing diploma course in 3D animation, hence there is no need to obtain a Bachelor's Degree.
    But if you want to develop yourself and want to do more progress in this multimedia animation field a bachelor degree will be very useful. You can do any of the following Bachelor degree:
    BA in Animation & Multimedia, BA in Animation and Graphic Design, B.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation), B.Sc. in Animation and Gaming, B.Sc. in Animation and VFX, BA in Animation and CG Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Graphics and Web Design, BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation. There are many institutes are running these courses.
    After pursuing a diploma course in animation you can work as a Graphic Designer, Character Animator, Image Editor, Web Designer, Lightning Artist, 2DAnimator, 3D Animator, 2D/3D Designer, 3D Modeler, Key Frame Animator, Special Effect Artist, AV Editor, Compositor, Technical Trainer, Multimedia Programmers, Visualizers, Content Developers, and Pre and Post Production executives, Digital Ink and Paint Artist, Rigging Artist, Texture Artist and Rendering Artist etc. Movies, advertisements, news papers, magazines, all utilize computer animations. You can get jobs in IT industry, entertainment industry and advertising industry. You can also start work as a freelancer. The gaming industry may be one of the options for employment. Video gaming also utilizes multimedia animations and visualization effects. You can also search jobs in print media and publishing firms.

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