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  • Enquiry about google account recovery.

    Want to know how to recover a google account if one has forgotten the password? Searching for methods to recover the account? On this Ask Expert page you can go through the answers and resolve your query.

    Can I log into my google account using recovery email and not by using current password. I just want to check because I havey recovery email address but not my current password of Google account. Due to some reason I forgot the password but I want to know how to have access to my recovery mail, so is it possible?
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  • Hello Yogesh.

    It is not a difficult task to get access to your email even if you have forgotten the password. Moreover, you enjoy the benefit of having a recovery email address. What you need to do is explained in the following steps-

    1. Open Gmail (or any other app where you have created an account) and type your email address in the required bar.
    (You can also open Gmail, Hotmail etc on the browser)

    2. Keep the password box empty and click on "Forgot password" which you would find below the box, written in blue colour.

    3. After doing that, the app/browser will give you an option to send you an OTP (one-time-password) on your recovery email. You need to open your recovery email and paste the OTP on the page which sent you the OTP on your recovery email address.

    Note- You get two to three options to get an OTP to gain access to your account on the basis of details and information provided by you in your account. For example, if you have verified your mobile number in your email account, then you can get an OTP on your phone number also.

    4. After this, you would be allowed access to your account but you need to create a new password this time so you can sign in using the new password from next time.

    If you have forgotten the password of your recovery email also, then repeat the same procedure as explained above. Only this time you will need a mobile number verified to your recovery email to get the OTP or a recovery email to your recovery email to receive OTP. Without OTP, you won't be able to access your account, let alone set a new password to use it again.

    Hope it helps.

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  • It is very simple. You can recover password for your google account like any other account by using forgot password option. As you are having access to recovery email, it will be very easy to recover gmail account password.

    Firstly, you need to open the Google app or website in android phone, tablet or any other device.

    Now go to right hand top corner and click on sign in. You need to enter email.
    In case you forgot email also you can recover it by using forgot email option available there. But, as you forgot password, so you need to click onto forgot password option. So that the new password will be sent on your recovery email and registered mobile. Now create a new password.

    But if you want to recover Google account, you need to remember last password and a recovery email. On account recovery page, after entering email you need to enter last password( not current password) used and then recovery email address. An OTP will be sent on this email I'd and registered mobile. Now you can create new password.

  • There is a forgot password option. You type your ID and then click on forgot the password. Then a window will open and ask you to give the alternative email address which you might have given at the time of creating your Google account. Then they will send you an email to that account and give a link. They will also give a number as a temporary password.

    Then you can click on the link given and use the temporary password given by them and you can get into your account and you can work as usual. They will advise you to change the password. You can do that and that password can be saved somewhere so that in case of forgetting the same you can refer the place where you have stored your password.

    These days we are creating accounts on many websites and we can't use the same password in all the places and the chances of forgetting the same are more. So it is better to keep them somewhere so that in case you forget you can refer to this list. But you should keep the list in a very secret place and it is also wise to use some code language so that even though somebody sees, they will not understand the same properly.

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