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  • Regarding official language in SBI clerk selection

    Confused about the official language required for SBI clerk selection process? Searching for information regarding language proficiency needed and the need to give LPT exam? Find responses and advice from ISC experts on this page.

    Recently I have been selected as SBI clerk in 2019. But in the form by mistake I have put in yes to official language being in my 10th or 12th marksheet, as I didn't do my 10th std in hindi subject. But I am proficient in Hindi and can provide 8th std marksheet to reflect that. Now I am worried if they will allow me to take LPT test or not?
    Also when does LPT takes place?
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  • Hi Naveen.

    LPT stands for Language Proficiency Test. It is conducted to test the language proficiency of those candidates who do not have a local language as a subject in their 10th or 12th standard.

    LPT is important because recruitment is conducted state-wise and so a candidate is required to have proper knowledge of the local language.

    The LPT question or syllabus is not defined. A candidate may have to undergo a written test in which they may be asked to write an essay or letter in the local language. They made be given a paragraph in the local language and asked to answer questions from it.

    Since you claim that you are proficient in Hindi, you don't need to worry at all. You will be allowed to take the LPT test. You are eligible for it.

    LPT test is usually conducted after provisional selection but before the joining process. Also, SBI provides information on its website and also sends a mail to the candidate's registered email ids about language proficiency test. So I would advise you to check the website and your emails regularly.

    All the best.

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  • Thank you so much, I was worried that LPT is conducted before DV so there might be a chance that they wont allow me LPT after DV. I have also wrote an email to LHO regarding this . I hope everything will go fine. Thanks once again.

  • You need not worry. You are qualified in the written test as well interview and now your name is the selection list. Once they selected in this, you can take part in the LPT test. The LPT is to see your proficiency in the local native language. For Example, a person from AP writes they will see whether the man is well versed or not. There is no rule that he has to pass SSC with Telugu.

    In your case Your local Language is Hindi. So in LPT, you have to answer the Hindi Language paper and you have to get the minimum prescribed party. As you are telling that you are good at Hindi, you need not worry.

    LPT may be conducted before Document Verification. Even it is conducted after verification also you need not worry. There is no question of rejecting your application.

    Don't keep that in your mind. Start preparing well for LPT. You will clear that. Please be constantly watching the official website for the latest information. You be checking your email inbox regularly so that you will see if any email from this bank.

    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • After selection in SBI clerical exam candidates are asked for document verification and language proficiency Test (LPT). So the final selection is done on the basis of these two processes only. All information about LPT and document verification gets published on the official website of SBI. Besides, bank also sends an email to all selected candidate on their registered email ID about document verification and LPT.

    Language Proficiency Test is conducted after the main online exam and document verification. It is conducted only for the candidates who didn't produce the official/local language of the State concerned as a subject in the 10th standard or 12th Standard. It is a qualifying exam. In this exam candidates are asked to write opted language comprehension based answers.

    In your case you didn't pass10th standard in hindi subject. So you will not be able to produce 10th Standard certificate for Hindi language as a proof that you have studied the hindi language at 10th Standard. 8th standard marksheet will not much help as 10th or 12th certificate with the opted language is required for exemption to LPT. So you need to undergo the LPT.

    But as you have also mentioned that you are proficient in Hindi you will be able to qualify LPT easily. You need not to worry as they will definitely allow you to take LPT test.

  • LPT is the abbreviated form of Language Proficieny Test and undergoing through all the formalities of the SBI clerical examination, you will have to pass in such a test.
    In your case, your 10th Mark - sheet does not provide any information that Hindi was included in your syllabus nor did it appear in your class twelve Mark- sheet.
    So in respect of LPT exemption, you don't have any authentic proof. Your class eight Mark - sheet would not offer any relief in your case.
    However, in your case, you are conversant with the basics of Hindi - language and that would be enough in your case. This test will include all the aspirants having no proof of LPT at the tenth stage of school and this test will be conducted by the authorities just after DV.
    You need not worry at all regarding your in capability since you are proficient in this Languge .
    Appear for the said test confidently and you are sure to pass. Questions would be simple in nature and you may be asked to write a short essay on some known topic including the correction of sentences.
    Please go through their websites so as to know the latest notification regarding the information of LPT test.

  • Thank u all for the support. Actually i m from delhi and i have filled up the form from UP. So hindi is my mother tongue. I chose sanskrit in my 10th std bcz it was easy and we didnt have to write huge essays in exams . But i have started preparing for LPT. I have also cleared RRB PO ,i have an interview on 18th so i m hope i will get to be a scale 1 officer but i want to join sbi first as rrb result will come later.

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