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  • Issue about two simultaneous admission in intermediate and diploma (left after few months )

    Can one take admission in two full time courses for the same years? Worried if this will create a problem for UPSC or other services? On this page our ISC experts shall provide inputs to understand any issue with validity of the course?

    I passed my secondary education from CBSE in 2015 , then I joined diploma engineering but unfortunately I left and joined intermediate from a state board and successfully passed in 2017.
    I want to know will the the simultaneous admission in two different courses may create issues in validity in UPSC or other services?
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  • You can't do two courses simultaneously in regular colleges. You can do one in day college and one in night college. You can do one in day college the other in distance education mode.

    You have joined in diploma in engineering. But you have discontinued the same. That means you are not attending that college. You will be marked absent there every day after some time your name will be removed from their records saying that you discontinued. You joined in the same year you joined intermediate and passed in 2017. Now you passed your Intermediate. Take transfer Certificate and Conduct certificate from your intermediate college. You will have your Tenth pass certificate from CBSE board and then intermediate from State board. Perfectly alright. When you apply for higher studies or job you need not mention anywhere that you have joined in diploma and discontinued.

    You ensure that you will have all requred original certificates with you. That's all. Mention about your intermediate qualification and tenth qualification only and attache the certificates given by these two institutes only to your applications in future.

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  • No two courses are allowed in regular mode. It may be like this, that one course should be in regular mode and another in distance mode.
    But in your case, there will not be any issue as you already left engineering diploma in mid way. You had not attended classes and not taken exams of diploma of engineering. Then joined and completed intermediate in 2007 in regular mode from State Board. So, you have completed only one course in a period.
    You have done secondary education from CBSE in 2015 and intermediate from State Board in 2017. There is no gap also. Now after completing intermediate you can join any course. You need not worried about the course that you had already left. So, prepare for another course and apply for jobs in UPSC or other services. In future, there is no need to mention the diploma course you already left.

  • Hi Vipul.

    It is very clear that you cannot take admission in two degrees simultaneously unless of course, one degree is in regular mode and the other degree is in Distance mode. Also, all the universities have not implemented this rule of pursuing two degrees simultaneously.

    But as you mentioned, that you took admission in Diploma but left it midway, then you took admission in Intermediate from a State Board and successfully cleared it in 2017, doesn't make your Intermediate degree invalid. It is because you pursued and completed one regular degree at a time.

    This simultaneous admission in two different courses will not create any issue in any job you want to pursue. Your Diploma stands incomplete and thus useless. You need not show papers of admission in Diploma or mention it in your CV.

    So, don't worry and go for any job that you want to or the ones that your degree offers.

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  • You cannot do two courses simultenuously with the same mode ie both being regular or other wise. The best recourse would be to take up admission choosing one in the regular mode or other through distance mode.
    In your case, you passed out CBSE class ten in the year 2015 but at the same time, you took up admission in the diploma course but you left the same in the mid way. There exists the system of attendance for all the courses. Once your attendance drops to an alarming level and further it drops to zero. Your name will be struck off from the attendance - register.
    In that way, official records will show that you have passed out clas ten from CBSE in 2015 and your intermediate from the State -Board in 2017. It is indicative of your perusal of single course at a time and such a perusal of courses does not indicate any violation.
    In all your resume, never indicate that you had been a student of diploma so as to maintain a clean record. Persue the course of your choice and make an attempt for Public - service commission so as to get the post of IAS or any competitive tests such as Bank PO, LIC, any public undertaking job as an executive after clearing the tests.

  • You have joined the diploma course but left it and then you had joined intermediate course. So, what you had done was a sequential thing and not the simultaneous one so I do not see any problem on that account. What is forbidden is carrying out two regular courses simultaneously. In fact if one can do one regular course and one correspondence course simultaneously then this combination is legal and allowed. Your course seems to be a straight one where you left one course completely before attending to the other course.

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