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    Can a student graduate while having a backlog in any subject?

    Wondering if one can graduate with a backlog in one subject? Looking out for detailed information regarding thee norms? Find answers from experts on this page for your query.

    Suppose a student has a back subject in any subject, then is it possible for him/her to graduate while having a back subject?
    Is language mandatory to clear out in university exam in case if he/she has a back subject in any language(for e.g. hindi, tamil, french etc) to get degree or graduate out in any university especially focusing in the madras university?
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  • Hi Dalsuanlian.

    I am sorry to inform that one cannot graduate if he has a backlog in even a single subject, even if the student has a backlog in the open elective or optional subject.

    In all the universities, it is mandatory to clear all the subjects in order to successfully complete a degree.

    Students who have backlogs can take exams again to clear those papers. Each university allows that. Once the backlog is cleared, students can easily get a degree. But it is mandatory to clear backlogs and complete the course successfully.

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  • No, it is not possible to get a degree if you are having backlog in a subject. You will not be able to receive your degree until and unless you clear all your backlogs.

    Having a back in any subject, either it is a language or any other subject, means the failure in the course. A degree is awarded only when you pass the exams. All university and institutes have the provision of retake of exams and clear the backlogs.

    Your degree will be detained and when you will clear your all backlogs you can receive your degree. So, first of all, you will have to clear all your backlogs. Then only will be able to receive your degree.

  • Completing a degree means clearing all exams in all subjects and it is not possible if one has a backlog in any of the subjects. He or she has to clear all the backlogs in the given timeframe and then only he or she will be considered as a graduate. If due to any reason, the backlogs are not cleared in the given or allowed timeframe by the institute, he or she may need to enroll in the graduation degree again.


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  • A degree can be awarded only when all the previous papers are cleared. The time frame to clear the backlogs is also specified and the same may vary depending upon the universities.
    This will apply for all the subjects included in your syllabus. It hardly matters that the subject was purely optional.
    Even a backlog of a single subject is enough to spoil your entire time in getting a degree.
    So it would be utmost important to pay attention to the backlog papers apart from the existing papers for which you are going to appear. You should always make it a point to clear the backlogs on the topmost priority.
    You may have the clarification regarding the time - frame allowed to clear the backlog/ backlogs from the university officials so that you may not face dilemma on this account.
    In relation to your query regarding the backlog of language paper such as Hindi, Tamil etc, it would be mandatory on your part to clear the same so that you will be awarded your final degree.

  • No, it's not possible for you to get a degree before you clear all your backlogs. You should clear all the subject exams in a stipulated time mentioned by the university. Once you clear them successfully you will get your degree.


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  • Backlogs or arrears are to be cleared by appearing in the examination as arranged by the university or college for this purpose. Normally they will take place along with the usual exams. This is necessary to get the degree certificate of completion of the graduation course. One important thing to remember in this context is you will not get indefinite chances to appear in the exams for the purpose of clearing the arrears. Normally the university will give 2 years for normal B.A./ B.Sc. degrees and 3 years for engineering degrees. One has to clear all the backlogs within this period. You have to check the gap that has been incurred after your leaving the college. Only in exceptional cases one can get permission for arrear clearing after 2/3 years like father's death and taking the responsibility of family till sisters marriage or things like that. Only in genuine cases such exemption can be availed.

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  • One has to fulfil all the requirements to get a graduate certificate from any university. After getting the certificate only you will be a graduate. Otherwise no. All the subjects including languages should be passed by attaining the minimum prescribed marks for passing out. You should pass in languages. You will not be eligible to go for any job which requires a pass in graduation unless otherwise, you clear all the subjects and get your certificate.

    If you want you can add the qualification after your name, but the degree should be in brackets. For no practical purpose, you are a graduate unless you pass in all the subjects.

    The university will be holding a supplementary examination for failed candidates two times a year. You have to appear and complete the subjects within 2 years after 3 years of your study. After two years you will not be allowed to write the examinations. If you want to appear you should get special permission from the university and it will be a very difficult proposition to get this permission.

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